Best Chicken Burger Patty - Mishry Reviews
Chicken burger patty

Best Chicken Burger Patty – Mishry Reviews

5 brands of the frozen chicken patty and a clear winner. Why did we choose Venky’s Chicken Burger Patty as our Top Pick? Read on.

Why trust us?

Our reviews are research-based, and all trials and testings are conducted in-house over days and weeks. We have a strict no-free-sample policy to ensure our reviews are fair and impartial.

The feeling of shamelessly eating a big, fat, juicy chicken burger in the comfort of your home without worrying about everything slipping out is top tier. There are a lot of frozen chicken burger patties available in India that can be bought and stored in the freezer for when you want to rustle up a quick burger on a busy weeknight. We fried, tried, and tasted five types of chicken burger patties to find the tastiest, juiciest one for you. After an afternoon filled with some succulent burgers, we chose Venky’s Chicken Burger Patty as our Top Pick. We also recommend the  ITC Master Chef Desi Style Chicken Patty.

Mishry Top Pick – Venky’s Chicken Jumbo Burger Patty

Why did we choose Venky’s Chicken Jumbo Burger Patty as our Top Pick?

We chose Venky’s Chicken Burger Patty as our Top Pick because it made the tastiest, juiciest chicken burger amongst all the contenders. The chicken flavor, meatiness, and seasoning of this burger patty were unbeatable. The crunchy exterior further helped this chicken burger patty inch closer to the winning position.

Top Pick

Venky’s Chicken Burger Patty made the tastiest homemade burger.

MRP – Rs 240/-*

Net weight – 450 grams

Number of patties – 5

*Price at the time of review

We tasted the patty thrice – As it is, warm inside a burger bun and cold, after giving a break of 15-20 minutes. Even when it was cold, the crunch remained intact. Unlike some patties, the chicken flavor did not diminish when we turned this into a burger.

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The shape of the patty was uniform throughout the pack and none of the pieces were broken. During the cooking phase, we noticed that the patties cook very uniformly. There were no dark-light patches and the cooking was even. The jumbo size of the patty ensures a homemade burger that is hearty and wholesome. 

A 450-gram bag of Venky’s Chicken Jumbo Burger Patty is priced at Rs 240/-. It contains approximately 5 patties. The ingredients list mentions the use of 49% chicken while making these patties. 

Also Recommended –  ITC Master Chef Desi Style Chicken Patty

Why do we also recommend ITC Master Chef Desi Style Chicken Patty?

We also recommend ITC Master Chef Desi Style Chicken Patty because of its masaledaar seasoning and crunchy exterior. There is a nice balance between the meat, its seasoning, and the crunchy exterior.

Also Recommended

If you love desi flavors wrapped into a chicken patty, this one’s for you.

MRP – Rs 170/-*

Net weight – 330 grams

Number of patties – 6

*Price at the time of review

The chicken patties are uniform in shape, are comparatively thin, and cook evenly. There is no need to thaw the chicken patty before deep frying. When tasted as is, this was extremely flavorful. We felt that while the patty was appetizing and crunchy, there wasn’t enough meat in it when we tasted this inside a burger. It lacks the meaty bite. This is the only reason that this contender did not reach the top.

A 330-gram bag of ITC Masterchef chicken patty is priced at Rs 170/-. It contains approximately 6 patties. The ingredients list mentions the use of 26.2% chicken meat and 24.9% chicken salami.

Why did the other contenders not win?

Sumeru Wassup Chicken Patties, unlike others, are not breaded and need to be grilled instead of being deep-fried. Sumeru’s chicken patties were very tasty and had a spicy side to them. The fact that these are non-breaded and are very thin or lean, they get lost somewhere inside a burger. By themselves, these are very tasty but the crunch you expect from a wholesome burger patty was obviously not there. A pack of 6 burger patties is priced at Rs 165/-. We cooked it on both sides on a preheated pan.

Sumeru Chicken Patty
Tasting the Sumeru Chicken Patty without the bun.
Burger made using Sumeru Chicken Patty
Cross sectional view of the Sumeru chicken burger

There was a lot that did not work for the Godrej Yummiez Chicken Burger Patty. The not-so-tasty seasoning to the dry chicken inside, we did not like much about this burger patty. The crunch on the outside did not matter at all because the patty contents were not tasty. We did not use this patty to make a burger. The Godrej Yummiez Chicken Burger Patty is priced at Rs 175/- for 300 grams (6 pieces). 

Chicken Burger Patty Review
Before cooking - Godrej Yummiez
Godrej Yummiez Chicken Patties

Blue Flame Breaded Chicken Burgers were thin and icy when we took them out of the tray pack. There are 4 burger patties in one pack which are priced at Rs 150/-. The dominant black pepper taste was nice, and so was the chicken meatiness. But as soon as it got cold, the meat became tough and dry. The patty cooked extremely unevenly and turned bitter in some portions.

Blue Flame Chicken Patty After Cooking
Burger made using Blue Flame chicken patty
Cross sectional view of the blue flame chicken burger

Mishry Recommended Products For The Tastiest Homemade Burgers

Our Review Process

You win some, you lose some!

