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foodstrong sprouted moong instant chilla mix review

Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant Chilla Mix Review – Healthy & Nutritious

We reviewed Foodstrong’s Sprouted Moong Instant chilla mix and found a HEALTHY and SAVORY breakfast staple. Find out what we liked best about this protein-rich mix.

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5 / 5


Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant chilla mix is something you should try if youu2019re trying to eat healthier without compromising on taste. The fact that this is super convenient and has a clean ingredient list is a cherry on top. Warning - you may get addicted.

Over the years, protein has been titled the supreme macronutrient. Higher satiety, slower digestion, this is rightly called the ‘building’ block of human bodies. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, the choices of adding protein to breakfast are substantially limited- a bowl of overnight protein oats or protein pancakes, or a protein shake. A common aspect of these protein-rich breakfast items is the primary flavor profile- sweet. 

For days you crave something savory but still need to squeeze in some protein, Foodstrong has an exciting new launch. Offered as a year-ender launch during Christmas in 2021, this instant mix is made of sprouted moong and whole grains. 

In our Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant chilla mix review, we discuss everything from ingredients to protein content and more.

Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant Dosa Mix – Everything You Need To Know

foodstrong sprouted moong instant chilla mix
This dosa mix is packed in semi-transparent pouches.

All you need to know about Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant dosa mix is discussed here. 

1. Packaging

We ordered three packs of the Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Dosa/Chilla Mix. All three pouches were individually wrapped in bubble wrap. This powdered mix is packed in a semi-transparent resealable pouch which allows you to store the mix easily.

Inside the pack is a scoop which is very convenient to measure out the mix and water. 

2. Main Ingredients 

Sprouted moong flour, Jowar flour, Rice flour, Curd powder, and Spice blends are the ingredients used to prepare this mix. 

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There are no added flavors or preservatives.

3. Method of Preparation

A 1:1 proportion of the instant mix and water is to be added to achieve a dosa batter-like consistency. For us it took a little bit more than that. The batter is easy to prepare and mixes seamlessly. Full points for the easy instructions. 

Once the batter is lump-free, pour a ladleful on a preheated pan and flip when bubbles appear on one side. Cook both sides until crispy and golden, and serve hot.

4. Texture 

Made using whole grain flours, do the chillas have a grainy texture, or is the texture and mouthfeel similar to that of a rice flour-based dosa?

5. Taste

This instant chilla mix has a flavor label ‘Chilly Chat’. Does the taste justify this tag? The seasoning, chili level, and the flavor of the sprouted moong – how well does it all come together? 

Can this be savored without additional dips/sauces? Which chutneys or dips would be best paired with its flavor profile? 

6. Best Enjoyed With

Mishry recommends pairing these chillas/dosas with pudina chutney or peanut tomato chutney, a salsa, ketchup, schezwan dip, flavored mayonnaise, or even a bowl of yogurt. As the chili quotient might be a bit higher for some, this when paired with a mild chutney/sauce would be perfect. 

7. Nutritional Information

The entire 150-gram pack offers 524 Kcal, 22 grams of protein, 102 grams of carbohydrates, and 3 grams of fat. 

8. Price

A set of three chilla mix packs (120 grams x 3) is priced at Rs 360/-. 

Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant Chilla Mix – Detailed Review

Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant Dosa Mix Product Details
Net Quantity 150 grams x 3
Price Rs 360
Calories 349 Kcal (per 100 grams)
Shelf Life Six months from manufacture


This sprouted moong chilla mix is a cream-colored powder with a few green-colored specs. It has a semi-fine texture. The pouch is resealable which makes storage convenient. The pack mentions this dosa mix is made from sprouted green moong and millets. 

What makes sprouted green moong ‘healthy’?

Sprouted or soaked lentils/pulses/grains/nuts are relatively easier to digest. As the outer cover becomes softer, our digestive systems require minimal effort for the complete digestion and assimilation of nutrients as compared to consuming them raw/unsoaked. 

Foodstrong says this high-quality protein dosa mix is packed with minerals like potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, and zinc. Rich in fiber and easy to digest, this enhances metabolism. 

