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DiSano Choco Almond & Hazelnut Spread: Savour The Chocolaty Flavour

We reviewed two chocolate and nut spreads by Disano. Taste, texture, nutrition – how did they fare?

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2 / 5
2 / 5


DiSano Choco Spreads are definitely not the best there is. The overbearing sweetness, low spreadability and oily mouthfeel lowered the entire experience. We liked the hazelnut spread marginally better than the almond one.

‘I’m loved by kids and adults alike for my sweet buttery taste, who am I?’ Chocolate spreads, YES! A thick layer between slices of bread, a generous dollop rolled in a chapati or slathered over rice cakes, chocolate spreads are so versatile, they can be savored before, during, as well as after meals. 

For our love of this decadent spread, we reviewed six brands in our ‘The Better Chocolate Spread’ review. All contenders we picked were primarily milk-based.

Now diving into the nut and chocolate category here’s the DiSano choco spreads review. We ordered the Hazelnut and Almond variants from their range and our experience went like…

DiSano Choco Spreads – Everything You Need To Know

disano choco spreads reviewed variants
The spreads are packed in PET jars with a simple label.

How are DiSano Choco Spreads priced? Budget-friendly or not, here is all you need to know. 

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1. Available Variants

DiSano offers multiple variants in its range of chocolate-flavored spreads. 

  • Choco Peanut Butter
  • Choco spread
  • Choco Spread with Hazelnut (13%)
  • Choco Spread with Hazelnut (45%)
  • Choco Spread with Almond (13%)

2. Available Sizes

There are 175-gram and 300-gram jars.

3. Packaging

The chocolate spreads are packed in PET jars. The jars can be reused. 

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4. Price Range

A 175-gram jar is priced at Rs 245/- whereas the 300-gram jars are offered at Rs 380/-.

5. Shelf Life

These spreads have a nine-month shelf life. 

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DiSano Choco Spreads – Our Review Factors

When reviewing a chocolate spread, spreadability is considered as vital as taste. Spreadability takes into account the texture, if the spread is smooth or crunchy, and of course how easily it spreads on bread slices/chapatis. 

Sweet and chocolatey, more often than not, you’re bound to sneak the spreads into your daily diet. Therefore, we also shed light on the nutritional labels and ingredient lists. Are these spreads ideal for everyday consumption?

1. Main Ingredients

What are the top four ingredients? Are they essentially fit for regular consumption? What is the primary sweetener used? What about the percentage of nuts? Does the brand mention their quality or grade?

2. Taste

Primarily nutty or chocolatey, or a delectable blend of both?Are these adequately sweet? What about the nutty taste? Are roasted nuts used? Is there any rancid aftertaste?

3. Flavour

The label mentions 13% nuts have been added. Does the flavor justify this claim? How prominent or weak is the flavor of the prime nut used in the spread?

4. Appearance

We like our chocolate spreads rich and luscious and we can’t lie. There’s a fine line between glossy and oily, and we checked the DiSano’s spreads for the same.

5. Texture

Spreads are primarily smooth, unlike peanut butter which may be available in crunchy and smooth variants. 

Did the DiSano Choco Spreads have a smooth and rich mouthfeel? Did these feel too heavy and oil-laden?

6. Consistency + Spreadability

Thick, flowy or just right? The consistency of the spread impacts the spreadability as well. We tried these spreads on toasted and untoasted bread slices to check for both factors. 

7. Nutritional Information

Per 100 grams, these spreads offer 500-550 Kcal of energy. 

DiSano Choco Spread Variants – Detailed Review

DiSano Choco Spreads Almond Hazelnut
Price Rs 245 Rs 245
Shelf Life Nine months Nine months
Calories 541 Kcal 549 Kcal
Main Ingredients Sugar, Palm Oil, Almond (13%), Cocoa Solids, Milk Solids, Emulsifier Soya Lecithin (INS 322) Sugar, Palm Oil, Hazelnut (13%), Cocoa Solids, Milk Solids, Emulsifier Soya Lecithin (INS 322)


1. Almond 

With a 13% almond content, this choco spread comes in a PET jar. We appreciate the simple-looking, easy-to-read labels on the jar. Like most jars of spreads and jams, it had a seal under the lid. 

