Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam vs Hamdard Roohafza: A Refreshing Comparison
dabur sharbat-e-azam vs hamdard roohafza

Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam vs Hamdard Roohafza: A Refreshing Comparison

Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam VS Hamdard Roohafza. Yes, this drink review will hit you up with nostalgia!

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Childhood memories for millions of us revolve around sherbets and nimbu paanis. Back in the day, these were the most preferred drinks for family members and guests alike. They were economical and came in a variety of flavors. Rose-flavored sharbats were popular too. In fact, Roohafza, one of the better-known rose sherbets has almost earned itself an iconic status over the years. Rose sharbat or gulab sharbat is said to have cooling properties, making it an excellent drink during scorching summers.

We decided to pick two widely popular brands of rose-flavored sharbats – Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam and Hamdard Roohafza for a face to face review. After blind tasting these two brands, we are happy to tell you that the Best Rose Flavored Sharbat is Hamdard Dawakhana Roohafza Sharbat.

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Mishry Top Pick – Hamdard Dawakhana Roohafza Sharbat

Roohafza, a rose-flavoured drink has a refreshing fragrance and a distinct robust rose flavor that is unmissable.

Why is Hamdard Dawakhana Roohafza Sharbat our Top Pick?

Priced at Rs. 150, this 750 ml bottle has a touch of nostalgia to it. It instantly reminds you of summertime, when you poured a glass of chilled water with Roohafza or had it with milk. It has a refreshing fragrance that adds to its winning streak.

We added three tablespoons of Roohafza to about 250 ml of water. As compared to its counterpart, Roohafza took less time to dilute and mix in water. Flavor-wise, it has got a distinct robust rose flavor that you cannot miss, a feature that helps in making Roohafza very popular. When you taste it, you know it is a perfect combination of kewra rose flavor and sugar. It had a satisfactory color and sweetness in just about three spoons. We wouldn’t be exaggerating if we say Roohafza has got a more wholesome sharbat feeling, making it the most loved rose drink among others.

What we also loved about Roohafza is that it has a very interesting recipe of minty lemonade mentioned on the packaging label, which makes it a versatile beverage.

Overall Roohafza is a delightful rose flavored drink that can be enjoyed by any age-group, especially during summers as it keeps you cool.

hamdard and dabur bottles
Hamdard vs Dabur: Best Rose Sherbet Review

Why Did Dabur Sharbat-E-Azam Not Win?

Dabur Sharbat-E-Azam comes in a 750 ml bottle and is priced at Rs. 140. We mixed three parts of the sharbat in water. However, it took more than three spoons of rose sharbat to make the water flavorful. Three spoons weren’t enough as it had a diluted flavor. It also took more time to dilute in water and added a lighter tint to it, which may make this visually less appetizing than our Top Pick. The sharbat flavor of Dabur Sharbat-E-Azam was dominant on sugar, and less on the gulab flavor.

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The packaging label of Dabur Sharbat – e – Azam has ingredients like rose water, red carrot juice, apple juice, orange juice, basil oil, pineapple juice, kewra water, and khus chandan, along with synthetic colors and added flavors.

Overall, Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam tasted diluted after adding the suggested quantity of three spoons. We felt the taste and color did not match up to the Top Pick even after adding more. Despite adding four tablespoons, we couldn’t taste the rose in it.

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hamdard and dabur bottles with glasses
Dabur vs Hamdard: The Best Rose Flavored Sharbat Brand in India

Hamdard Roohafza Vs Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam


Hamdard Roohafza

Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam
Price Rs. 150 Rs. 140
Net Weight 750 ml 750 ml
Shelf Life Best before 24 months Best before 24 months
Energy (Kcal) 414 kcal for 100 ml 300 kcal for 100 ml
Taste Refreshing rose flavor Diluted rose flavor
Sweetness Balanced Diluted

Our Review Process

The Contenders

We picked two of the most popular brands in India of rose-flavored sharbat bottles and conducted several rounds of blind tastings. Dabur and Hamdard Dawakhana are widely available online and in grocery stores.

  • Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam
  • Hamdard Dawakhana Roohafza


For us, the prime focus was on checking for that sweet rose flavor that can be a part of water, milk, and milk-based desserts. Rose is generally associated with royalty, and therefore, that feeling of something distinctive and extra typically is exuded from khus and minty kewra kind of flavors. So we needed to find that exclusive royal rose and kewra flavor in these sharbats.

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How We Reviewed

Our review process involved blind tasting sessions, where we considered not just the flavor, but also the fragrance, and sweetness level. Once we had our results based on flavor, sweetness and aroma, we also compared the two bottles for their price, ingredient list, and calories. Interestingly, both the sharbats had different ingredients except the primary constituents like rose, kewra and khus.

rose sharbat
Glasses filled with rose sharbat.

Results Of The Face-Off- Dabur vs Hamdard Dawakhana Rose Sharbat

Safe to say that Hamdard Dawakhana Roohafza was a clear winner in our Best Rose Flavored Sharbat Review as it had the robust rose flavor, balanced sweetness and definitely had a very inviting aroma.

The list of ingredients of Hamdard Dawakhana Roofafza: While it has synthetic colors and added flavors, it has got a good set of ingredients. It has ingredients like gul neelofar, dhania, khas, gulab, kasni, chharila, berg gawzaban, pudina, sandal safaid, tukhm gazar, and munaqqa among others. It also has pineapple and orange juice along with kewra and gulab, which are used as natural flavoring agents.

hamdard dawakhana roohafza sharbat
Roohafza has a very refreshing aroma and a distinct robust rose flavor that is unmissable.

Frequently Asked Questions

After reading this comprehensive review about which rose flavored sharbat is best, here are a few FAQs about it.

Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam and Hamdard Roohafza are both popular summer drinks in South Asia, but they have some key differences. Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam is primarily a blend of mango pulp, sugar, and water, offering a refreshing taste of mango with a hint of sweetness. On the other hand, Hamdard Roohafza is a concentrated herbal syrup made from a variety of fruits, herbs, and flowers, providing a unique and complex flavor profile with cooling properties.

Both Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam and Hamdard Roohafza offer some nutritional benefits, but their healthiness can depend on individual preferences and dietary needs. Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam, being primarily mango-based, provides natural vitamins and minerals found in mango fruit. Hamdard Roohafza, with its herbal ingredients, may offer additional health benefits such as cooling effects and potential medicinal properties. However, both drinks contain added sugar, so moderation is key for those watching their sugar intake.

Yes, both Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam and Hamdard Roohafza can be used in various ways to create refreshing beverages. Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam can be mixed with water or milk to make a traditional mango drink, or even added to smoothies for a tropical twist. Hamdard Roohafza, on the other hand, can be diluted with water to make a refreshing summer cooler, mixed with milk for a creamy beverage, or even used as a syrup over desserts like ice cream or fruit salads.

Yes, both Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam and Hamdard Roohafza have cultural significance in South Asian countries like India and Pakistan. Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam is often associated with the flavor of mango, which holds a special place in Indian culture, especially during the summer season. Hamdard Roohafza, with its blend of herbs and flowers, is traditionally consumed during Ramadan as a refreshing and hydrating drink to break the fast, and it is also popular during hot summer months across the region.

Both Dabur Sharbat-e-Azam and Hamdard Roohafza are widely available in South Asian grocery stores, as well as online platforms catering to international consumers. Availability may vary depending on the region and local demand, but generally, both products are easily accessible in areas with a significant South Asian population. Additionally, both brands have expanded their distribution networks globally, making them accessible to consumers around the world who enjoy these iconic summer beverages.

Final Words

Both this rose-flavored sharbat: Rooh Afza and Sharbat-e-Azam are refreshing drinks. You can enjoy it with water, milk, or just add them to your desserts including kulfi, faluda, ice-creams, phirni, and kheer. 

Let us know what your go to refreshing drink is in the comment section.

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