As mentioned on the pack, we added equal parts (1 cup) of the dosa mix and water to a large bowl and stirred until a lump-free batter consistency was achieved. This emitted a chatpata masaledar aroma. On a heated non-stick pan, we added half a teaspoon of oil followed by a ladleful of Foodstrong sprouted moong instant dosa batter. In around 30 seconds, the edges started to brown and the center looked semi-cooked. This is when we flipped to cook the other side. It takes less than a minute to cook one chilla/dosa to perfection. That said, the time may vary based on the flame, quantity, and consistency of batter poured, and the cookware you use. 

Post-cooking, visually this had a vibrant green appearance. The taste and texture were bang-on! These had crisped up well from the edges while the center retained a spongy fluffiness. The ‘Chilly Chat’ promise hits the mark, these chillas are a lip-smacking blend of spicy and savory flavors. In addition to the already nutrient-dense ingredients that go in the making, these chillas do not soak up much oil, which adds to the list of aspects we liked. 

These are light in the sense they are ‘light’ on the tummy but the fiber and protein content make these a wholesome and satiating breakfast/snack option. 

Mishry Recommends- If you’ve got a few extra minutes to spare, we recommend adding chopped veggies like onions, tomatoes, and some greens like coriander leaves to enhance the appearance and texture! You can even add some grated paneer or tofu.

foodstrong instant chilla mix in a bowl
This has a natural-looking green hue.
closer look at foodstrong instant chilla mix
Here's a closer look at the dry premix.
foodstrong instant chilla mix batter
Converting the dry mix to a flowy batter.
foodstrong instant chilla mix batter in a bowl
Lump-free and ready to cook!
foodstrong chilla mix cooking process
We used a non-stick pan for cooking the chillas.
foodstrong chilla cooking process
Cooked to perfection!
foodstrong sprouted moong chilla ready
The chillas served hot!
closer look at cooked foodstrong chilla
Fluffy center, crisp edges.
overview of foodstrong sprouted moong instant chilla mix review
Wrapping up...


  • A set of three 150-gram pouches is priced at Rs 360/-.
  • They have a shelf life of six months from the date of manufacture.
  • Main Ingredients – Sprouted moong flour, Jowar flour, Rice flour, Curd powder, and Spice blends
  • No artificial colors.
  • No preservatives.
  • This is gluten-free.


  • The dosas/chillas are easy to prepare making this a beginner-friendly product.
  • The dosas have a remarkable texture.
  • ‘Chilly Chat’ flavor is showcased well.
  • This makes for a protein and fiber-rich meal which is also gluten-free.
  • We can say it tasted exactly like a bowl of homemade sprout-chana chat minus the crunchy veggie bits of course. 


  • The brand does not mention the quantity of ingredients used. 

Best Suited For

Need something healthy AND tasty, that is also fairly convenient to prepare? We recommend trying Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant chilla mix. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant dosa mix.

1. Are chillas made from this instant mix healthy?

Yes, these are prepared with whole grains and sprouted moong and are devoid of preservatives and additives. This is also gluten-free.

2. Is this instant chilla mix made out of sprouted green moong?

Yes. Along with sprouted green moong, it has rice and jowar flour too.

3. How many chillas can you make with a 150 g pack of this dosa mix?

The pack mentions you can prepare approximately 10-12 dosas/chillas. But going by our experience, it won’t be possible unless the chilla size is small and is extremely thin.

4. Which is the best pair for moong dal dosa?

Adrak chai or a dip of choice would go well with these fibrous chillas. 

5. How to retain the freshness of the pack after unpacking

These instant mix is packed in a resealable pouch. You must store it in a cool and dry place. 

Final Words

We had a positive experience with Foodstrong Sprouted Moong Instant chilla mix. These are fairly easy to prepare, super filling, and are truly healthy. 

The seasoning is commendable and you wouldn’t miss your dips/chutneys. That said, the chili might feel a bit over the top for some. To lessen the blow a bit, we recommend pairing this with a mild chutney. 

Have you tried products from Foodstrong yet? If yes, let us know about your experience in the comment section below. 

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