Haldiram's Chana Jor Garam Review - Mishry
haldiram's chana jor garam review

Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam Review – Mishry

Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam is tasty, but does it deliver on the big crunch? Let’s find out.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
3 / 5


We loved the Chana Jor Garam by Haldirams for its balance of chatpata and spicy flavor. The lack of pronounced crunch is something that didn’t work for us. It has no oily aroma or mouthfeel.

The joy of having street-style chana jor garam wrapped in a paper cone, mixed with onions and tomatoes, and drizzled with lemon juice is unbeatable. Now that many popular namkeen brands are replicating this chickpea-based snack, we picked the one by Haldiram’s for a taste test. 

Packed in a pouch, can Haldiram’s Channa Jor Garam evoke memories of after-school snacking and bus rides. Our Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam review explores the product for its taste and texture.

Here is a tabular representation of a few product details of Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam – 

Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 30 
Net Quantity 160 gm 
Shelf Life  6 months 
Mishry Rating

(out of 5)


Our Review Factors

What are we expecting from Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam? Chana Jor Garam is made using chickpeas which are boiled, dried, flattened, fried and seasoned. We expect a crunchy snack which is able to strike that balance of chatpata and spicy.

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Here we have listed our review factors for Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam in detail. 

1. Texture + Crunch 

Chana Jor Garam tastes best when crunchy, and we looked for the same here. Is the crunch prominent or mild? Do they feel oily to touch? Have the chanas cooked and dried well?

2. Taste

When it comes to taste, we look for the following aspects – salt levels, spiciness, and the overall chatpata flavor. We also check if there is any industrial or artificial taste. Does it taste oily?

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3. Other Observations 

Main Ingredients

Does it contain preservatives or added flavors? What are the sources of fat used? 

Nutritional Information

The label claims this to be high in fibre and a source of protein. We checked the nutrition label provided on the pack for the calories, protein, total carb, and dietary fiber. Per 100 gm, Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam provides 501 kcal of energy, 16 gm of protein, 53 gm of total carb, and 10 gm of dietary fiber. 


Is the pack resealable? How attractive does it look? 


How well is the product priced? Is it economical or highly-priced? 


How appetizing does it look? Is the chana jor garam coated well with masalas?

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Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam – Detailed Review

Here’s what we found during our review test of Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam. 

Packaging: Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam comes in a purple color pack which is not resealable. We reviewed the 160 gm pack which was priced at Rs. 30. It comes with a shelf life of 6 months.

haldiram’s chana jor garam packaging
The overall packaging of Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam.

Appearance: Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam has a flat shape. This namkeen is well seasoned with the masala. These are primarily yellow in appearance and have brown spots typical to chana jor garam. There were hardly any broken pieces seen in our review pack. Thumbs up!  

Main Ingredients + Nutritional Information: The main ingredients used here are – Bengal gram 65%, Edible veg oil (Palm oil), Iodized salt, Black salt, Spices, and condiment (dry mango powder, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, maltodextrin, and asafoetida). 

Per 100 gm serving of regular roasted chana provides 18.64 gm of protein and 16.8 gm of fiber. Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam provides 10 gm of fiber and 16 gm of protein per 100 gm which comes quite close to roasted chana.

Do note that this still contains palm oil and maltodextrin which are not recommended for regular consumption. 

closer look at haldiram’s chana jor garam
Macro shot of Haldiram's Chana Jor Garam.

Texture and crunch: The pronounced crunch you expect from a namkeen when biting into it was missing here. This snack does not feel oily to touch, which was commendable.

Taste: The spicy, masaledaar, and chatpata flavors of this namkeen are impressive. This is a well-seasoned snack with balanced salt levels. The spiciness is just perfect and does not burn your tongue which is often the case with packaged chana jor garam. It deliciously balances the tanginess and delivers an outstanding taste. 

This would make for an excellent base to make the much loved street style chana jor garam.

Crunch - 3/5
Taste - 4/5
Appearance - 4/5
Packaging- 3/5
  • The salt level is balanced. 
  • These are well seasoned. 
  • We liked the spicy and chatpata taste of this namkeen. 
  • Per 100 gm, it provides 10 gm of dietary fiber and 16 gm of protein.
  • The prominent crunch we expected is missing here. 
  • It contains palm oil and maltodextrin.

If you like having something chatpata as an evening snack, Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam is worth a try. You can have them as it is or prepare a quick chaat with some tomatoes, onions, coriander and lemon juice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam.

Although this is made using Bengal gram which is protein rich and has a fairly decent fiber content, it is fried and contains palm oil and maltodextrin. Both of which are not recommended for regular consumption.

No. This namkeen is not extremely spicy.

Yes. If you love combining a savory snack with your tea or coffee, then Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam will make for a delicious addition. You can also turn it into a bhel/chaat.

Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam makes use of maltodextrin, which amongst other things, also helps increase the shelf life of packaged foods.

Per 100 gm, Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam provides 501 kcal of energy.

Summing Up

The crux of our review is that Haldiram’s Chana Jor Garam is chatpata, masaledaar, and a well-seasoned namkeen. The only thing we felt could have been better was the crunch. It still makes for a great nostalgia-driven evening snack to make a hearty chaat with.

Are you a fan of Chana Jor Garam? Let us know your views in the comments below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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