How To Lose Weight Naturally | 6 Natural Weight Loss Tips That Always Work
how to lose weight naturally

How To Lose Weight Naturally | 6 Natural Weight Loss Tips That Always Work

Natural weight loss, which does not include external supplements is most desirable. To do so, one needs to follow a routine that boosts metabolism and reduces calorific intake. Here are six easy to follow tips that will ensure healthy and productive weight loss.

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Losing weight is one of the hardest jobs to do, at least when you compare it to gaining weight, which appears to be a piece of cake. Though losing weight might give you the confidence you need, it is also important that it is done in a healthy and in the right way, that is natural and safe. According to a statistic, at least one out of three people in the world is trying to get into shape, and in doing so, they might look for options that would get them the desired results in the fastest way possible. However, the fastest way isn’t always the safest. But the safest way doesn’t have to be slow either! A proper diet schedule and eating a healthy mix of greens and fruits is essential to losing weight naturally. You have to create a routine that helps boost metabolism so the body can burn more for weight loss, in addition to eating low-calorie foods that enhance the weight-loss process.


Tips To Lose Weight Naturally

In order to correctly understand the concept of naturally losing weight, you must first understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy weight gain. First, let us talk about unhealthy weight gain. This type of weight gain occurs when the body lacks exercise and the muscle mass is converted into fat. This may lead to obesity and can often lead to other health-related issues.

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Healthy weight gain, on the other hand, is the increase in muscle mass and bone density. It can be achieved quite easily by just eating well and exercising as per your body’s requirements. And the point of losing weight in a natural and healthy way is nothing but replacing the unhealthy fat with the one that is healthier.

Without further ado, here are foods that can help you lose weight naturally:


How To Boost Natural Weight Loss

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1. Load Up On Fiber

Fiber plays an important part in one’s health, especially when one is keen on following a low-fat diet. These are macro-nutrients that are indigestible; hence, the consumption of a fiber-loaded diet makes it harder for the stomach to digest it. And, since during the absorption of these fiber-rich foods, the stomach spends more energy and effort, it is highly believable that it’ll spend more calories than what your body acquires in the first place. Such foods that ease the burning of calories and fat are called negative-calorie foods.


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2. Exercising Beyond Limit

Not to worry, exercising beyond your limit doesn’t mean that you should exceed your effort by a large magnitude, but preferably, day after day, increase your exercising time gradually and continue this practice for months, for exercising plays a vital role in burning up of useless body-fat and makes you much more active. The wear and tear in the muscles that occur during exercising is responsible for tearing up the muscle tissues, which are then replaced by the new ones that are built with the help of proteins, which also brings us to our next point.


how to lose weight naturally
Exercising helps in the wear-and-tear of the muscles and helps in the building of new muscle tissues.

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3. Protein-Rich Diet

Most people think that cutting down your food consumption can help you lose weight, however, that is not the whole truth about the journey of effective and healthy weight loss. The only good such a diet would do is decrease the calorific intake, and in the long run, slow down the metabolism. This is good only for short-term goals but can prove disastrous in the long-term. This is where protein comes into play. Protein is, as we know, a macro-nutrient that is considered to be the building block for the body’s bones and muscles. The chief advantage of a protein-filled diet is that it helps in the proper development of muscle tissues and can also effectively strengthen bones. Thus, a protein diet can help you exercise more, burn that fat with ease, and increase your body’s muscle density.

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4. Cut Down On Your Sugar Intake

Irrespective of the common misconception, it is not the intake of unnecessary fat alone that results in weight-loss; sugary foods can be directly linked with weight gain too. Upon being consumed, sugar molecules in the food are broken down thanks to insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas. These broken down sugar molecules are used up as energy. However, if the sugar consumption is unregulated, and there is an unnecessary amount of sugar left behind after the insulin has completed its work, then those left out sugar molecules are stored in the liver, muscles, or in any other part of the body as fat, which without a doubt can cause you to gain weight.


5. Calorie Counting Is Important

Calorie counting is one of the most important factors that can help you manage your weight loss. Calories are the units of energy that the body uses up whenever it does some work. However, the left out calories, just like the sugar molecules, are stored in the body as fat. Calorie counting is by-far one of the most confusing topics as it is different for everyone. Your calorie needs depend on the structure and size of your body, and also the level of physical activity you engage in every day. For example, the calorie intake per day for a moderately active adult man should be between 2600-2800, whereas the same number for a moderately active adult woman is between 2000-2200.

