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gadgetbite kitchen multi-functional fry tool review

GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional 2 in 1 Fry Tool: Makes Cooking Easy

We reviewed the GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool at the Mishry HQ for over 2 weeks. Is this cooking tool worth the purchase? Let us check it out.

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GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool is a pocket friendly kitchen tool that enables convenient frying. However, the quality of the stainless steel material used and the finish could have been better.

In a kitchen, having the right set of tools help reduce cooking time and make the whole process more efficient. Don’t you think so?

Frying is an integral part of any kitchen and is done regularly at some point or the other. This basic perforated spoon is a common sight in every kitchen. Whether it is frying French fries, nuggets, patties or peanuts, getting the ideal frying tool will result in quick lifting and draining the extra oil. Frying tools are available in different shapes and materials with varied grips and mesh-hole sizes. 

We came across this unique looking 2 In 1 fry tool offered by GadgetBite and decided to test the product in our kitchen. Can it drain the extra oil and form a tight grip. Let us find out below in our GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool review.

GadgetBite Multi-Functional Fry Tool – What  You Need To Know

Here is every detail that you must know about the GadgetBite Multi-Functional Fry Tool that includes the packaging, body material and other product details. 

1. Packaging

The product was packed in a carton. Inside the carton, the fry tool was wrapped in a polythene.  

2. Body Material

The body material of this multi-functional fry tool is stainless steel. 

3. Product Dimensions

The following are the product dimensions of the GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool : 

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GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool Product Dimensions
Length  Approx. 11 inches
Weight  45 gm 


4. Ease of Handling

This strainer comes with a tong attached on the other side that enhances the convenience and comfort while using the tool. The bottom of the handle features a serrated design that provides a firm hold while using this tool for cooking. 

This design of this frying tool enables easy straining of the excess oil without any effort. 

5. Handle Material

The GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool features a stainless steel handle. 

6. Price

This product is priced at INR 129. 

GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool – Detailed Review

Here is a table highlighting the different details about the GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool. 


GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool  Product Details 
Weight  45 gm 
Price INR 129 
Body Material  Stainless Steel 
Product Dimensions 50 x 20 x 150 millimeters

To test the effectiveness of the GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool, we reviewed the product over two weeks. The product weighs approximately 45 gm and has a length of around 11 inches. 

This fry tool is made using stainless steel material. It comes with a mesh strainer on one side and a smaller tong on the other side. The smaller part of the fry tool has a serrated design towards the handle. 

The handle is not slippery and provides a strong grip. However, while washing the fry tool you must be extra careful since the edges are not smooth enough.

The net of the strainer is fixed firmly and provides easy lifting of the food while frying. We fried peanuts, potatoes and onions using this fry tool. While frying the potatoes we were able to take them out easily since they were cut in big pieces. The strainer removes the excess oil well. We loved that!  

Unlike a normal strainer wherein you are required to hold the utensil to strain off the excess oil, this fry tool strains the oil without any effort. While frying small food items such as peanuts, you must remove them in batches. Since removing them all at once will result in many of them dropping back in the oil.  

The net of the strainer features small holes which makes them perfect for frying bigger foods like patties, nuggets, chicken wings and spring rolls. For storing this fry tool, you need to tie it up after every use and then place them securely.

gadgetbite kitchen multi functional fry tool packaging
The overall packaging of the GadgetBite fry tool
gadgetbite kitchen multi functional fry tool on a table
The fry tool after removing from the pack
overhead look of gadgetbite fry tool on a table
The GadgetBite fry tool features a unique design
gadgetbite fry tool weight
The weight of this fry tool is 45 gm
gadgetbite fry tool measurement
The strainer net has a diameter of 10 cm.
gadgetbite fry tool in comparison to induction cooker
Our overall preparation for reviewing the GadgetBite Fry Tool
frying potato slices using gadgetbite fry tool
The slices of potato were easy to lift post frying
frying onions using gadgetbite fry tool
The fried onions being removed after the frying process


  • This fry tool is priced at Rs 129/-.
  • It is made using stainless steel material.
  • It is a multipurpose kitchen cooking tool.
  • It features a mesh strainer and a tong on the other side.


  • This frying tool is light in weight.
  • It strains off the excess oil with ease.
  • The handle does not heat up while frying the food items.
  • This frying tool has a comfortable grip.


  • We were not impressed with the quality/finish of the material used. The edges of this frying tool are sharp.

Best Suited For

The GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool is best suited for someone who finds it difficult to strain excess oil while frying. If you are looking to add a new and unique strainer to your kitchen, you can consider buying this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on GadgetBite Kitchen Multi-Functional Fry Tool

1. Is this fry tool dishwasher safe?

Yes. This fry tool is dishwasher safe. 

2. How is this fry tool used in the kitchen?

This fry tool serves a dual purpose. It is meant for deep-frying and additionally it effectively lets you strain the excess oil while frying and lift the food with a stronger grip.

3. Can this fry tool be also used as a peeler?

No, this fry tool is not meant to be used as a peeler. 

4. How many items can this tool hold at a time? 

This fry tool can effectively hold around 1 to 2 bigger food items at a time. However, in the case of frying peanuts and poha, it can hold a larger quantity of the same.

Final Wordings

While we liked how easy the product is to use, the quality and finish of the stainless steel material did not impress us. Moreover, this tool is not meant for frying a large quantity in one go.

Easy straining of excess oil, comfortable hold and frying. These were a few attributes we liked about the product. 

Have you tried using this unique kitchen frying tool? Drop in your comments and let us know about your experience.

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