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cream bell matka kulfi review

Cream Bell Matka Kulfi Review – Kulfi Flavored Ice Cream

A kulfi flavored ice cream packed in a matka and generously loaded with dry fruits. Does Team Mishry recommend trying Cream Bell Matka Kulfi?

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3 / 5
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We appreciate the well-roasted nuts and a refreshing cardamom flavor. The creamy texture and fresh milky flavor we expect from an ice cream was found to be lacking. Our ratings are given after considering that this is a kulfi flavored ice cream and not an actual kulfi which is much denser and richer.

With multiple brands offering kulfis on a stick (tille wali kulfi), how could matkas stay behind. After all, there is something heartwarming about having a traditional kulfi in a matka. Isn’t it? 

Over the years, Cream Bell has made a prominent place in the ice cream segment in India. Among the massive range of ice creams it has to offer, we picked up their matka kulfi which has been labeled as a kulfi flavored ice cream. Does it come close to a rich, dense and creamy kulfi? Let’s find out in our Cream Bell Matka Kulfi review.

Here is a quick glance at the product information regarding Cream Bell Matka Kulfi : 

Cream Bell Matka Kulfi Product Details 
Price  Rs. 50 
Net Quantity  90 ml
Main Ingredients  Water, Milk solids, Sugar, Almond (4%), Cashew nut (4%), Maltodextrin, and Honey.
Shelf Life  12 months
Mishry Rating

(out of 5)


Here’s our first impressions review on Mother Dairy Rabdi Kulfi.

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? Cream Bell Matka Kulfi is a kulfi flavored ice cream. So while reviewing, our benchmark was not that of a traditional dense kulfi. We expect a fresh-tasting, creamy, milky, kulfi flavored ice cream that has reasonable amounts of nuts and a well-rounded sweetness packed attractively in a matka.

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To review Cream Bell Matka Kulfi, we set the following parameters – 

1. Taste

Cream Bell Matka Kulfi is a kulfi flavored ice cream. So what does that mean exactly? A kulfi is not whipped like an ice cream and hence has a heavier, denser texture with a creamy mouthfeel. Whereas an ice cream is churned which makes it lighter in comparison. Unlike vanilla or chocolate, kulfi is not exactly a flavor. It is a mix of many things that make the whole sensory play of the product tasting like a kulfi. Example – the milky sweetness of thickened milk with spices and aromatics like saffron, rose and cardamom are what make a kulfi ‘flavor’.

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Hence, while reviewing the taste, we have judged this matka kulfi more like an ice cream and less like a kulfi. We gauge the milky freshness, sweetness and creaminess. Does it contain any aromatics we associate with a traditional kulfi? If yes, how strong or subtle is their presence?  

2. Texture

The main difference between the texture of an ice cream and kulfi lies in the density and creaminess. A kulfi is thick, dense and creamy. Whereas an ice cream is smooth, light and easier to scoop out. Since the brand is selling it as a kulfi flavored ice cream, we check for its (comparatively) light texture. How is the crunch of almonds and cashews?

3. Packaging 

This ice cream comes packed in a matka-like jar. Is it sturdy to securely hold the ice cream? What material is used for making the matka

4. Main Ingredients 

The key difference between an ice cream and frozen dessert lies in the type of fat used.  If it contains vegetable fat in any form it should be labeled as a frozen dessert. In this segment, we check for the main ingredients used in the preparation of Cream Bell Matka Kulfi. Does it contain any added flavors, colors, preservatives or additives?

5. Other Parameters 


How appetizing does this ice cream look? Is it topped with nuts? 


How competitive is the pricing of this matka kulfi? 

Shelf Life

For how long is this ice cream ideal for consumption? 

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Cream Bell Matka Kulfi – Detailed Review

Packaging, Appearance & Aroma – Packed in a matka-shaped jar, Cream Bell Matka Kulfi bags an eye-catching packaging. Unlike a traditional terracotta matka, this one is made of plastic. It is sealed securely with a lid. 

On opening the lid, we observed an off-white color that does not resemble the caramel color of a kulfi. The top of the ice cream has an ample amount of dry fruits. This matka kulfi emits a noticeable aroma of cardamom.

packaging of cream bell matka kulfi
The packaging of Cream Bell Matka Kulfi looks traditional.

Main Ingredients – The main ingredients used here are – Water, Milk solids, Sugar, Almond (4%), Cashewnut (4%), Maltodextrin, Honey, Permitted emulsifying agents and Stabilizing agents, Cardamom powder (0.07%), Saffron (0.002%), Permitted natural and synthetic food colors and flavor (natured identical and artificial flavoring substances) (Mawa Malai, condensed milk, kulfi).

Allergen Information – Contains nuts and milk. 

This ice cream contains no vegetable fat or oil, thus it stands true to the claim of being an ice cream. It contains permitted emulsifying agents and stabilizing agents. Apart from that, it also contains permitted natural and synthetic food colors and flavors (Mawa Malai, condensed milk, kulfi).

the cream bell matka kulfi is loaded with nuts

Texture – The brand mentions that it is a kulfi flavored ice cream, so we will not consider density as a deciding factor. A traditional Kulfi has a rich and creamy texture. However, Cream Bell Matka Kulfi is not malaidaar or creamy as an authentic kulfi. The texture leans more towards that of an ice cream. It is light and fluffy. The cashews and almonds bring in a nice layer of crunch and pop up in every bite. Even when not comparing it with a kulfi, the creamy milkiness usually found in an ice cream was low. 

Taste – The overall sweetness of this kulfi flavored ice cream is slightly higher. The nuts are well roasted and taste fresh. It has a lingering flavor of cardamom in the background that is refreshing. A subtle touch of saffron flavor was present too. That being said, Cream Bell Matka Kulfi lacks the authentic, rich and milky taste of a traditional kulfi. 

What works? The fresh tasting nuts and refreshing cardamom flavor. What doesn’t? It lacks the creaminess and milkiness of an authentic kulfi both in taste and texture.

Taste- 3/5
Texture - 3/5
Ingredients - 3/5
Packaging - 3/5

Cream Bell Milkshakes are YUM. Here’s what we loved about them.

  • It has fresh tasting, roasted cashews and almonds which are present in abundance. 
  • The lingering flavor of cardamom is refreshing.
  • Subtle saffron flavor.
  • It lacks the the milky creaminess you expect from a standard ice cream – taste and texture wise. 

Want an attractively packed kulfi flavored ice cream to satiate those desi cravings? You can give Cream Bell’s Matka Kulfi a try.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Cream Bell Matka Kulfi.

Cream Bell Matka Kulfi has a shelf life of 12 months when stored at -18 degrees celsius or below.

Per 100 gm, Cream Bell Matka Kulfi contains 14.2 gm of fat.

As per the pack, Cream Bell’s Matka Kulfi contains maltodextrin. Which, amongst other things, also helps improve the shelf life of packaged foods.

Yes, it does. The ingredient list mentions the presence of added flavor in the form of nature identical and artificial flavoring substances (mawa malai, condensed milk, kulfi).

Once an ice cream is opened, refreezing it will affect its original texture. It is ideally meant for one time consumption. The brand does not mention any information on how to maintain the kulfi after unpacking. However, we recommend closing the lid tightly and storing it in the freezer under -18 degrees celsius or below.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, we recommend Cream Bell Matka Kulfi for the cardamom-saffron flavor, fresh-tasting nuts, and attractive packaging. The cashews and almonds are present in ample amounts. The creamy milkiness we expect from an ice cream (taste and texture wise) was lacking. 

In addition to the above, it also contains artificial food colors and flavors. 

Are you an ardent lover of Matka Kulfi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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