Shunya Zero Calorie Herbal Drinks: #FirstImpressions

Shunya Zero Calorie Herbal Drinks: #FirstImpressions

In addition to four potent Ayurvedic herbs, these drinks comprise of a rich vitamin and mineral content, with absolutely zero calories.

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The new herbally sweetened drinks called Shunya have become the talk of the market. Containing the perfect balance of minerals and vitamins along with 4 super herbs, these herbal infused drinks are the perfect blend of Ayurveda packed inside a bottle. The addition of herbs such as ashwagandha, khus, brahmi, and kokum do help in increasing the beneficial factor for this drink’s consumption.


Interesting Facts About Shunya Herbal Infused Drinks


  1. A single bottle of Shunya herbal infused drink is loaded with vitamins and contains about 50% of its daily required value.
  2. It also has about 20% of your daily requirement for minerals, which makes it a great source for acquiring them.
  3. As the name suggests, Shunya, which in Hindi means zero, contains zero calories and artificial sweeteners.
  4. Thanks to its rich vitamin content, it has a great potential to increase the concentration of anti-oxidant bodies in your system.


Shunya Herbal Infused Drink Variants

This herbal drink is commonly distributed in three different flavors namely apple, orange, and mixed fruit. However, for our first impression, we have tested only the apple and the orange flavors.


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1. Shunya Herbal Infused: Apple Flavor

An apple flavored drink is already quite high on energy, and further blending of the drink with ayurvedic herbs makes it a great source of nutrients apart from being sweet and refreshing.


Shunya Herbal Infusion Drink – Apple

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A refreshing drink along with the sweet taste of apples


2. Shunya Herbal Infused: Orange Flavor

This orange-flavored drink, though containing absolutely 0% of fruit or fruit pulp, has all the properties of an orange. It’s tangy and refreshing and though its taste didn’t appeal to us, it is the health factor of this drink that sufficiently covers for it.

Shunya Herbal Infusion Drink – Orange

A tangy twist with the goodness of ayurveda

There are other things that you must consider before indulging yourself in a glassful of this healthy ayurvedic beverage. For example, the ayurvedic herbs present in the drink can have laxative effects, thus it is advised for you to drink it in a limited fashion.

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