Hershey’s Flavoured Milkshakes: #FirstImpressions
hershey’s milkshakes variants

Hershey’s Flavoured Milkshakes: #FirstImpressions

Hershey’s has a range of flavors in the ready-to-drink milkshake segment, we picked the most popular variants – almond, strawberry, chocolate, and cookies n creme – and gave them a try.

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Fruit, nuts, vanilla, and classic chocolate. Hershey’s milkshakes are Hershey’s chocolate bars in liquid form. Taste, consistency, or price- we got no complaints!

When it comes to brands that do chocolates, Hershey’s is undoubtedly one of the most loved brands by all chocolate lovers out there. M&M and Kisses are only two stars from Hershey’s long product list that are known all across the world. Apart from chocolate syrups and sauces in a variety of flavors, Hershey’s has also been dabbling in the flavored milk category. 

The milkshake market has been growing steadily, with many people finding such products of value. Kids, or those who want a quick milk boost often turn to tetra-pack milkshakes for a quick snack. Hershey’s has a range of flavors in this range. For our Hershey’s milkshakes first impressions, we tried some classic flavors. Team Mishry’s Hershey’s milkshakes review talks about the strawberry, almond, chocolate, and cookies n creme flavors.

Hershey’s Milkshakes – Quick Facts

Hershey’s milkshakes are fortified with calcium and vitamins. Following are some more details about these Vitamin D-rich milkshakes. 

  1. It contains added flavor-natural identical flavoring substances.
  2. The total trans-fat content is not more than 0.1% by weight.
  3. Total saturated fat content is not more than 0.5% by weight.
  4. Each 200ml serving contains about 158.6 Kcal.
Parameters Hershey’s Almond Milkshake Hershey’s Strawberry Milkshake Hershey’s Chocolate Milkshake Hershey’s Cookies n Creme Milkshake
Available Sizes 180 ml tetra packs 180 ml tetra packs 180 ml tetra packs 180 ml tetra packs
Price INR 35 INR 35 INR 35 INR 35
Shelf Life 270 days from manufacture 270 days from manufacture 270 days from manufacture 270 days from manufacture

#FirstImpressions Of Hershey’s Flavored Milkshakes

From chocolates and syrups to milkshakes, safe to say Hershey’s taste and quality remain consistent. Whether you prefer something fruity, nutty, crunchy, or a classic like chocolate- there is one Hershey’s milkshake variant for us all!

Hershey’s milkshakes are fortified with calcium and vitamin D. They also provide 30% more calcium as compared to cow’s milk! In our Hershey’s milkshakes first impressions, we discuss everything from taste and consistency to price and packaging. Are these milkshakes overly sweet? Do they justify the flavor labels?

#1 Hershey’s MilkShake Almond Flavour

Almonds and milk- these are natural flavor partners. A distinct nutty flavor of almonds was noticed in this variant of Hershey’s milkshake. 

Although the targeted market segment of Hershey’s Almond milkshake is the 6 to 12-year-olds, this variant is more likely to be relished by teenagers, young adults. (We loved it too!)

Almond nuttiness, milk creaminess, and a punch of sweetness- chilled or at room temperature, this is yum!

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  • Hershey’s milkshakes are available in 180 ml tetra packs.
  • We could taste the bold almond flavor. Thumbs up!
  • This almond milkshake was a bit on the sweeter side, but we didn’t mind that. 

#2 Hershey’s MilkShake Strawberry Flavour

Strawberry is one such fruit that pairs beautifully with milk, be it a milkshake, flavored Greek yogurt, or ice cream.

Hershey’s Strawberry milkshake is sweet just like the Almond variant. However, the strawberry flavor feels much richer and stronger. We are pretty sure strawberry fans would delightfully sip on this.


  • Hershey’s Strawberry milkshake has a shelf life of three months.
  • The strawberry variant from Hershey’s milkshakes tastes pretty good.
  • The milk to strawberry to sugar ratio was spot-on!

#3 Hershey’s MilkShake Chocolate Flavour

Chocolate milkshakes are loved by kids and adults, alike. Warm and topped with marshmallows, a big spritz of whipped cream, or chilled and refreshing like a post-workout shake, chocolate milkshakes are an unbeatable combination. 

With 30% more calcium, Hershey’s chocolate milkshake feels quite rich in terms of milk thickness. Following are some more details. 


  • The cocoa to sugar balance is remarkable.
  • Hershey’s Chocolate milkshake has a thick, toned milk-like consistency.
  • We noticed a chocolatey coating on our palates.
  • This milkshake tastes like a signature Hershey’s chocolate bar!

#4 Hershey’s Milkshake Cookies N Creme Flavour

Hershey’s Cookies n creme milkshake was undoubtedly a childhood dream come true. Tiny cookie crumbs and a classic vanilla ice-cream taste, Hershey’s Cookies n Creme shake feels light on the palate.


  • Vanilla flavor has been added to this Hershey’s milkshake variant.
  • Vitamins like A, B1, B2, D, and E are part of this milkshake.
  • The cookies n creme variant has a thinner consistency than other milkshakes of this range. 
  • An adequate amount of sugar has been used.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Hershey’s milkshakes.

1. What is the price of Hershey’s Milkshake?

A 180 ml tetra pack of Hershey’s milkshake is priced at INR 35.

2. Is Hershey’s Milkshake good for health?

One tetra pack contains around 20 grams of added sugars. 

That being said, the vitamin and mineral profile of Hershey’s milkshakes are relatively better as compared to other dairy-based packaged products. 

3. How many calories are in Hershey’s Strawberry Milkshake?

The 180 ml tetra pack provides 150-165 kcal.

4. How many flavors are in Hershey’s Milkshake?

Hershey’s milkshakes are available in four classic flavors. These are- chocolate, strawberry, almond, and cookies n creme.

Final Words

Slurp! Our Hershey’s milkshakes review was a nostalgic one. The excitement of being handed a Hershey’s chocolate bar was relived during this review.

No flavor we tried disappointed. That being said, Hershey’s chocolate and strawberry flavors were our Top Picks (yes, we have two this time!)

Strawberry lovers will love the strawberry variant and there is the chocolate variant for chocolate lovers. 

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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