Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa Review – Mishry
indus valley pre-seasoned cast iron tawa review

Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa Review – Mishry

A versatile cast iron tawa by Indus Valley that is pre-seasoned and can be used to cook everything from dosas to pancakes.

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Indus Valley Cast Iron Tawa is pre-seasoned, easy to use and maintain. We tested this over three weeks for cooking multiple dishes. The results were consistently remarkable.

For the multiple benefits it offers, cast iron cookware is all the rage these days. The only drawback? It’s heavy and it can be cumbersome to season it. To solve half the problem a lot of brands offer pre-seasoned cast iron cookware. One such brand that is steadily gaining popularity is Indus Valley.

For our Indus Valley pre-seasoned cast iron tawa review we cooked multiple batches of dosas, paranthas, chillas, uttapams and pancakes. How were the results? What is it best suited for? Is this an all purpose tawa that can solve all your tawa needs? Let’s find out. 

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Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa – What You Need To Know

Here is all that you need to know about the Indus Valley pre-seasoned cast iron tawa.

1. Packaging

We received this tawa in a brown box carton. Inside that carton the tawa was placed wrapped in a plastic sheet and bubble wrap. The tawa does not mention the brand name.

indus valley pre seasoned cast iron tawa packaging
How the tawa arrived.

2. Body, Handle Type And Material

This tawa is made using cast iron. It has a loop-style handle which is made using cast iron. The handle has a good grip. There is no cover on the handle that prevents it from heating while cooking, like most cast iron cookware. So use the tawa with precaution. 

The handle is not riveted, so there is no chance it would become loose or come off completely. 

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indus valley pre seasoned cast iron tawa material
The Indus Valley cast iron tawa has a loop-style handle.

3. Size 

This is an 11 inch tawa. The inner diameter is 25 cm and the outer diameter is 27 cm.

measuring indus valley pre seasoned cast iron tawa
Measuring the tawa.

4. Appearance

The tawa is round with a small handle protruding from one side. It is not long like you would find in regular roti tawas or non-sticks. It’s not jet black, but has a dark grey shade. When the tawa arrived, it had a blackish coating on top which gets removed after washing.

5. Item Weight

The weight of the product is 2.610 kilograms. We weighed the tawa on our scale.

measuring indus valley pre seasoned cast iron tawa weight
Weighing the cast iron tawa.

6. Ease of Handling

This is a heavy tawa, especially if you use lightweight non-stick cookware 

7. Price

The price of the tawa (as mentioned on their website) is Rs 2,500/-. We got it on a deal from an online shopping portal for Rs 1,070/-. The MRP is not mentioned on the box.

8. Warranty

There is no warranty card given along with the tawa. That said, the brand website says their cookware is ‘heirloom quality’, which means that it can be passed onto the next generation. All we can say is, only time will tell!

Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa – Detailed Review

At Mishry, when we test appliances and cookware, we make sure they are tested like any home kitchen. Only after weeks of regular testing, washing and handling do we give our verdict. 


Parameters Product Details
Price Rs 2,500/-  (as per brand website)
Body material Cast iron
Size 11 inches
Weight 2.6 kg
Diameter Inner – 25 cms

Outer – 27 cms


While the pan is pre-seasoned, it is advised to wash it with mild soap before you begin using it. After washing, we seasoned it with some oil and let it heat on the cooktop for about 20 minutes on low flame. After this we began our testing that lasted over 3 weeks. 

Here is what you should know about cleaning, cooking and handling of the tawa.

washing indus valley pre seasoned cast iron tawa
We washed the tawa with mild soap and water.
seasoning the tawa with oil
Seasoning makes the cooking surface naturally non-stick and gets even better with use.
indus valley pre seasoned cast iron tawa on a gas stove
Indus Valley cast iron tawa ready for testing!

Over the weeks we used the cast iron tawa to make multiple day-to-day dishes like chilas, makki ki roti, paranthas, dosas and pancakes. 

Throughout the process we did not face any issues with the food sticking to the tawa. In fact the oil formed such a nice coating on top that it was super easy to lift dosas. 

With proper repeated seasonings overtime, any cast iron tawa lasts for years. And if cared for properly, remains rust-free. An important tip is to never leave the tawa undried after washing as it will begin to rust. Make sure you wipe off the water immediately with a soft cloth and lightly brush with oil before keeping it away.

chilla batter on indus valley iron tawa
Making a suji chila on the tawa.
cooking chilla on indus valley iron tawa
The chilla flipped with ease.
cooking besan chilla on indus valley iron tawa
Throughout our testing none of the food products stuck to the tawa surface.
cooking pancakes on indus valley iron tawa
A look at the pancakes we made on the cast iron tawa.


  • The MRP of the tawa is Rs 2,500/- as mentioned on the website. We purchased it at a discounted rate.
  • Size of the tawa is 11 inches.
  • Inner diameter is 25 cm and outer diameter is 27 cm.
  • The weight of the tawa is 2.610 kg.
  • Material of body – cast iron
  • Material of handle – cast iron


  • The cast iron tawa is pre-seasoned.
  • When properly seasoned, it forms a lovely non-stick surface.
  • Versatile! We made dosas, pancakes, parathas and even makki ki roti. 
  • The handle is sturdy. 
  • The tawa is easy to clean.


  • Like all cast iron cookware, this is heavy and can be tough for some people to lift it.
  • The handle gets heated and needs to be used with care.

Best Suited For

If you are looking for long lasting cookware without any chemical coatings, cast iron cookware should be your choice. Indus Valley gives a pre-seasoned tawa that can help prepare an array of dishes.

We tested four popular brands of hard anodised tawa in our test kitchen. This is the one you should buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa.

1. Is this tawa dishwasher safe?

No. Cast iron cookware should not be washed in a dishwasher. 

2. Is this tawa spoon friendly?

Yes. You can use a ladle made of any material on this tawa. 

3. Can these tawas be used to prepare dosas or rotis?

Dosas, yes. Rotis, maybe.

As the tawa is heavy to lift, it can strain your arm while making rotis where you have to take the tawa on and off the cooktop to puff up the rotis. We did not try making rotis on this, but we did test paranthas on this tawa and we loved the results. It is very convenient to make plain and stuffed parathas. 

4. Is this oven safe?

Yes, the tawa is safe to use in an oven. 

5. Can this tawa be used on an induction plate?

No, this tawa cannot be used on an induction cooktop.

Final Words

From pancakes to chilas, parathas and dosas, we loved how versatile this cast iron tawa is. Even though this tawa is pre-seasoned, we recommend washing it with mild soap and re-seasoning it. 

Do you use cast iron cookware at home? If yes, how do you maintain it? Comment below.

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