Nutty Gritties’s Dry-Fruit Box Set of 7: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of nutty gritties dry fruit box

Nutty Gritties’s Dry-Fruit Box Set of 7: #FirstImpressions

An assorted box of dry fruit mixes is a perfect gift for the festive season. Check out our first impression of Nutty Gritties dry fruit box and see if this is the one.

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If you are looking for a product, that’ll be a perfect example for gourmet gifting, then this box of Nutty Gritties might make it to your list of choices. Made with a collection of premium dry fruits, this new assorted box by Nutty Gritties contains jumbo roasted almonds, cashew nuts, barbeque almonds, and pepper cashew amongst other travel-size packs. Other additions to the box include Thai chili flavored almonds, a dry-roasted mixture of cashews and peanuts, a spicy trail mix, and a dry fruits blend. Let’s take a look at our first impression of this assorted dry-fruit box.

This year, at Mishry we are looking at reasonable gifting & festive specials that you can even buy in bigger numbers, or add to customized hampers to bring a festive appeal to your dining. Our recommendations are authentic; as always, we experience (try/fry/taste) the products ourselves, at our review lab, before making any recommendations to you.

Quick Facts About Nutty Gritties Assorted Dry-Fruit Box

Brief detail about the Nutty Gritties assorted Dry Fruit boxes.

Sr No.



1. M.R.P 425 INR
2.  Dry Fruit Mixes Flavor 7
3.  Features Jumbo Sized Almonds
4. Contains
  • Premium Quality Dry Fruits (no chips and scratches)
  • Mangalorean Cashews
  • Crackling Ground Pepper
  • Californian Cranberries
  • Figs
5. Transfat Zero
6. Cholesterol Zero

*As per information on the pack

nutty gritties on the go dry fruits box set
Assorted dry-fruit set that contains 7 different flavors of dry fruit mixes.

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#FirstImpressions Of Nutty Gritties Assorted Dry-Fruit Box

You will find multiple variants inside the box. The seven different flavors of dry fruits mixes.

1. Southern Pepper Cashew Nuts

Jumbo-sized Mangalorean cashew nuts dry roasted and served with a seasoning made up of crackling ground pepper and salt.

nutty gritties southern pepper cashew nuts
Nutty Gritties Southern Pepper Cashew Nuts

It is priced at 50 INR. A pack of 200 grams of southern pepper cashew nuts package is what you get in this dry fruit container set. It features jumbo-sized cashews, fresh and crunchy, handpicked from Mangalore.

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2. Thai Chilli Blend

A mix containing cashew nuts from South India and Californian Almonds, both large size and seasoned with Thai chili powder and salt, and a few peanuts are also added for their nutty flavor.

nutty grittie’s thai chilli blend
Nutty Gritties Thai Chilli Blend

These Thai chilli blended cashews and almonds are available at the price of 50 INR for 200 grams. It contains jumbo sized, fresh and crunchy almonds and cashews handpicked from California and Mangalore.

3. Jumbo Roasted Cashew Nuts

Jumbo Mangalorean cashews dry roasted and served in a packet that has zero trans fat and cholesterol altogether.

nutty grittie’s roasted cashews
Nutty Gritties Roasted Cashews

Mangalorean cashew nuts roasted with no oil and lightly salted. This pack is available at the price of 40 INR each. One pack of roasted cashews is about 18 grams, a pack of 4 is available.

4. Jumbo Roasted Almonds

Dry roasted to perfection, these handpicked Californian jumbo almonds are lightly salted and processed in a hygienic environment.

nutty grittie’s roasted almonds
Nutty Gritties Roasted Almonds

Jumbo roasted and lightly salted almonds are handpicked from California. A pack of 10 containing 21 grams each is available. The price of one pack is 40 INR.

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5. Spicy Trail Mix

A flavorful mixture of almonds, sweet apple candy, cranberries, and black raisins. These are then seasoned with a special mix of masala and mixed alongside pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

nutty grittie’s spicy trail mix
Nutty Gritties Spicy Trail Mix

This product comprises a mix of berries, peanuts, and dry fruits. This trail mix is available at the price of 75 INR each. A pack of 5 containing 30 grams each is available.

6. Barbeque Almonds

Handpicked jumbo-sized Californian almonds mixed well with barbecue spices to produce a rather exotic taste in your mouth. A pack contains 200 grams of barbeque almonds.

nutty grittie’s barbeque almonds
Nutty Gritties Barbeque Almonds

7. Dry Fruit Blend

A mix of almonds, walnuts, and cranberries that is both crunchy and sweet. It contains a variety of dry fruits that are handpicked in a proper hygienic facility.

nutty gritties dry fruits blend
Nutty Gritties Dry Fruits Blend

Except for the Spicy Trail Mix, we liked all the variants of this Gourmet Gifting Box. The Spicy Trail Mix has a masala mix, that is similar to a popular 2-min noodles masala, and just doesn’t work. Given that the overall quality of the dry fruits and nuts used is so good, we wonder why the trail mix needed to be flavored like a ‘namkeen‘. The combination seems like a complete mismatch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have answered a few interesting FAQs about Nutty Grittiess dry fruit box set.

1. Which container is best to store dry fruits? 

Store dry fruits in an airtight container to keep them fresh for a longer time. Along with it, store them in a cool and dry place.

2. How do you keep dried fruit fresh for a long time?

To keep your dried fruit fresh, store them in a glass container with an airtight lid. Keep the jar or container in a dry and cool place.

3. Can we store dry fruits in plastic containers?

Seal the dry fruits properly away from the moisture in a ziplock bag or silicone containers. Place them in an airtight plastic container.

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Final Words

Other than that, the collection has interesting flavors and a large variety of nuts, seeds, and dry fruits that would be enjoyed by those who love healthy munching.

You can tell that good quality nuts have been used across all variants. The cashews and almonds used are of large and of premium quality.

pepper cashew nuts
Good quality nuts have been used across all variants.

We like that each of the 7 packs of this dry fruit set comes in its own individual packaging, allowing you to open one at a time. Each pack is also just right for a single snack serving. In fact, this box would be good to tackle 7 day’s worth of 5 pm hunger pangs.

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