Amul Tru Dairy-Based Drink Review
Amul Tru Juice Review

Amul Tru Dairy-Based Drink Review

Amul Tru Juice is an innovative dairy-based drink flavored with fruits. We reviewed the Amul Tru Lychee and Orange.

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3 / 5
3 / 5


Amul Tru Juices, orange, and lychee delivered well on the flavors. The semi-thick consistency of these dairy-based juices feels nice and light on the tummy. Amul Tru are non-pulpy juices that contain milk solids, although we could not spot anything milky about this beverage, appearance, and taste-wise. We liked that the Amul Tru Juice is not overly sweet.

Fruit-based beverages can swing both ways. They can either be loaded with sugar and have a consistency that is almost viscous or they can be pulpy and fresh. Amul, India’s largest cooperative dairy, recently launched dairy-based fruit juices in four flavors – Orange, Lychee, Mango, and Apple.

At Mishry, we reviewed the orange and lychee flavors to check them for their consistency and taste. When we heard that these are dairy-based juices, we were just as puzzled. How can juice be mixed with dairy? After a thorough label reading session and a taste test, here is what we thought about the Amul Tru Juice.

*As per information on the pack

  • Best before 180 days from the date of manufacturing. 
  • This is a dairy-based drink.
  • Contains permitted synthetic food colors and added flavor.

Amul Juice is available in tetra packs and plastic bottles. Both these offer 180 ml of the product at Rs 10/-. The Amul Tru Lychee is sold in a pink tetra pack and the orange flavor comes in an orange-colored tetra pack.

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Quick Review

Amul Tru Fruit

Amul Tru isn’t milky at all and we loved the fruity freshness that comes through.

Price – Rs 10/-*

Net weight – 180 ml

*Price at the time of review

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Quick Review Of Amul Tru Dairy-Based Drink – Lychee Flavor

Amul Tru Juice Lychee
Amul Tru Juice - Lychee Flavor

Ingredients – Milk solids, Sugar, Lychee fruit preparation (3%), Citric acid, Permitted stabilizers.

Appearance and consistency –  Amul Tru Lychee has a light pink color and a semi-thick juice-like consistency. This is a smooth, pulp-free, beverage. This doesn’t look milky at all. 

Taste – Ah! Amul Tru Lychee smells like Indian summers which are full of fresh, ruby red, pulp lychees. The taste is very fresh and has an intense litchi flavor which comes close to what the natural fruit tastes like. Thankfully the flavor doesn’t feel synthetic. Litchi or lychees have a very sweet, sugary taste which can get too much for someone who isn’t a fan, but the Amul Tru Lychee has a lovely balance of sweetness. If you’re a lychee fan, give this one a try!

Quick Review Of Amul Tru Dairy-Based Drink – Orange Flavor

Amul Tru Juice Orange
Amul Tru Juice - Orange Flavor

Ingredients – Milk solids. Sugar, Orange fruit preparation (3%), Citric acid, Permitted stabilisers. 

Appearance and consistency – Just like the lychee variation, this doesn’t look milky. The Amul Tru Orange flavor is a deep, tangy-orange in color. The consistency matches that of a non-pulpy, packaged juice. Unlike most orange-flavored juices, this wasn’t too thick. 

Taste – When we review orange-based beverages we look for a balanced sweet-tangy flavor. Another thing we look for is the natural citrusy punch in juice. The Amul Tru Juice comes close to freshly squeezed orange juice (just without the pulp). The sweetness, tanginess, and fresh citrus flavors were all in harmony. This made for a very tasty orange-flavored beverage.


Amul Tru Juice
Amul Tru Juice Review

Amul has added a fun product to its range of beverages. From caffeinated to immunity-boosting drinks, Amul has now launched Amul Tru which adds a fruity twist to a dairy-based drink. When we poured and tasted the two Amul Tru variants, there was no milky taste to it. Even though milk solids are the first ingredient mentioned on the pack, this beverage was not milky to look at or in taste. In fact, these were so smooth to drink, that most front row seaters in the juice-section might have some competition. The smooth, semi-thick consistency of the Amul Tru Juice is appreciable. Both Amul Tru Juice flavors tasted delicious and we think these will be loved by kids who enjoy fruit juices occasionally. Since the nutritional labels are an essential part of our reviews, there were a few questions in terms of the ingredients. The Amul website too didn’t provide the needed answers.

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