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Nestlé Gold Crunchy oat and corn flakes review

Nestlé Gold Crunchy Oat and Corn Flakes – Same Great Crunch

What makes Nestlé Gold Crunchy corn flakes one of the better picks? Is it the crunch, the ingredient list, or the pricing?

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Nestlé Gold Crunchy oat and corn flakes are lower on sweetness but high on crunch. Thumbs up on the immuno-nutrient profile.

Somedays all you need is a big bowl of crunchy cereal topped with milk and some fruits. This childhood-reminiscent meal sounds hearty, doesn’t it?

One of the oldest members at the breakfast table, Nestlé, introduced a new corn flakes variant. Made with whole grain and immuno-nutrients, our Nestlé Gold Crunchy Oat and Corn Flakes review reveals if the taste and texture are changed and whether or not this is a better alternative.

Here’s all you need to know about these oat and corn flakes. 


Nestlé Gold Crunchy Oats and Corn Flakes Product Details
Price Rs 99/- for 250 grams
Main Ingredients Corn Grits (64.7), Corn Flour (17%), Whole Oat Flour (10.3%)
Calories 318 Kcal/100 grams
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Our Review Factors

In our Nestlé Gold Crunchy Oat and Corn Flakes review, we set out to find the brand’s delivery on the claims like immuno nutrients, B vitamins, and calcium. Do these have a better nutrient profile than average corn flakes?

1. Flavor

Unlike other cereal variants, corn flakes do not really have a bold flavor of their own. They are sweet and absorb the flavor of milk. How was our experience with these oat-corn flakes?

2. Texture

The crisp, crunchy bite of corn flakes doesn’t just enhance its taste but also speaks of the freshness. 

We were looking for flakes with a bold crunch and crisp bite. Is that what we got?

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3. Nutrition Quotient

Main Ingredients

The carton boasts of immuno nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Are these artificially added or have specific ingredients been chosen?


We compared these oat-corn flakes to regular corn flakes. Protein, sugar, fats- higher, lower, or just the same?

4. Other Parameters


Do these oat-corn flakes look different from the golden flakes we’ve been having all this while? If yes, how different?


Resealable and convenient? Does this packaging retain freshness?

Shelf Life

Four weeks? Four months? The shelf life of these flakes is…


A kilogram of unflavored corn flakes is priced between Rs 320-380. We’ve compared this to Nestlé in the following section.

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Nestle Gold Crunchy Oat and Corn Flakes– Detailed Review

The flakes were packed in a foil pouch which was further enclosed in a carton. The pouch is non-resealable, therefore the oat-corn flakes must be transferred to an air-tight container once opened. 

These are a lighter shade of gold. We saw a combination of round and oval-shaped flakes that were marginally thicker than regular corn flakes. 

The ingredient list includes degermed maize (corn) grits (64.7%), extruded whole maize (corn) flour (17%), whole oat flour (10.3%), sugar, minerals, iodized salt, malt extract, glucose syrup, acidity regulator (339iii), emulsifier (471), antioxidant (307b), and vitamins. Malt extract is suggested to be a healthier alternative to refined sugar as it has a higher antioxidant content and is a rich source of soluble fiber.

The nutrition information is provided for 100 grams as well as one serve (30 grams). Those who track calories and macronutrients will find this convenient. 

A 30-gram serve offers 95 Kcal with 1.8 grams of protein, 20 grams of carbohydrates (of which only 2 grams is sugar), and 0.9 grams of fat. As for micronutrients, one serving of these flakes would provide 3.06 micrograms of vitamin D (31% of the RDA), 0.54 mg of vitamin B2 (49% of RDA), 3.6 mg of vitamin B3 (30% of RDA), 120 mg of calcium (20% of RDA), and 6.27 mg of iron (30% of RDA)

What are immuno nutrients and how do they affect my system? Immuno nutrients are micronutrients that boost the immune system. They are a combination of vitamins and minerals that promote overall health and well-being.

Before moving to the tasting aspect of the review, we’d like to mention that this is a pretty good cereal, in terms of nutrition. It delivers on the claims. Moreover, this contains 2 grams of sugar per serve and has a marginally lower carbohydrate content.

We tasted the oat-corn flakes dry and with lukewarm milk. 

Stage one- With a bold crunch and subtle sweetness, these flakes taste quite good. 

Stage two- On adding milk to this, we were delightfully surprised to notice how the crunch was retained. Moreover, the sweetness is low but these aren’t bland. Although you can add a sweetener if you wish to, the mild sweetness of the flakes eliminates the need to add extra sugar.  

The best corn flakes are by…find out here.

Flavor- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Nutrition Label- 4/5
Nestlé Gold Crunchy oat and corn flakes packaging
The packaging was not resealable and comes inside a carton.
Nestlé Gold Crunchy oat and corn flakes appearance
We tasted it with and without milk.
  • The ingredient list is comparatively healthier. Unlike most breakfast cereals sugar does not constitute the top three ingredients. 
  • We appreciate the detailed nutrition label.
  • These are marginally thicker than regular corn flakes.
  • The sweetness is relatively lower. 
  • Thumbs up for the crunchy bite. The crunch is maintained after adding milk as well (room temperature).

Craving a bowl of some crunchy flakes? Nestlé Gold Crunchy is a blend of oat and corn flakes with 5-6 grams less of carbohydrates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Nestle Gold Crunchy Oat And Corn Flakes.

Yes, warm, lukewarm, and even cold- you can pair these flakes as preferred. 

By themselves, the flakes are purely a source of carbohydrates. To make the cereal more nutrient-dense, you can pair it with milk and a serving of fruits. This adds proteins, fiber, and micronutrients. Add nuts and seeds to amp it up further. 

One 30-gram serve offers 31% of the vitamin D RDA. 

These have a shelf life of one year.

These contain emulsifier 471 which doubles as a preservative. 

Final Verdict

Fresh and crispy, and a decent serving of immuno nutrients in a bowl- Nestlé Gold Crunchy oat and corn flakes is a better option than most sugar-loaded cereals in the market. 

These are comparatively lower in sugar and calories, but have the same taste and crunch as regular corn flakes do. Moreover, the detailed nutrition label is remarkable. 

Are you team cereal over milk or milk over cereal? 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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