Nesplus Multigrain Breakfast Cereals: #FirstImpressions

Nesplus Multigrain Breakfast Cereals: #FirstImpressions

The new range of breakfast cereal from Nestle called Nesplus has been introduced with multiple types and flavors. There are granola, flakes, fillows and more to pick from. We tried 5 and this is what we experienced.

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Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, and it is quite important for you to consume an adequate amount of nutrition first thing in the morning to help you start your day with an energy kick. Nestle, with its new range of breakfast cereals under the banner of Nesplus, which are filled with the goodness of multi-grains, claims to achieve just that.

However, all claims are just claims until proven, so we grabbed some of the Nesplus cereals and decided to taste them out ourselves.

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Things To Note About Nesplus Breakfast Cereals

  1. It is a great source of calcium and vitamin D, thus making it quite beneficial for enhancing bone structure.
  2. It contains an adequate amount of folic acid or vitamin B.
  3. Loaded with the goodness of multigrain such as wheat, oats, millet, and jowar.
  4. It contains absolutely no artificial colors.
  5. No artificial flavoring.
  6. It is quite rich in fiber, which makes it an appropriate breakfast cereal that can keep you feeling full for a long time.

Though these Nesplus breakfast cereals come in various forms, we tasted 5 few which are mentioned below.

#FirstImpressions Of NesPlus Breakfast Cereals

1. Choco-Burst Multigrain Fillows

This is our most liked flavor. The Choco-burst fillows is a cereal filled with chocolate at the center which, as claimed, retains its crunch even after being immersed in warm milk. We enjoyed it more in cold milk, though. The balance in flavor is just right, its crunchy and as the pieces break and start to mix with the milk, it becomes more delicious.

nesplus multigrain chocolate burst fillows
NesPlus Multigrain Chocolate Burst Fillows

NesPlus Multigrain Chocolate Burst Fillows, 500g

A cereal filled with bitter-sweet choco cream.

2. Strawberry-Burst Multigrain Fillows

Just like its predecessor, it is a strawberry cream centered cereal with the goodness of whole-grains. This is sweeter as compared to choco-burst, but equally fresh tasting. The strawberry flavor is just right, not sugary or diluted.

nesplus multigrain strawberry burst fillows
NesPlus Multigrain Strawberry Burst Fillows

NesPlus Multigrain Strawberry Burst Fillows, 500g

Cereals fellied with the fruity strawberry cream.

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3. Choco Krunch Multigrain Kokos

Containing the bitter-sweet taste of cocoa with a hint of caramel these cereals claim to be both chocolaty and crunchy after getting drowned in milk. Super-crunchy and tastes very good with warm milk.

nesplus multigrain choco kruch kokos
NesPlus Multigrain Choco Kruch Kokos

NesPlus Multigrain Choco Kruch Kokos, 350g

The taste of cocoa with the goodness of whole-grain.

4. Nutty Honey Multigrain Granola

Apart from all the goodness of multigrain, this variant of Nesplus breakfast cereal also contains almonds and raisins with a hint of honey. And the best part of this cereal is that it can be enjoyed with yogurt and milk. Even though this isn’t our most favorite flavor, Nutty Honey will be enjoyed by those who like yogurt topped with granola as a midday snack.

nesplus multigrain granola nutty honey
NesPlus Multigrain Granola, Nutty Honey

NesPlus Multigrain Granola, Nutty Honey, 475g

The multigrain goodness alongside alomds.

5. Chocolate Caramel Multigrain Granola

Laced with the bitter-sweet cocoa along with the sweetening caramel this breakfast cereal can be consumed best alongside milk as well as yogurt. With cold milk, this one would be best enjoyed with some fresh fruits.

nesplus multigrain granola chocolate caramel
NesPlus Multigrain Granola, Chocolate Caramel

NesPlus Multigrain Granola, Chocolate Caramel, 115g

The goodness of granola with a hint of chocolate.

The Nesplus range has a wide variety of breakfast cereals. The ‘fillows’ with a strawberry or chocolate filled center was liked by us the most. These are crunchy and absolutely delicious.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! If you don’t, please tell us why! And, which one is your favorite from this list.

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