Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide: How to Select the Right One?
how to select a kitchen chimney

Kitchen Chimney Buying Guide: Factors to Select the Right One?

To have the best chimney in your kitchen, you need to know how to select the kitchen chimney. Here are a few points in this blog to be kept in mind at the time of purchase and different chimney types.

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A chimney is a significant part of a kitchen. It makes a lot of things easier for you. It helps you to get rid of the smoke and oil particles in the kitchen. These benefits are only possible when you know how to select a perfect kitchen chimney for you.

And that is what we are going to talk about in this blog. Apart from the buying thing, we are also going to talk about the chimney types to make selection smooth for you. In this piece, everything that is necessary for you to know is being mentioned. So, go through each section carefully. This kitchen chimney selection guide will make your selection process smooth and will help you select the best.


How To Select a Kitchen Chimney?

Want to buy a chimney? Here are a few things you need to keep in mind at the time of purchase. These are a deciding factors you need to look for.

1. Size

Considering the size of the chimney is really important. It needs to be according to the size of your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, but you are buying a bigger one, it can make your place look congested, making it difficult for you to stand inside the kitchen. So, it should always be according to the size and design of your kitchen.

2. Type

It is good to know the different types of chimneys first and then make the purchase. If you don’t know about the options available in the market, there are chances that you will miss out on the best one for your kitchen. So, based on your requirement, find and pick the right one up.

3. Filters

You need to know about the filters installed inside the chimney you want to buy. Each of the chimney filters is made to serve different purposes. So, you need to know about your purpose and the filter type to pick up the appropriate one for your kitchen and enjoy its benefits.

4. Suction Power

When you are looking for the kitchen chimneys, look out for each product’s suction power in the specifications. It is the power with which the motor sucks the smoke and the oil particles. Go for a higher suction power chimney, if you love cooking food with different spices. It will help in keeping the air clean.

5. Quality

Do not compromise on the quality of the kitchen chimney. It needs to be made with the best quality material to last longer and give you the desired results. Each internal part of the chimney should be of high-quality so that they do not ditch you at the time of need.

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6. Motor

Motor is one of the most significant parts of a chimney. So, it needs to be perfect. At the time of purchase, make sure that the motor is completely sealed and there are no chances for dust and dirt to enter it. It should not make you go for frequent cleaning of the internal parts of the chimney.

chimney mounted in a kitchen
Considering the size of the chimney is really important

7. Maintenance

When you are thinking about how to select kitchen chimney, keep in mind that you are going for the one that is easy to maintain. You cannot call a professional all the time, even for necessary cleaning. The design needs to be simple so that you can do the basic cleaning on your own whenever needed.

8. Noise

The noise of the kitchen chimney is another thing you need to care about. You should go for the one that will create less or no noise chimney. If the chimney is noisy, it may irritate you after some time, and you will be forced to turn it off, preventing it from serving its purpose. Whereas, a chimney with no or less noise will let you cook peacefully.

9. Speed Options

As there are so many chimneys available in the market, you should try to go for the ones that allow you to control its speed. A chimney with speed options will let you run it at a slow, medium, and high speed as per your convenience.

10. Usage

Buy a chimney that is easy to understand and use. Go for the one coming with simple features so that you don’t find it complicated to use.

11. Brand 

The best thing to do is to go for a branded chimney. Though there are so many local brands selling kitchen chimney, the safe thing to do is buy from the top and reliable brand. It is because they never compromise with the quality of the product and aim at fulfilling your needs.

12. Warranty

Not all the kitchen chimneys in the market are available with a warranty, but you should try buying the ones coming with a warranty. It is because, with a warranty, you will be able to save money during damages. Chimneys are coming with a warranty of a few months or years. Choose the one you find suitable for yourself.

13. Price

While you are considering all the necessary factors at the time of purchase, do not forget to look at the cost of a chimney. The price needs to be within your budget or else lookout for something else. Also, your budget should not be too low that you are getting a poor quality chimney that will not last long. Have a budget that allows you to go for a chimney with quality and reliability.

14. Reviews

Once you have shortlisted some chimneys, have a look at their reviews. You should know that the one you are looking forward to, has got a good rating. You need to see if it will give you the desired results or not. You all need to check if it is a genuine product or not before making the purchase. Reviews help you in buying the perfect product for yourself.

Once you have shortlisted some chimneys, have a look at their reviews


Uses of Chimney in Kitchen

Even though you are now aware of the various factors while buying chimney in the kitchen, you also need to know how this electric device, i.e., kitchen chimney works and will help you out. So, let’s have a precise look at its benefits of having it, in this kitchen chimney selection guide!


  • It will prevent the accumulation of oil and grease particles on the kitchen surfaces.
  • It will prevent the air inside the kitchen from getting suffocating due to the excess amount of smoke and carbon dioxide.
  • Ductless chimneys help in removing the bad odor from your kitchen effectively.
  • The device greatly increases the aesthetic value of the kitchen without a doubt.
  • It also helps in preventing many lung problems like cough, nasal allergies, and so on.


Final Words

We hope that this kitchen chimney selection guide will help you in your buying process.

We know, when buying a chimney, there are so many things to know about and keep in mind, like what are different types of chimneys available in the market and how to select kitchen chimney that is perfect for you. Both of these things have been mentioned in this blog to give you a clear understanding of the product before the purchase. Use this knowledge to have a chimney you have been looking for fulfilling your needs and keep each of the points from the ‘how to select kitchen chimney’ section in mind for a satisfied shopping experience.


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