Maaza Gold: Is It A Delicious Mango Drink? #FirstImpressions
first impressions of maaza gold

Maaza Gold: Is It A Delicious Mango Drink? #FirstImpressions

Maaza, in India, is synonymous with the very spirit of mangoes. Maaza Gold aims to provide the consumers with a thicker, creamier Mango-ey experience.

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With its new gold mango drink, Maaza claims to offer a smoother and richer Maaza taste. As one of India’s oldest mango beverages, Maaza is a consumer favorite mango drink that is supposed to be made with the help of hand-picked mangoes. Maaza Gold claims to have a more smooth mango-ey experience like no other. Here is our first impression of this extremely indulgent drink.


Salient Features Of Maaza Gold



  1. It contains no added preservatives.
  2. Made with the choicest mangoes grown in India.
  3. It contains mango pulp.
  4. Tastes best when chilled.
  5. It has a shelf life of 6 months.



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Maaza Gold  (1 L)

Maaza Gold is an immersive and indulgent mango experience, crafted from mango pulp and the choicest mangoes grown in India.

MRP: Rs 120*

*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpressions Of Maaza Gold

Maaza Gold is thicker, creamier Maaza. If you love Maaza, you will love Maaza Gold more. We found it to be a perfect replacement for Maaza in the lives of those who are looking to upgrade their Maaza-love. It is creamier and thicker, making it a more decadent, luscious drink in the summer and autumn months.

The taste is just like good old Maaza, we like the fact that it’s not cloyingly sweet. The sweetness level is quite well-balanced.

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Maaza Gold would make for a good option to serve to guests at home.


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