Chicken burger patties from a few brands did exceptionally well in our taste test, but some could not even make it till the end-stage. Here are the juicy details of how we landed on our winner for the best chicken burger patty review.

Who Is This Review For?

Love homemade burgers but hate the wait? Mincing the meat, grinding the breadcrumbs, perfectly season and cook the patties. Sounds like too much work for you? This review is for you if you love homemade burgers and do not want to make the patties from scratch.

How We Picked Brands

We picked five brands of frozen chicken burger patties that are easily available in supermarkets, grocery stores, and online portals. While selecting brands for our review we kept the following in mind –

  • Frozen food
  • Labeled as a patty
  • Primary meat used – Chicken
  • Easy availability of the product on an online portal or at a grocery store

Brands We Picked

We picked five brands of chicken burger patties – 

  • Venky’s Chicken Jumbo Burger Patty
  • ITC Master Chef Desi Style Chicken Patty
  • Sumeru Chicken Burger Patty
  • Blue Flame Breaded Chicken Burgers
  • Godrej Yummiez Chicken Burger Patty

The Parameters

For our review of chicken burger patties, we decided on two main parameters – 

Flavor – A good burger patty needs to be juicy and have enough of chicken-flavor. We looked for juicy flavors and a distinct chicken-flavor/meatiness in the burger patties. Apart from that we also looked for balanced seasoning. 

Texture – This included two aspects – the outer texture and the texture of the patty from inside. Was the patty breaded? If yes, how was the breaded exterior? Was the coating too thick or too thin? After cooking, does the patty still have a crisp layer giving it a crunch that so many people like? 

Other factors that also fuelled our decision included – the size of the patty, the thickness, were there any broken pieces in the bag? How is the pricing? Are the patties value for money? 

How We Reviewed

Our review process was divided into three stages – 

1 – Dry inspection

2 – Tasting the chicken burger patties as it is.

3 – Tasting the chicken burger patties inside a homemade burger

During stage 1 we noticed the shape and size of the burger patties. How well made they are? How are they packaged? Are the patties broken or intact? How easy or complicated are the instructions written on the pack and checking for the nutrition label.

Stage 1 - Dry inspection of the patty.
Dry inspection - ITC Masterchef Chicken Patty

After this, during stage 2 we cooked the chicken burger patties according to the instructions given on the back of the packs. We deep-fried all the burger patties (as instructed) apart from Sumeru Wassup Chicken Burger Patty. For Sumeru’s burger patty we grilled it on a non-stick pan with some vegetable oil. We cooked two chicken patties per brand. One patty was made to be tasted as it is and one to be tasted like a burger. During this stage, we eliminated Yummiez Godrej Chicken Patty as this was the least tasty amongst all the brands we reviewed. 

Stage 2 Taste Test - Venky's Chicken Patty
Stage 2 Taste Test - ITC Masterchef Chicken Patty

From here, the other four brands moved on to stage 3 where they were turned into typical homestyle burgers. To make our homestyle burgers we added fresh lettuce, slices of tomato, and a plain cheese spread and slice in our burgers. We used a regular white burger bun with sesame seeds on top. We did not toast the buns in butter or any other form of fat. Once we were done tasting the chicken burgers warm and after letting them sit for 15-20 minutes, we landed on our winner.

Turning the burger patties into wholesome burgers.
Our winner - Venky's chicken burger patty
Cross sectional view of the burger made using Venky's Chicken Patty.

Quick Comparison – Juiciest Chicken Burger Patty

Brand Venky’s ITC Master Chef Sumeru Wassup Blue Flame Godrej Yummiez
MRP Rs 240/- Rs 170/- Rs 165/- Rs 150/- Rs 175/-
Net Weight 450 grams 330 grams 300 grams 200 grams 300 grams
Number of burger patties 5 6 6 4 6
Best Before 7 months 9 months 9 months 12 months 12 months
Chicken percentage 49% – Chicken – 26.2%

– Chicken salami – 24.9%

59.7% 64% 53%
Texture (Exterior) – Breaded

– Crisp

– Breaded

– Very crisp

– Not breaded

– Pan grilled

– Heavily breaded

– Extremely Crisp

– Breaded

– Crisp

Texture (Interior) – Juiciest

– Meatiest

– Moderately juicy chicken – Lacks the juiciness of a meaty burger – Lacks the chicken meatiness

– Dry from inside

– Chicken lacks the juiciness and meaty texture
Flavor – Meatiest

– Chunkiest chicken burger patty

– Balanced seasoning

– The seasoning is very tasty.

– Chicken flavor is good

– Tasty

– Seasoning is on the spicier side

– Chicken flavor is good. 

– Dominant on pepper – Not seasoned well

– Not tasty

Results Of Our Review

A taste test that had us swear off chicken burgers for a week (unsuccessfully) led us to the winner for the juiciest frozen chicken burger patty. After several tasting sessions of the patty, we chose Venky’s Chicken Burger Patty as our Top Pick. It was the tastiest, juiciest burger patty with an extremely crunchy exterior. We also recommend the ITC Master Chef Desi Style Chicken Patty for the brilliant crunch and seasoning. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

No part of this review is sponsored by any brand. All expenses were borne by us.

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