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6. Improve Your Sleeping Habit- A Healthy Lifestyle

Though the two might seem to be unrelated, your sleeping habit does have quite a significant effect on your body’s weight, and this point is proof of that. Your sleep pattern is the key to your body’s activity and energy levels. Moreover, sleep is directly linked with the secretion of hunger hormones such as ghrelin and leptin. Leptin is a hormone responsible for making you feel full, whereas ghrelin makes you feel empty and can significantly increase your appetite. However, an appropriate amount of sleep can increase the secretion of leptin and reduces the secretion of ghrelin, which effectively helps in managing your weight (1).


how to lose weight naturally
Your sleeping habit is directly linked with the secretion of hunger restricting hormones


For Natural Weight Loss- Foods That You Can Eat

Another major factor associated with a healthy and natural way of weight loss is the food that one should eat while on a weight-loss diet. Though people might think that the cutting down of nutrients would prove to be effective in achieving their goals, however, you should always keep in mind that the diet should be balanced. You need to eat adequate amounts of each nutrient each day based on your body’s fundamental needs. And if you are still wondering how you can manage to keep your nutritional intake constant and manage to lose weight, well here are a few enhancements that you can make in your diet plan.

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1. Egg White

High on proteins, egg whites can actually be considered as a perfect breakfast food in a weight-loss diet. Being nutrient-dense, they can effectively help in boosting the metabolism, a factor that comes quite handy while managing weight. Egg whites are low in calories and can cause more stable blood glucose and insulin response, thus managing the blood sugar level as well (2).


how to lose weight naturally
Egg whites are high in protein and low in calories, which makes them an ideal candidate for a weight loss diet.


2. Consume Probiotics- For Healthy Guts

Probiotics or foods containing live-bacteria might also be quite useful to improve the body’s functioning and help you lose weight. These live cultures, when ingested, are responsible for maintaining the got flora and boosting nutrient absorption. Moreover, they speed up the body’s metabolism and easily help the body break down fats into energy. Some of the most commonly consumed probiotic foods include curd and yogurt, which are also popularly known for their weight loss benefit as well.


3. Each More Fruits And Vegetables

We didn’t think that it was important for us to mention this point, as everyone knows the importance of having a diet filled with fruits and vegetables. Both of these items provide our body with sufficient nutrients that it requires to function properly. Being rich in fiber, both fruits and vegetables help in keeping the stomach filled for a longer period of time, hence preventing you from overeating and gaining weight.

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how to lose weight naturally
Vegetables and fruits are rich with fiber and filled with other nutrients required for the proper functioning of the digestive system.


4. Go For Chilli- Aids Weight Loss

Though highly unconventional, chili pepper can prove to be quite effective in helping you lose weight. This is mostly due to the fact that chili contains a compound called capsaicin, which works as a weight loss aid. Capsaicin helps in the increase of the body’s energy expenditure and fat oxidation as per the report published in a critical review in food and nutrition.

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5. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is in fact a primary candidate in a weight loss diet. This is due to the fact that its consumption is directly linked with the body’s ability to burn fat which further increases the overall energy levels.


6. Green Tea- Must Have Beverage For Losing Weight Naturally

Green tea is counted amongst the food items that you must consider while on a weight loss diet. One of the main reasons behind its aiding in weight loss is the presence of antioxidants such as catechin, which helps in boosting the body’s metabolism. Furthermore, the caffeine content in green tea is significant enough to provide sufficient energy to the body for exercising and hardly causes caffeine overdose.

However, it is important for you to note that the green tea that you drink must not contain any flavoring or sweetener, for the presence of sugar might just dull its beneficial nature and won’t do you any good.

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The Final Note

Now that we have come to an end and have provided you with the knowledge of what you can do in order to lose weight naturally and under healthier circumstances, it is up to you to be responsible and create a routine and plan that works for you. It is also important to note that all nutrients play a major role in the body’s development, thus it is advised not to cut down on any of them completely, for it might not bode well in the long-term. Everything in moderation is the best way to lose weight naturally.


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