Stirred Cocktail Mix: #FirstImpressions
#FirstImpressions Of &Stirred Cocktail Mix

Stirred Cocktail Mix: #FirstImpressions

&Stirred offers a range of cocktail mixes where all you need to do is add water, ice and the alcohol of your choice. And just like that, you have your bloody mary, mojito, cosmopolitan, and even a margarita ready.

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If you are looking for a simple way to make cocktails and mocktails this festive season for home-parties, then &Stirred might have the answer for you. &Stirred offers a range of cocktail mixes where all you need to do is add water, ice and the alcohol of your choice. And just like that, you have your bloody mary, mojito, cosmopolitan, and even a margarita ready, all in a matter of a few minutes and without the hassle of muddling, shaking or stirring! Currently, the &Stirred range offers classic cocktails. With the festive season on, if you are in the mood to bring good-old cocktails back into your party menu, here’s a look at how our experience of making these DIY cocktails was.


This year, at Mishry we are looking at reasonable gifting & festive specials that you can even buy in bigger numbers, or add to customized hampers to bring a festive appeal to your home-parties and dining. Our recommendations are authentic; as always. We experience (try/fry/taste) the products ourselves, at our review lab, before making any recommendations to you.


Quick Things To Note About These Cocktail Mixes


  1. Each packet makes one cocktail and is good for one serving.
  2. These are pre-mixed flavors, so all you need is water/alcohol and ice.
  3. The cocktails taste best when served chilled.


& Stirred Cocktail Mix, pack of 4

Cocktails are the life-line of the party, and now you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home.


#FirstImpressions Of &Stirred Cocktail Mix

The Variants Of &Stirred Cocktail Mix

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1. Bloody Mary

A classic cocktail with a well-suited combination of tomato, black pepper, lemon, and salt, all of which goes very well with vodka.

This cocktail can best be described as ‘delicious’. The flavors are just spot on. The Bloody Mary is not an easy cocktail to make. Some of the best bartenders can get the balance of sour to spicey wrong. Not here. This is a really convenient way to enjoy this cocktail if you are a fan of this tomato juice-based classic. We tried it both with and without alcohol, and the virgin version (don’t mind the tongue-twister) works equally well.


&Stirred Cocktail Mix


2. Mojito

A classic combination of lemon, mint, and sugar, all of which could make a flavorful mocktail or a white rum-based cocktail.

This one, in complete contrast to our experience of the bloody mary, didn’t work as much for us. Both with and without the white rum, the flavors just don’t come close to a freshly made glass of mojito. Perhaps it needs fresh mint and lime, by itself the drink does not seem a good replacement for a bartender-made mojito.


&Stirred Cocktail Mix



3. Margarita

Known to be quite tasteful when mixed with tequila, this cocktail mix claims to have a perfect percentage of lemon, dash of orange and sugar, that gives it that authentic margarita taste.


&Stirred Cocktail Mix

A well-balanced cocktail and all Margherita fans will enjoy this at house-parties. This would be our second-best recommendation from the entire range.


4. Cosmopolitan

A classic blend of cranberries, lemon and a dash of orange, best served with vodka.

The Cosmopolitan mix by &Stirred works better as a cocktail than a mocktail. You need the vodka to cut through the sweetness, else the drink becomes too sugary. However, with the addition of vodka, the balance is back and it becomes a good party drink.


&Stirred Cocktail Mix

The advantage of a product like &Stirred Cocktail Mixes is that it allows you to have a lovely range of cocktails and mocktails without bringing a bartender home. These are really quick to rustle, and priced cheaper than what it would cost you to hire a bartender for a night. Even for a small gathering of 4-6 people, these would work well when you want some variety in the drinks menu.

Good and innovative product for the festive season.




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