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britannia hot dog bread review

Britannia Hot Dog Bread Review: Delicious And Fresh

Britannia’s Hot Dog Bread is fresh tasting. But does it nail that soft texture? Let’s decode!

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Britannia Hot Dog Bread has a fresh taste but did not impress us texture wise. It is definitely a budget friendly option to buy for those looking to prepare hot dogs at home.

Hot dog breads stuffed with delicious sausages, followed by your choice of vegetables and drizzled with your favorite sauces makes for a flavorful evening snack.

With the easy availability of hot dog breads in the market today, making them at home is now easier. Britannia is a well-known brand that offers several kinds of breads ranging from sandwich breads to whole wheat bread to croissants. 

We picked the new Britannia Hot Dog bread when we were testing American Mustard Brands in India. We checked out how closely it stands to taste to a fresh one we pick from local bakery shops. In our Britannia Hot Dog Bread review we closely examine the product on different parameters such as freshness and texture.

Britannia Hot Dog Bread – Everything You Need To Know

britannia daily breads hot dog
The Britannia hot dog bread cut into two pieces

Here is all the information that you need to know about Britannia Hot Dog Bread. 

1. Packaging

The Britannia Hot Dog Bread comes in a brown color pack with transparent windows. The net quantity of the pack is 200 gm which is available at a price of INR 20. It includes 4 pieces of the hot dog. 

It is not a resealable pack . The hot dog breads are placed directly in the wrapper. The pack mentions an easy recipe on the backside for preparing a delicious veg hot dog. 

2. Taste

Breads, naturally, taste a bit sweet. Do you know why? Yes, they do contain some sugar. But it is actually due to the amylase present in our saliva that interacts with the starch of the bread. It breaks down to produce simple sugars which make the bread seem sweet-tasting. The filling, sauces and seasoning that we add to these breads further strengthen the flavor structure. 

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This hot dog bread by itself tasted nice and fresh when we tried it without any accompaniments. It has mild hint of sweetness and saltiness. 

3. Texture

Texture is a crucial parameters to gauge the quality of any bread. Ideally, hot dog bread must have a soft and fluffy texture that is easy to cut into pieces. The fluffiness and softness of the bread is what we wanted to gauge. 

Many factors impact the texture of the bread which includes – not kneading the flour well, presence of too much salt, or the yeast failing to trap in the required air in the flour. Here we checked whether the texture of this hot dog bread was soft and airy.

Texture-wise,  Britannia Hot Dog bread did not impress us. It has a crusty and dense texture. 

4. Appearance

Hot dog bread ideally is long in length. Britannia’s Hot dog Bread was comparatively smaller in size.

5. Freshness and Aftertaste

We checked here how fresh the bread tasted. Does it taste stale? 

We loved the fresh taste of these hot dog breads and observed that they did not have any foul aftertaste. 

6. Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients used includes – Refined wheat flour (Maida), Sugar, Refined Palmolien oil, Yeast, Iodised Salt, Soya flour, Emulsifiers, Preservatives, Vital Gluten, and Improvers. 

Contains Wheat Gluten and Soya . 

7. Nutritional Facts

Here is the nutritional information of the product per 100 gm : 

Parameters  Nutritional Information 
Carbohydrates 55.3 gm 
Protein  7.7 gm 
Energy  279 kcal
Fat  3.0 gm 
Sodium  477 mg 

8. Price

The 200 gm pack of this hot dog bread comes at a price of INR 20. This pack contains four Hot Dog breads.

9. Shelf Life 

The shelf life of this product is 4 days.

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Britannia Hot Dog Bread – Detailed Review

Britannia Hot Dog Bread  Product Information 
Price INR 20
Net Quantity  200 gm
Shelf Life 4 days 
Calories (per 100 gm) 279 kcal 
Main Ingredients (Top 4 ) Refined wheat flour, sugar, refined palmolein oil and yeast.

