Yoga Pulp Fruit Juices: #FirstImpressions

Yoga Pulp Fruit Juices: #FirstImpressions

With the goodness of aloe vera juice, Yoga Pulp’s range of fruit juices aims to be a perfect addition to your healthy diet. We tried 5 flavors and here are our top picks.

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Drinking fruit juices along with the pulp is a great way of looking after your health. Now imagine adding the goodness of Aloe Vera pulp to the mix, making it even better. Yoga Pulp has a range of fruit-based drinks, that are made with a combination of aloe vera pulp and fruity flavors. Imagine mango, kiwi, strawberry, guava and pomegranate juice with aloe vera pulp. We were intrigued too and decided to check some of the flavors out. 12% volume of each bottle of this drink from Yoga Pulp contains aloe vera juice with pulp, making it a good source of the benefits associated with the consumption of aloe vera. But how do they taste? We, here at Mishry, got hold of a few flavors in order to help you make a well-informed decision about this new product.


Things To Note


  1. These products contain added nature-identical flavoring.
  2. Each bottle contains about 12% of aloe vera juices with the pulp.
  3. A single 200ml bottle of these beverages can provide you with 105.6Kcal.
  4. It is best consumed within 9 months from its manufacturing date.
  5. Each of these juices contains cane sugar.


#FirstImpressions Of Yoga Pulp Fruit Juices With Aloe Vera Pulp And Juice

Though these juices are present in numerous flavors, we managed to get ourselves some of its best variants.


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1. Guava

Drinking just a sip of this drink will give you a feel of its ingredients at once. The fruity guava taste is most predominant, along with the cane sugar-like sweetness; the after-taste has a hint of aloe vera that perfectly blends in with the fruity taste of guava.


2. Mango

This mango drink would prove to be a good beverage for the summertime. It is pulpy, refreshing, and is loaded with that particular kind of sweetness that mangos are famous for. The cane sugar adds well to the taste, but the taste of aloe vera, which is clearly present in the guava flavor, is easily suppressed here by the sweetness of the mango flavor. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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3. 7 Fruit Juice (Mixed Fruit Juice)

The seven fruits namely apple, guava, banana, orange, peach, mango, litchi, and pineapple, all combine in order to make this sweet pulpy beverage filled with the goodness of aloe vera. This one tastest fresh and is not oversweet.


4. Strawberry

Surprisingly, the taste of aloe vera doesn’t blend well with that of strawberry. Though strawberry itself is sweet, when mixed with aloe vera and cane sugar, the juice’s doesn’t taste very good. We wouldn’t spend money buying this flavor again.


5. Kiwi

Not everyone likes kiwi fruit, we get that. But the juice ‘looks’ more like kiwi juice than tastes like one. It’s perfectly kiwi-green in color, but taste-wise its very far from it. A little bland and hint of sourness makes it a very non-descript tasting juice.

Everything considered the guava flavor is the best amongst the ones we tasted. The 7 fruit flavor is refreshing too. Both work well thanks to the perfect blend of sweet fruity taste that suppresses the bitter taste of aloe vera.

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