Cocosutra’s Crunchy Tropical Sunshine Granola: #FirstImpressions

Cocosutra’s Crunchy Tropical Sunshine Granola: #FirstImpressions

Packed with more than 14 superfoods, the new Tropical Flavor of Granola by Cocosutra claims to deliver a healthy dose of nutrients and taste.

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Made from all-natural rolled oats, seeds, nuts, and sweetened with the right intent, granola has made its mark as a great breakfast item that is healthy as well as tasty. Cocosutra is also one of the topmost manufactures of granola that produces 100% natural products that are loaded with super-foods. The addition of tropical fruits in the mix aims at giving this mix a very unique and lively taste.


Here Is What The Packet Says About The Product


What’s In It?


  1. It is quite high in fiber and can be effective as a breakfast-time meal, for it’ll keep your stomach filled for a longer period of time.
  2. There is 0% of cholesterol content in this packet.
  3. Thanks to the super-foods present in it, apart from fiber, it is also a great source of protein and iron.
  4. There are no added artificial preservatives.
  5. No trans fat (bad fats).


first impressions of cocosutra's crunchy tropical granola

Cocosutra Granola Crunchy Tropical Sunshine, Breakfast Cereal

A crunchy treat with the goodness of oats and loaded with fiber and protein.


#FirstImpressions Of The Crunchy Tropical Sunshine Granola By Cocosutra

The first thing we typically look for in breakfast cereals is how much sugar they have. This is because, despite all the health benefits of granolas and mueslis, it is the hidden sugars in these that usually tip the scales in the opposite direction. This pack of breakfast granola has 10.5 gm of Added Sugar, in addition to 8.5 gm of Natural Sugars, and yet it doesn’t taste very sweet. This is not necessarily a bad thing because you don’t want a sugary granola first thing in the morning.

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Taste-wise: The granola is crunchy and so are the bits of almonds generously added. There is a slight aftertaste, especially contributed from flax seeds, which are also visible in fairly decent amounts throughout the mix. We didn’t enjoy the candied bits of Papaya much, though the chunks of Pineapple do work. The mix also contains Tocopherol – a natural preservative and source of Vitamin E – which keeps rancidity away and keeps the granola fresh.


What Is The Best Time To Eat Granola?

Since granola is quite rich not only in nutrients such as protein and fiber but also sugar, its consumption must be carefully managed. Listed below are some of the best occasions at which you can consume a bowlful of granola and maximize its beneficial capacities.


  1. First thing in the morning along with milk or yogurt.
  2. Before or after a workout, as it works as an energy booster.

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