When we did a visual inspection, we could see a glossy, chocolate-brown spread. A common occurrence with nut spreads is a layer of oil floating on top. This happens when nuts start releasing their natural oils, which is why it’s always recommended to store the containers of nut butter/spread upside down.

As we didn’t see a layer of oil, the aroma was surprising. The spread reeked of oil which isn’t inviting.  

Moving forward with the review, we took out a spoonful for tasting as is and over bread slices to test the spreadability. This spread has a very thick, paste-like consistency. Owing to this, the spread becomes somewhat challenging to apply on a slice of bread.

The taste test. After taking a whiff, we weren’t as excited to taste the spreads. However, on tasting we felt this chocolate spread is more sweet than chocolatey. While chocolate spreads are meant to be sweet, this one is a bit overwhelming and we couldn’t go back for seconds. Even the mouthfeel isn’t appreciated, it leaves an oiliness on the palate. The nuttiness from almonds was barely there. Overall, this is a below average product. 

disano choco spread with almond in a bowl
The Almond spread looks luscious.
disano choco spread with almond over bread slices
We applied a layer of the chocolate spread over bread slices
closer look at choco spread with almond over bread slices
The application wasn’t the easiest.


  • A 175-gram jar is priced at Rs 245.
  • This has a shelf life of nine months.
  • Main Ingredients-Sugar, Palm Oil, Almond (13%), Cocoa Solids, Milk Solids, Emulsifier Soya Lecithin (INS 322)


  • The labels are easy to read.


  • This DiSano Choco Spread has a very undesirable aroma.
  • This is extremely sweet.
  • Applying the spread over a base is tough.
  • The nutty, almond flavor is barely there.
  • Thumbs down for the oily mouthfeel.

2. Hazelnut

With a very similar packaging, let us start by saying this was relatively better than the Choco Almond spread. The Hazelnut variant also contains 13% of the nuts.

While this did surpass the almond variant marginally, there are quite a few similarities between the two. The appearance and consistency barely had any differences. In terms of mouthfeel, both variants feel heavy and oily. 

The aroma wasn’t as oily as the almond one. Following the same procedure for the taste test, applying this spread over a bread slice wasn’t the most effortless. 

That said, when we tasted this, it was a bit superior to the previous one. The sweetness is definitely more than we’d like but it is still lower than Almond. We also tasted the hazelnuts prominently and overall, the Hazelnut spread tasted better than Almond. 

disano choco spread with hazelnut in a bowl
Visually, both variants look similar.
choco spread with hazelnut over bread slices
This was a thick and dense chocolate spread.
closer look at choco spread with hazelnut over bread slices
This emitted a lovely chocolate aroma.


  • Price and shelf life are the same as above.
  • Main Ingredients- Sugar, Palm Oil, Hazelnut (13%), Cocoa Solids, Milk Solids, Emulsifier Soya Lecithin (INS 322)


  • A decadent chocolatey aroma was noticed. 
  • The chocolate and nutty flavors are well-rounded.


  • Marginally sweeter than we’d like. 
  • Product quality doesn’t justify the price.
  • This is not easy to spread.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

DiSano Choco Spread Hazelnut won by a small margin, simply because it tasted better. Additionally, the aroma wasn’t as oily and it is a little less sweeter than the almond variant. 

Final Words

disano choco spreads detailed review
Overview of our DiSano spreads review

DiSano’s Choco and Nut Spreads are average products. Despite having 13% of nut content, these spreads barely have any bold nutty flavor profiles. These are much sweeter than we would like, and have an oily mouthfeel. The oily aroma of the almond spread is not pleasing. These are more sweet than chocolaty.  

We all have a favorite chocolate spread. Which one is yours? Let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on DiSano choco spreads.

1. Which is the best variant of Disano choco spreads?

We liked the Hazelnut variant better than Almond. That said, there are better brands available in the hazelnut and chocolate spread section. 

2. Do DiSano choco spreads contain added sugar?

Yes, per 100 grams around 51 grams of sugar.

3. Are these choco spreads gluten free?

The ingredient list does not mention the addition of any gluten products. The allergen information provided is that these spreads contain dairy, nuts, and soya. 

4. Do these choco spreads contain preservatives?

Yes, these spreads contain INS 322 which is a mild preservative naturally derived from soy oil. 

5. Does it require refrigeration after unpacking?

The need for refrigeration primarily depends on the climate in your region. 

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