Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker Review- Mishry
inalsa easy toast sandwich maker review

Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker Review: Kitchen Appliance For Everyday Use

Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker is easy to use and gets you a perfectly toasted sandwich in minutes. Let’s find out more details about this product below.

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Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker is compact, functions smoothly, toasts well, and is easy to maintain. The only drawback is that the sandwiches require manual cutting.

Sandwich makers are useful kitchen appliances that prepare sandwiches in a jiffy. Someone who prepares sandwiches regularly must invest in a good-quality sandwich maker. It is a space-saving and easy-to-use appliance. 

We’ve tested and reviewed several brands of sandwich makers in the Mishry kitchen in our quest to find the best sandwich maker. We picked the Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker for testing for our current review. 

Our review process will help you know more about the product and help you make a better buying decision. This Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker review discusses everything about this product. 

Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker – What You Need To Know

inalsa easy toast sandwich maker
The toast has browned to perfection.

In this section, we cover every detail you need to know about the Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker starting with the packaging to the price. 


1. Packaging

The Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker comes securely packed in a red and white box. Inside the box, the sandwich maker is placed between two thermocol stands on each side that offer maximum support. The appliance is wrapped in a plastic sheet.

2. Body Material

This sandwich maker is made using Bakelite material. The material looks premium and is shock-proof. The white color gives this sandwich maker an elegant appearance. 

3. Wattage

The Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker features a power of 750 watts. It comes with a voltage of 230 V. 

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4. Ease of Handling

This is a convenient and easy-to-handle sandwich maker. The handle includes a safety lock that makes opening and closing the appliance quite easy.  

In addition, the long wire cord can be securely winded and placed in the cord winder when not in use. This in turn helps in saving up space on your kitchen counter surface. 

5. Warranty

This sandwich maker comes with a warranty of 2 years. 

6. Price

The Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker is priced at INR 1995. 


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Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker – Detailed Review

Parameters  Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker
Price  INR 1995 
Body Material  Bakelite 
Wattage  750 W
Warranty  2 years 
Voltage  230 V


Inalsa’s Easy Toast Sandwich maker features a compact and elegant design. It is not too heavy to carry, and storing this appliance will not take up too much space on your kitchen counter.  

Now, let’s talk about the overall appearance of this appliance. The body is made of Bakelite material, and the glossy white color looks beautiful. It features two different colored indicator lights at the top – green and red. 

The length of the cord is approximately 35 inches; this is long enough and enables comfortable plugging of the appliance. It includes a cord winder at the bottom so that you can easily wrap around the cord when the appliance is not in use. This sandwich maker features triangular-shaped plates that are non-removable and remain fixed. 

Functioning-wise, this sandwich maker is quite simple to use. Before placing your sandwiches, the appliance must be heated up well. Once heated, the sandwiches are ready to be placed. The indicator lights turn on both during the heating and the cooking process. The locking and unlocking of this sandwich maker were smooth. 

The red light is turned on when the sandwich plates are heating up. Once they reach the desired temperature, the red light turns off, indicating to load the sandwiches.  The green indicator light turns on as soon as the sandwiches are cooked and ready to be removed. We prepared a few batches of sandwiches to test how well the sandwich maker works. 

We did not apply any butter to these sandwiches before cooking. The sandwiches cooked perfectly and had a crispy brown texture on both sides. They were not soggy. We loved the fact that the sandwiches did not stick to the plates. Thumbs up! 

However, the body of the sandwich maker tends to heat up during the grilling process. For a precise cut, you will have to manually cut the sandwiches in pieces since they showcase only a mark of the triangular shape on toasting.  

This sandwich maker is ideal for grilling small bread sizes. Toasting big-sized bread, bagels, or panini is not possible in this sandwich maker. You can make different sandwiches using your favorite ingredients using this sandwich maker.

inalsa easy toast sandwich maker packaging
All components are securely wrapped.
sandwich placed on inalsa sandwich maker
This appliance helps prepare two sandwiches in a go.
closer look at sandwich placed on inalsa sandwich maker
Closer look at the end result.
sandwich on a plate after toasting in inalsa sandwich maker
Here's how the toast turned out!


  • This sandwich maker features a glossy white color 
  • It comes with an easy locking mechanism 
  • It includes power and ready to cook indicator lights 
  • It supports overheating protection 
  • The plates included have a non-stick coating 
  • It features non-slide rubber feet that provide high stability while using 


  • The sandwiches cooked uniformly 
  • This sandwich maker is space-saving 
  • The indicator lights provide easy functioning of the appliance 
  • The length of the cord is long 
  • The locking and unlocking system is hassle-free 


  • It tends to heat up during the cooking process. 
  • Despite the triangular shape of the plates, the sandwiches require manual cutting post-cooking.  


Best Suited For

This sandwich maker is best suited for preparing small-sized sandwiches. It is a convenient option for someone looking for a quick way to prepare sandwiches, either for early morning breakfast or for a quick evening snack. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker

1. Is this sandwich maker dishwasher safe?

This sandwich maker is not dishwasher safe. For adequate cleaning of this appliance, it is best to use a soft cloth and wipe it thoroughly.  

2. What is the size of the chord of this sandwich maker?

This sandwich maker features a chord length of 35 inches. 

3. Does this model come with a horizontal straight line plate or a triangle-shaped plate?

This model from Inalsa comes with a triangle shape plate. 

4. Can this sandwich maker be used to prepare fish fry?

You can not use this sandwich maker for preparing fish fry. However, you can use the fish fry to fill your sandwiches and then grill it using this sandwich maker. 

5. How many pieces of sandwich can be prepared at a time?

You can conveniently prepare four triangular sandwiches in this sandwich maker. 

Final Words

inalsa easy toast sandwich maker review (2)
Crisp and well-cooked!

We reviewed the Inalsa Easy Toast Sandwich Maker to find out how smooth it functions and how easy it is to use. After review, this product gets a green signal from Team Mishry. 

The sandwich maker features an elegant design, cooks uniformly, and comes with a long cord, making it an ideal option to add to your kitchen. 

We loved the cord winder feature of this product that makes storing this appliance hassle-free. 

What’s your preferred way of making sandwiches? Drop-in your comments below. 

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