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amazonbasics pre seasoned cast iron wok pan review

AmazonBasics Cast Iron Wok Pan: An Induction Compatible Wok

AmazonBasics cast iron pan is pre-seasoned that makes cooking and cleaning easier than ever. From gas stoves to induction cooktops, the compatibility is versatile.

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AmazonBasics cast iron wok is hands-down one of the best purchases of 2021. It is convenient to handle and is a good buy for those considering adding cast iron cookware to their kitchens. The pre-seasoned surface makes both cooking and cleaning easy!

If you’re under the notion that a wok is solely used for preparing Chinese dishes, let this review enlighten you. 

A wok is a bowl-shaped utensil that is typically dual-handled. Generally, the handles are shaped with the bowl; they aren’t attached. A bit more on the design of a wok, the base is curved but flat. Consistent heat distribution and significantly lesser oil requirement are particular pros of using a wok. 

In just a few clicks, we see endless options for vessels, woks too! From stainless steel kadhais to cast-iron cookware, from induction-friendly to dishwasher-safe, there’s small and large, and everything in between. 

After a delightful experience with the AmazonBasics induction cooktop, we purchased another kitchen essential, and here is our AmazonBasics pre-seasoned cast iron wok pan review. After using it for over seven weeks and making multiple dishes across cuisines, our review covers every minute detail you’d want to know. 

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AmazonBasics Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Wok Pan What You Need To Know

AmazonBasics pre-seasoned cast iron wok pan weighs around 4 kgs. Everything you need to know including design, compatibility, capacity, are covered in this section of the review. 

1. Packaging

This wok comes packed in a sturdy carton.

2. Body Material

This wok is made of cast iron. It has a pre-seasoned surface. 

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3. Capacity

With a 6.2 L capacity, this pan is ideal for preparing 6-7 servings. 

This is a 14-inch wok pan. 

4. Handle Type 

This wok pan is equipped with two loop-shaped handles that offer a sturdy grip. The handles aren’t attached using rivets, and it looks like they have been gas welded. 

5. Ease of Handling

Generally, wok pans or pans made using iron are not very easy to carry around due to their weight. However, this pre-seasoned wok was fairly manageable. 

That said, for tossing purposes, this pan does feel quite heavy. 

6. Compatibility

AmazonBasics wok pan is compatible with almost all cooking surfaces. From stovetop to induction cookers, even ovens, this enhances the versatility. 

7. Price

This cast iron wok is priced at Rs 1839.

AmazonBasics Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Wok Pan – Detailed Review

Parameters AmazonBasics Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Wok Pan
Price Rs 1,839
Size 14-inch diameter

43.7 x 37.3 x 10.8 cm

Body Material Cast Iron
Compatibility Compatible with all heat sources but not dishwasher-safe


This pre-seasoned wok has a glossy black appearance and is dual-handled. As mentioned above, the handles aren’t riveted, but they have been welded on the sides of the wok. 

The flat base is double-layered which ensures even heat distribution. These aspects plus the thickness of the pan, all indicate the commendable durability of the product.

Kitchen Tip: Avoid dragging the wok across any cooking surface; always lift!

What does pre-seasoned mean? Pre-seasoned pans essentially have a minuscule quantity of oil brushed across the cooking surface. This is quite beneficial as it eliminates the need to manually season the pan and minimizes the chances of food sticking (and possibly getting burnt) at the base.

The brand does not specify the pre-seasoning process they have followed, so we don’t know whether the wok has been chemically or naturally pre-seasoned.  A little insight on this aspect would have been appreciated.

We prepared vast and varied dishes from sabzis to stir-fry noodles using this wok. Before using the wok for cooking, we washed and seasoned the pan as instructed by the brand. For this, we used a mild detergent with warm water. During washing, we observed this wok has a super smooth surface and is very easy to clean manually. 

A cast-iron cookware is never left wet as it can oxidize and accumulate rust, so we wiped the surface dry with a soft cloth. We liked how quickly this dried up, leaving absolutely no water droplets behind! We brushed the slightest quantity of oil all over the surface and heated the pan for 60-90 seconds to enhance the longevity. 

For the initial test, we stir-fried some vegetables with soba noodles. 

Before adding the chopped vegetables, we lightly brushed the pan with some oil and heated it on the lowest possible flame. 

A minute later, we added the veggies and stir-fried them on high heat. Thanks to the thick base, all areas of the wok were evenly heated up which in turn, ensured evenly stir-fried veggies that had a crunchy bite. The purpose of pre-seasoning is to prevent food from sticking to the surface. AmazonBasics pre-seasoning served this purpose well! This not only reduces the manual effort and time needed to pre-season cast iron cookware but also makes the cleaning process relatively easier. As mentioned above, we did wash and pre-season our wok before using it for cooking. 

