Sunfeast’s Dark Fantasy Yumfills Cake: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of sunfeast chocolate yumfills cake

Sunfeast’s Dark Fantasy Yumfills Cake: #FirstImpressions

Sunfeast’s dark fantasy range of products is known for its quality of chocolaty goodness, let’s see it its yumfills choco pies satisfy our craving for a soft cake covered with choco and loaded with cream.

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Made from recipes crafted by ITC Master Chefs, the Yumfills cake in the Sunfeast’s Dark Fantasy range aims to provide a deliciously soft chocolate treat to its consumers. Chocolate pies have been a part of every chocolate lover’s dream, for they combine their chocolaty goodness with soft cake-like insides that blend together perfectly. Here is our first-impression of Dark Fantasy’s Yumfills Cake to see if it covers all the appropriate ratings of a perfectly balanced choco-pie.


Quick Facts About SunFeast Dark Fantasy’s Yumfills Cake

*As per information on the pack

  1. Enrobed with rich choco cream.
  2. It has a dollop of marshmallow at its center.
  3. A single 138g pack contains 6 pies.
  4. Each cake is packed in separate convenient packets, which are perfect for traveling.
  5. It contains both natural flavoring substances and nature-identical flavoring substances.


SunFeast Dark Fantasy’s Yumfills Cake 414 gms

A soft cake filled with delicious cream and covered with the choco layer.

MRP: Rs 60*

*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpressions Of Sunfeast’s Dark Fantasy Yumfills Cake  

SunFeast Dark Fantasy’s Yumfills Cake didn’t wow us with its taste.

Choco-pies are, typically filled with marshmallows in the center between layers of cake which are chocolate-coated. The combination of these 3 distinct flavors and textures makes choco-pie the unputdownable snack it is.

SunFeast Dark Fantasy’s Yumfills Cake: Mishry Review

SunFeast Dark Fantasy’s Yumfills Cake does well on many counts. The marshmallow layer, though thin, is quite tasty. The chocolate outside is rich and dark – much like the Dark Fantasy cookies from Sunfeast. We like the size of each cookie, just right to satisfy the sweet tooth.

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SunFeast Dark Fantasy’s Yumfills Cake

The only thing that we feel can be improved is the cake layer – which seems a bit dry and crumbly. If it wasn’t for this, the choco pie would taste even better, we think.

Overall, a good occasional snack for those who like a quick sweet bite on the go.




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