McCain Smiles All New Pudina Chatka Review

McCain Smiles All New Pudina Chatka Review

We all love McCain Smiles, age no bar. McCain Smiles has an all-new flavor – Pudina Chatka and we couldn’t wait to review it to find out if they will be as loved as the original ones.

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In many homes around the world, “Mumma, I am hungry.” is usually answered with a plateful of frozen snacks. The quintessential kiddie snack, Smiles by McCain can never run out of stock in your freezer if you have children at home. It has been an easy and convenient solution for the evening or weekend hunger pangs that all children have. A couple of minutes in a pan of seething oil is all it takes to make these and can be served with an array of dips and sauces. Want to make it healthier, use an air-fryer to reduce the use of oil! To bring variety in the kiddie menu, we reviewed McCain’s Smiles – Pudina Chatka and here is what we thought about it.

Quick Information About McCain Smiles All-New Pudina Chatka

*As per information on the pack

  • They are not microwavable.
  • It contains milk derivatives.
  • McCain Smiles Pudina Chatka is not supposed to be thawed before cooking.
  • 100 grams of these smiles provide 199 Kcal of energy.

McCain Smiles Pudina Chatka

While maintaining the crisp exterior, McCain’s Smiles Pudina Chatka has a subtle minty taste that we are sure kids will enjoy.

MRP – Rs 110/-

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#FirstImpression Of McCain Smiles Pudina Chatka

McCain Smiles Pudina Chatka comes in the standard red McCain packing. They are priced at Rs 110/- for a 375-gram pack.

Upon opening the pack, there was a burst of pudina aroma. We could clearly spot red chili flakes & pudina powder on the smiles.

Mccain Smileys Pudina Chataka before cooking.

According to the instructions given on the pack, we did not thaw the smiles. In a kadhai, we heated vegetable oil (Saffola) for frying the McCain Smiles. They were cooked well within the 3-minute time frame mentioned on the pack. The exterior of the smiles was crunchy. The mashed potatoes and seasoning inside the smiles were cooked through.

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Mccain Smileys Pudina Chataka while frying.
McCain Smileys Pudina Chatka after cooking.

Taste-wise, there is a mild hint of pudina, but it is not overpowering. The Smiles tasted very nice and the salt was perfectly balanced. The minty after taste was refreshing and nice. Even though we were expecting a BIG burst of pudina in the first bite, the subtle flavor was enough to differentiate these from the regular McCain Smiles.

Overall, it is a good and quick snack option for a gathering. Adults may also like them for the flavor. Before serving these to the kids, we recommend that you wait for 2 minutes and they are extremely hot on the inside.

Mccain Smileys Pudina Chataka after cooking.

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