Next, we cooked some pad thai noodles using this wok. We appreciated the 14-inch diameter here. This width helped cook the noodles well. That being said, we noticed a bite-sized quantity of noodles stuck to the surface, but that wasn’t too big of a hassle. 

Similarly, we also prepared a portion of pasta and were delighted with how well it turned out. No sticking and easy sauteing!

Indian sabzis like ‘bhindi onion’, ‘aloo beans’, and ‘beans with cauliflower’ were prepared on multiple occasions in our test kitchen and home kitchens. 


  1. Bhindi with onion cooked decently with tiny bits sticking to the bottom.
  2. Aloo beans- again, the result was near perfect with barely anything stuck to the pan.
  3. Beans and cauliflower- thanks to the even heat distribution, the texture was consistent throughout, and the vegetables cooked evenly. 

We used this wok on a stovetop as well as an induction cooktop. In our experience, the handles retain heat during stovetop cooking, and the wok must be handled using mitts. However, the handles don’t heat up on the induction cooktop to a point where you’d need gloves to lift the wok. 

We did add some extra steps to enhance the longevity of this wok. After each use, we let the wok come to room temperature and let it sit for 30-45 minutes with water. It was fairly easy to clean with mild dishwashing soap, a soft scrubbing non-abrasive pad, and some water. 

Important- we then dried the wok inside out using a soft cloth. Once it is fully dried, brush some oil (as little as possible) to ensure the seasoning remains intact! 

PS- All cast iron utensils must be dried before storing as moisture can oxidize the surface that converts iron into iron oxide and hence rusty surfaces. 

As always, when reviewing appliances and cookware, we test them through and through for genuine and unbiased reviews. We prepared mushroom and chicken stroganoff in one of our live sessions, which cooked beautifully. We found none of the ingredients sticking to the surface, and the cleaning was fairly effortless too!

amazonbasics pre seasoned cast iron wok pan packaging
This wok comes packed in a polythene wrap.
amazonbasics pre seasoned cast iron wok pan on a table
The pre-seasoned surface has a glossy appearance.
overhead look of amazonbasics iron wok pan
This would suffice a family of 5-6.
washing the pan before using it for cooking
We gently washed the wok with a mild detergent and some water.
veggies frying on iron wok pan
The initial test- stir frying veggies on high heat.
noodles frying on iron wok pan
Our Soba noodles coming together.


  • This pre-seasoned wok weighs 3.9 kg
  • It is dual-handled.
  • This cast iron pan is priced at Rs 1,839.
  • It is stovetop and induction compatible.
  • It must be cleaned manually as it is not dishwasher-safe.
  • With a 14-inch diameter, this has a pre-seasoned surface. 


  • The curved shape and wide mouth ease the cooking process.
  • We like the flat bottom, it provides a sturdy base.
  • It comes pre-seasoned which ensures easy cooking and cleaning. 
  • Metal or wooden, you can use your preferred spatula with this wok. 
  • Since it has concave walls, it can be used for deep frying too. 


  • The brand does not specify whether this wok has been pre-seasoned naturally or chemically.
  • Although it is not needed for stir-frying or sauteing, a lid could have made a useful addition when it comes to Indian sabzis and gravies. 

Best Suited For

This cast iron wok is a must-have for all kitchens, be it traditional or modern, homes. This wok is quite good for everyday meals too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on “Amazonbasics pre-seasoned cast iron wok pan”

1. Is this Iron Wok pan dishwasher safe? 

No, it must be cleaned using a mild detergent, soft scrubber, and water. 

Before cleaning, you must soak the wok in water for a couple of hours. Ensure the wok isn’t soaked when it is straight off the burner and extremely hot. 

2. Is cooking on a cast iron pan healthy?

Cooking on cast iron pans may enhance the iron content of the meal. The iron content is higher in newer pans compared to old, used pans. 

3. How to prevent rusting on my cast iron pan?

After washing your cast iron pan (or any other cast iron cookware), ensure there’s no water on it and the cookware is completely dried. 

If there’s moisture, it will lead to oxidation, resulting in rusty surfaces. 

4. Is this wok metal spoon friendly or does the wooden ladle have to be used for cooking?

You can use either of the two.

Final Words

AmazonBasics Pre-seasoned cast iron wok pan is exceptional! After using it for various dishes over months in our review lab, it is safe to say we are delighted with this purchase. The pre-seasoned surface, sturdy and thick bottom make this a must-have!

Newbies or professionals, we recommend the AmazonBasics pre-seasoned wok to everyone who enjoys cooking. 

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