Electric Vegetable Chopper Review - Mishry (2023)
electric vegetable cutter slicer chopper review

This Viral Handheld Electric Vegetable Chopper Fails To Impress (2024)

This electric vegetable chopper that has created a storm on the internet was a big letdown. More on our disappointment in this review.

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
2 / 5


This electric vegetable chopper is great to look at, but when it comes to usability, it has tons of room for improvement.

Generations change and so do the preferred modes of cooking, chopping and prepping. From choolah to an induction, from cooking fresh meals to weekly meal preps for convenience, our consumption patterns have seen a tremendous change over the decades. 

Of these processes, the most time-consuming one is easily chopping veggies. From manual choppers to electric ones, here’s a new entrant in the market that has received lots of love and appreciation on social media platforms. 

This electric vegetable chopper review highlights our experience over days of usage, with an extensive range of ingredients. 

Should you buy this? 

The following table lists all information you need to know.

Electric Vegetable Chopper Product Details
Price Rs 699/-
Material Plastic and stainless steel
  • Jars
  • Cover
  • Blades
  • USB cable
  • Plastic insert
  • Handheld chopper
Mishry Rating  2.5
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Our Review Factors

What were we looking for in this electric vegetable cutter slicer chopper?

We rated this kitchen tool based on its design and performance. 

Would it fit both traditional and modern kitchen spaces? How was the overall operation?

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1. Design

How is this kitchen tool designed? Is it handy, portable? Does the handle have a comfortable grip? Is this electric chopper easy to move or is it too bulky? Is assembling and dismantling easy? What about adding veggies or other ingredients, is the tube/container large enough? Sharpness of blades, quality of material, comfort and ease are all covered under this parameter.  

Finally, we gauged the design in terms of the cleaning process.

2. Performance 

How efficiently does this tool perform with a variety of ingredients? Does the motor generate too much noise or was it barely noticeable? What about the blades, are they sharp enough to chop through harder veggies? Uniformity of sliced and chopped veggies? 

Or is this just meant for smaller, softer ingredients?

3. Other Parameters 

The price, packaging, appearance, and overall convenience was gauged here.

Electric Vegetable Cutter – Detailed Review

Price, Packaging, Parts

Although there is no MRP provided on the box, we bought this electric vegetable chopper for ₹699/- With a plastic body and stainless steel blades, this chopper and its components come packed in a green carton.

The parts included are the handheld chopper, two plastic jars (a feeding port and a transparent cup), a slicer cutter head, a cover that fits the jar with the opening, a pressing bar to squeeze down veggies, and an USB cable (type C).

PS- the manual has a QR code. You can scan the code to watch the assembling video. 

Material + Net Weight

The body is made of plastic and the blades are stainless steel. 

How we tested

To give readers a detailed insight of this ‘hammer’ chopper, we chopped several veggies like carrots, chillies, coriander, ginger, spring onions, among others to test the performance and efficiency.

electric vegetable cutter slicer chopper packing
It comes in this green carton.
electric chopper parts
These are the various attachments and parts the chopper comes with.
electric chopper jar
Jars that hold the chopper/sliced veggies.
electric vegetable cutter slicer chopper usage
A brief explanation.

Our Experience 


Before beginning the review process, we let the electric chopper charge for a little over 30 minutes. There is no indication that denotes ‘charging’, ‘fully charged’, or ‘low battery’. Before we could finish chopping two of the ingredients, the battery ran out and we had to pause the review, recharge the chopper.

In regards to the design and construction, this gets a thumbs up. It is a sturdy chopper with a fairly comfortable grip. Even the space from the button to the handle has been well thought of. The charger port has a flap rubber cover to enhance safety.

As mentioned above, we tested ingredients like carrots, ginger, and coriander. Due to the massive amount of positive experiences with green chillies and spring onion online, we added these two to the list as well. 

With carrots, we had a mixed experience. These worked well in the slicer but there were quite some large pieces that seemed to get stuck between blades. As for the chopper attachment, this was a big thumbs down. 

Coriander was a no-show with the slicer attachment. But when it came to the chopper attachment, it took approximately 30 seconds for a fine chop that could be used as a garnish on curries. 

We had a completely opposite experience with ginger. Here, the chopper attachment was a flop. In the slicer attachment, we got some thin slices but the pieces were flying out of jar. To fix this, we tried using the plastic insert which slowed down the motion of the slicer, thus bringing down the overall convenience.

Next, we had green chillies. We tested these with the slicer attachment. There were some longer, diagonal cuts, and other smaller chops. This was relatively better than other ingredients, but still not uniform.

Our experience with spring onions was BLEAK. Sure, the stem and the bulb were chopped but it was uneven, rough, and not really ideal for usage. When using it for the slicer attachment, there was only the juice of onions and stems getting collected in the jar below. 

Cleaning the device was almost effortless. We’d advice to ALWAYS let the parts dry before storing them.

To sum it up, the blades are sharp but when it comes to movement, they don’t run fast enough. Medium to large-sized pieces of the veggies were constantly getting stuck between blades. And whatever the end result was, was not uniform.

The whole point of this chopper being convenient and helping reduce time and effort was invalidated. 

electric vegetable cutter slicer chopper size
This is quite comfortable to hold.
electric vegetable cutter slicer chopper results
The finished product did not really look pleasing.
Design- 3/5
Performance- 2/5
  • Unique product
  • Portable
  • Well designed
  • Sharp blades
  • Below average performance
  • Takes up more time than saving

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on electric vegetable cutter slicer chopper.

The jars may be dishwasher-safe, but the blades and handheld tool must be washed manually. 

Yes, it is quite lightweight and easily movable. 

During our testing, harder vegetables worked better in a slicer than a chopper (like carrots). The chopping mechanism does not produce uniform results.

It has a rechargeable battery, and the overall construction seems sturdy. Durability can only be tested over time.

Not really. Our experience does not let us believe that this was worth a buy. 

Final Words

That’s a wrap on this electric vegetable chopper review. The things that worked for us were the construction, and the idea behind this product. 

However, there were a lot of aspects that didn’t work- like the movement and speed of blades, the versatility, the battery life, etc.

How this became an internet sensation, is a question we seek answers for. We do not recommend this, but would you be intrigued to try?

Please note that when we review appliances and utensils in our test kitchen, we ensure to keep using the product even after the official review process is over. In case we have any new updates and fresh insights, we update the article.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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