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farmveda chutney podi review

Farmveda Chutney Podi Review: A Lip-Smacking And Tangy Relish

Adding lip-smacking flavors made easier than ever by Farmveda Chutney Podi.

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Free of preservatives and added colors, Farmveda chutney podi is a super-easy way to add exciting flavors to snacks and meals. We loved the taste, texture, and convenience it offers!

Podi, more commonly known as ‘gun powder’ is one of South India’s true heroes. A blend of chana dal, urad dal, peanuts, dried coconut, sugar, curry leaves, and the star- dried red chilies- all ground together make this exceptional condiment. Since freshly ground spices taste relatively better and have a fresher aroma, we naturally prefer homemade versions than store-bought, don’t we?

But what if we told you a packaged Podi tastes fresh AND authentic? Sounds too good to be true? We thought so too until our Farmveda Chutney Podi review. But will the brand’s ‘just like grandmother’s taste’ claim come through?

Farmveda Chutney Podi – Everything You Need To Know

Here’s all you need to know about the Farmveda Chutney Podi.

1. Packaging

This instant chutney podi powder is sealed in 100-gram pouches. 

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2. Ingredients

Urad dal, chana dal, asafoetida, curry leaves, red chilli, tamarind concentrate, salt, sugar, malic acid, and vegetable oil are the ingredients used to make this podi.

3. Taste

Podi/gun powder is loved for the spice and heat it adds to rather plain-tasting meals like idli and dosa. This signature spice kick was beautifully brought on by Farmveda’s podi. 

This was laced with an ever-so-subtle sweetness and was tied together with a punch of tangy flavors. 

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We also liked how the vegetable oil used did not taste stale or industrial. 

4. Aroma

Imagine the aroma of roasted flour combined with that of a curry leaf tempering. This is exactly that!

Primarily the aroma is nutty, followed by a prominent whiff of asafoetida and curry leaves. 

5. Texture

This podi powder is supposed to be mixed into ghee and relished with idlis/dosa. We checked the texture in two stages, dry and wet.

In the dry stage, the powder was quite coarse, it wasn’t a finely ground blend. This coarseness, coming from the ground dals, adds a nice bite.

We mixed it in some melted ghee, and WOW! It seamlessly turned into a chutney-like consistency and the best part? The dal crunch remained unchanged. 

6. Appearance

The dried, ground red chilies were the most visible ingredient in terms of appearance. Overall, this had a deep brown-maroon color.

7. Shelf Life

Farmveda Ready To Eat Chutney Podi has a shelf life of nine months.

Farmveda Ready To Eat Chutney Podi  – Detailed Review

farmveda chutney podi review process
We tasted the podi powder dry with idlis.

This section of the review discusses our experience with this RTE podi chutney, the dishes we tried and tasted this with, what we liked, disliked, and more. 


Farmveda Chutney Podi Product Details
Ingredients Urad dal, chana dal, asafoetida, curry leaves, red chilli, tamarind concentrate, salt, sugar, malic acid, and vegetable oil.
Net Quantity 100 grams
Price Rs 50/-
Shelf Life Nine months from packaging


Farmveda chutney Podi is packed in a very simple pouch that mentions how the brand is owned by the farmers of India. A bowl of this powder and the raw ingredients used are also depicted on the pack. Since it is not resealable, it is best to store the powder in an air-tight container if you plan to use it in smaller quantities. 

Right as we opened the pack, we whiffed a heart-warming nutty aroma. The aroma of tempered curry leaves was also noticed. We then placed the contents in a bowl to mix it in ghee, as suggested by the brand. At this stage, we visually reviewed the RTE Podi. It had a deep reddish-brown appearance. 

This chutney powder was not 100% finely ground, and we are not complaining. It is a coarse mix of southern staple ingredients and spices that don’t feel rough or undesirable in any way. Thumbs up for the texture!

We tasted the powder raw (dry) and then mixed in some ghee. It was lip-smacking in the dry as well as once combined with ghee. Primarily, it packs a lot of spice! Great for adding heat to dishes like idlis, dosas, if you plan on eating them without sambar and coconut chutney. In addition to this spice, there’s also some sweetness and some tanginess coming from the tamarind concentrate. All in all, it is a marvelous blend of flavors and textures. 

We tried this with suji idlis we prepared during our Best Sooji Brands In India review. This adds a delicious flavor with a nice crunch from the dal bits. 

closer look at farmveda chutney podi in a bowl
This powder is a coarse mix of ground and dried red chillies and two dals.
farmveda podi on idli
Mixed in ghee and spread over some suji idlis.


  • Farmveda Chutney Podi price is Rs 50 per 100 grams.
  • It has a shelf life of nine months.
  • This is made using urad dal, chana dal, asafoetida, curry leaves, red chillies, etc. 
  • This preservative-free powder is free of added colors or GMOs.


  • This RTE chutney powder is a very convenient way to add flavors to dal/sabzis.
  • Dry and mixed in ghee, this has a lip-smacking taste.
  • Spicy, sweet, tangy- this packs a punch of flavors in a bite.
  • We liked the crunchy dal bits. 
  • Farmveda chutney podi tastes similar to a fresh homemade podi. 

Best Suited For

Farmveda chutney podi is a super versatile powder. Though it is a staple of South Indian states, it uplifts the taste of a plethora of dishes. Mix in ghee and you can serve it with idlis, dosas, aloo parathas, upma, etc. 

Alternatively, you can add the powder to a homemade sabzi/dal for a new twist of flavors. 

The brand also recommends mixing some of this powder in a bowl of yogurt for a flavorful yogurt dip. Try this with crunchy snacks like khakras and mathris. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Farmveda chutney podi.

1. Is the podi healthy?

Podi is primarily made of dal that is a decent source of complex carbohydrates and proteins. Typically eaten with ghee, this is a flavorful way to incorporate ghee into your diet if you don’t like its taste.

However, if your spice tolerance is on the lower side, you may want to avoid this. 

2. Does this podi contain any preservatives?

No, Farmveda podi is free of preservatives. 

3. Can this podi be consumed by children under 8 years of age?

It is preservative-free and made of quality ingredients but it is always recommended to consult a pediatrician/certified nutritionist. 

4. Is this chutney a vegan product?

By itself, this is a vegan product. But when mixed with ghee it is not.

5. What goes well with this chutney podi?

Idli, dosa, upma, mixed into dal/sabzis, there are plenty of ways of using this chutney podi. 

Final Words

Mmmmhmmm, Farmveda chutney podi clearly left us wanting more! This RTE chutney podi shows a great balance between spices and showcases a homestyle flavor. Team Mishry gives Farmveda Chutney Podi a big thumbs up!

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