MTR Badam Drink: #FirstImpression

MTR Badam Drink: #FirstImpression

The badam drinks by MTR, which are loaded with real bits of almonds, have become quite popular. Made using toned milk, it has low-fat content, and contain no added preservatives.

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Filled with real bits of badam, this range of ready-made badam drinks by MTR is full of flavor. Containing chunks of badam, the drinks come in two different flavors. The first a classic badam flavor, containing saffron, and the second is a chocolate and cocoa infused drink. Both these variants are delicious and contain added sugar. A single 180ml (single can) serving of this drink can provide you about 180Kcal, which could surely give you a perfect boost of energy.


Things To Note About MTR’s New Badam Drinks


  1. This drink contains real bits of badam, which includes nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates.
  2. It contains absolutely no artificial coloring or flavors.
  3. Mostly comprising of toned milk, it has a very low-fat content, which is quite beneficial.
  4. There are absolutely no added preservatives.
  5. Maltodextrin is added to the mix in order to make it thick.


#FirstImpressions Of MTR Badam Drink

There are two variant of this drink, and as mentioned below, you’ll find out about what we think of each of them.


1. Badam Drink (Classic Flavor)

This flavor is a real tasty treat and is a perfect mixture of almonds, saffron, and cinnamon. It reminds you of traditional badam-based drinks made at homes across the country. It is thick and the 180ml can is convenient to carry. Tastes best when chilled. Its a delicious beverage for any time of the year.


MTR Badam Drink Tin, 180ml

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Infused with saffron and cinnamon, this drink packs a traditional punch that’ll leave you wanting for more.

2. Badam Drink (Chocolate Flavor)

This cocoa infused badam drink will surely help you rejuvenate your mind, just like it did for us. This thick mix of cocoa and badam brings together two very different ingredients and ends up being quite tasty. Though it might not be in the same league as the other variant, it still tastes good. It is not very sweet and a deep chocolatey flavor.


MTR Badam Drink – Chocolate, 180ml Tin

Containing cocoa in each sip, this drink will never let your energy drop down.

In short, we liked both of these flavors. As a drink full of nutrients and free of any additive, the badam drink by MTR has what it takes to be considered as a health drink.

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