The 200 gm pack of Britannia Hot Dog bread offers you 4 pieces of the hot dog bread. Being priced at INR 20, it is a value for money deal. Our review involved tasting the bread in two stages – in raw form, and secondly, by using different accompaniments. 

The aroma of this hot dog bread was sweet and fresh. We loved it!

In the raw form, the bread tasted fresh with slight undertones of sweet and saltiness. Further, we tasted the bread by adding a few ingredients. Our ingredients list included tomatoes, lettuce, butter and chicken sausages. We started by applying President butter on these hot dog breads and heating them in an oven. 

Later, we placed in the lettuce, tomatoes and chicken sausages. Finally, we garnished it by drizzling a generous amount of mustard sauce and some ketchup. We liked the taste of the hot dog bread with the sausages.

The only letdown was the texture of this hot dog bread. It was crusty and dense and definately needs improvement.  

britannia daily breads hot dog packaging
The packaging of the hot dog bread
britannia daily breads hot dog on a plate
The 200 gm pack includes 4 pieces of the hot dog
closer look at britannia daily breads hot dog on a plate
Close look at the Britannia Daily Breads Hot Dog
britannia hot dog after breaking it into two
Cross sectional view of the Britannia hot dog bread
hot dog with tomatoes lettuce american mustard and chicken sausages
The entire preparation for reviewing the hot dog bread
britannia hot dog after applying different american mustard
We reviewed the hot dog bread using different American Mustard sauce
britannia hot dog on a plate after making
The final plating of the hot dog bread


  • The 200 gm pack contains 4 pieces of the hot dog bread.
  • It is a priced at Rs. 20/-.
  • Shelf Life – 4 days 
  • The instructions for preparing a vegetarian hot dog is mentioned at the back of the pack.
  • Main ingredients used here includes –  Refined wheat flour (Maida), Sugar, Refined Palmolien oil, Yeast, Iodised Salt, Soya flour, Emulsifiers, Preservatives, Vital Gluten, and Improvers. 
  • It contains Wheat Gluten and Soya.


  • It is an easy way to prepare hot dogs at home.
  • This bread is fresh tasting. 
  • The breads are budget-friendly.


  • The texture of this hot dog bread was dense and not soft and airy as we expected it to be.  

Best Suited For

For someone who loves to prepare hot dogs at home, and are looking for something pocket friendly, this product fits the bill. You can also enjoy this hot dog bread by lightly toasting it and applying butter. Accompany it with a hot cup of tea and relish a quick evening snack.

From a paneer bhurji hot dog to a chilli chicken and even a veggie loaded stuffing – the filing options are unlimited and can be customised as per your own liking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Britannia Hot Dog Bread.

1. Do these hot dogs need cooking?

No, the pack does not mention any requirement to cook these hot dog breads. You can enjoy this hot dog bread as is by filling in your favorite stuffing. However, if you wish you can lightly toast this hot dog bread with some butter.

2. Does it require refrigeration after unpacking?

Though the pack mentions to store the bread in a cool place it is best to securely seal the pack after opening and place it in an airtight container. Make sure to consume the product before its expiry date. 

3. How many hot dog breads are there in total in a pack?

The 200 gm pack contains 4 pieces of the hot dog bread. 

4. Do these hot dog breads contain any flavor enhancers?

No, these hot dog breads do not contain any flavor enhancers. 

5. What is the carb content of these hot dog breads?

The carb content of these hot dog breads per 100 gm is – 55.3 gm. 

Final Words

britannia daily breads hot dog review
This hot dog bread is a value for money option to buy

Britannia Hot Dog Bread is a convenient and quick way to prepare delicious hot dogs at home. These bread tastes fresh, and has a sweet aroma! While the texture of these hot dog breads was not up to the mark, these definitely make for a pocket friendly snack option. 

Are you a fan of hot dogs? Do let us know in the comments below what filling you like to add in your hot dogs.

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