Best Peri Peri Masala Brands in India - Mishry (2023)
peri peri masala

Which Is The Best Peri Peri Masala in India? Let’s Find Out! (2024)

Of the five brands we tried, Catch Peri Peri aced the game in terms of flavor, price, packaging, and more.

I am savory, but spicy too.

Garlicky with a hint of tang.

All wrapped up with a tinge of sweetness at the very end.

Who am I?

It’s Peri Peri masala!

From fries to salads, marinades to gravies, Peri Peri masala is a widely used condiment these days. There are options as extensive as its versatility. Mishry tried the most commonly available Peri Peri Masala powder to find the pick of the bunch.

Why did we pick Catch as the unrivalled choice? Details down below. 

The following table holds essential information on each of the contenders. 

Peri Peri Masala Mishry Rating Buy Now
Catch 4.5 On Amazon
Wingreens Farms 3.5 On Amazon
Keya 3 On Amazon
Snapin 3 On Amazon
Orika 2.75 On Amazon
peri peri masala contenders

Our Review Factors

This section explains why flavor and potency were the primary parameters in our Peri Peri Spice mix review. We also took into account the price, packaging, quality of ingredients, among other non-tasting factors. 

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1. Flavor

Peri peri masala is spicy, tangy, salty, garlicy with a tinge of sweetness. In our review, we gauged which brand delivers this characteristic flavor profile like no other.

2. Potency 

Potency highlights the depth of flavor and indirectly speaks of whether or not the product is worth the price and would prove to be cost effective in the long run.

We used the same quantities of fries and seasoning mix to arrive at an unbiased conclusion.

3. Other Parameters

The price per gram, the packaging (sachet, pouch, sprinkler), ingredients (quality and quantity), were some other parameters we observed and recorded. The type of packaging also affected the overall convenience.

Peri Peri Masala Brands – Detailed Review

How did we review?

  • We deep fried 100 gms of frozen potato fries and sprinkled 1/2 Tbsp of the peri peri seasoning on top. The quantities remained the same for all brands. 
  • Shake, shake, shake! Taste.

Our detailed experience with each contender has been explained in this section. 

peri peri masala appearance
A look at the contenders.

1. Catch Peri Peri Sprinkler – Mishry Top Pick

Our Experience

In terms of aroma, Catch Peri Peri Sprinkler smelled fresh and herby. The garlic warmth and sharpness of chilli could also be identified.

Visually, this was a blend of orange and red hues. This wasn’t a smooth or fine spice blend. It had varying textures, and felt grainy. This elevated the bite of the fries too. When we tasted this with McCain French Fries, the seasoning stuck well to the fries, which meant each bite was flavorful. 

Coming to the taste, this had the most robust and fresh flavor. It is a desirable blend of spicy, tangy, savory, and sweet flavors. 

Not just fries, Catch Peri Peri Sprinkler will pair beautifully with instant noodles, in sandwich stuffings, marinations, and oddly even on top of a fruit salad.

peri peri masala catch
Catch Peri Peri was rightly our Top Pick.

Product Features

The Peri Peri masala is offered in a sprinkler bottle that has a rotatable dispenser. It holds 90 grams of the product and is priced at Rs 99/-. This has a one year shelf life and the main ingredients are Chillies and capsicum whole, Iodised salt, Dehydrated garlic whole, Plantation white sugar, Dried onion, Pepper black whole, tamarind powder, Herbs, Instant dry yeast, Citric acid INS 330, Silicon Dioxide INS 551, Disodium  5 ribonucleotides INS 635, Spice oleoresins, Monosodium glutamate (INS621), Refined sunflower oil, Nature identical flavoring substances (lemon).

Flavor- 4.5/5
Potency- 4.5/5
  • Robust aroma
  • Interesting texture
  • Fresh, rounded flavors
  • Convenient packaging

From your sandwiches to cold pasta, marinades to fruit salads, if you’re looking for a Peri Peri Masala, we’d recommend the one by Catch. 

2. Wingreens Farms Spice Rack Peri Peri Mix

Our Experience

As compared to our Top Pick, Wingreens had a deeper red hue. The principle reason why Wingreens did not win first place was its potency. The flavor was fairly decent. It had a prominent chilli heat, bold smokiness, and was well-rounded. But we needed to add a large quantity (almost 1.5 x of Catch) to be able to properly taste the flavors. 

Another draw back, the salt. Though flavorful otherwise, the salt level was slight low and you may to need add some from your pantry. 

peri peri masala wingreens
This was a decent product but with some room for improvement.

Product Features

This comes in a premium-looking tin pack that has three compartments on the lid. One is for sprinkling, another for pouring, and the third one to take some out with a spoon. This container holds 50 grams of the seasoning and is priced at Rs 125/- with a nine-month shelf life. 

The main ingredients are Rock salt, Dehydrated vegetable powder (garlic, onion), Tamarind powder, Spices and condiments (Red chilli 7%, Black pepper, Cumin), Sugar, Dehydrated herbs (Oregano, Parsley), Thickener (INS 1442), Anticaking agent (INS551), Soy sauce powder (Wheat, Soy), Acidity regulator (INS330), Edible vegetable oil (soyabean)

It also contains added flavors (natural and nature identical flavoring substances) 

Flavor- 4/5
Potency- 3/5
  • Strong chilli flavor
  • Unique and convenient packaging
  • Low potency
  • Lacks an ideal quantity of salt

If you prefer a high-on-spice, low-salt Peri Peri mix, you should go for Wingreens Farms Spice Rack Peri Peri mix.

3. Keya Piri Piri Spice mix

Our Experience

Keya Piri Piri spice mix had all characteristic flavors (salt, spice, tang, and sweet) but in certainly different proportions. The sweetness that typically hits as the aftertaste is mild. But in case of Keya Piri Piri Spice mix, the sweetness was stronger. Even the essential components like garlic and tamarind were noticeable but fabled. 

To add to this, the potency was nothing too remarkable. 

peri peri masala keya
This brand of Peri Peri masala was too sweet.

Product Features

The packaging is fairly similar to the above contender with three variants of sprinklers on the lid. A 80-gram container is priced at Rs 109/- with a shelf life of a year.

The main ingredients are Mixed spices and herbs (Chilli, black pepper, oregano, parsley), Iodised salt, Sugar, Dehydrated vegetables (garlic, onion), Sugar, Tamarind powder, Acidity regulator (E330), Contains added flavors (natural and nature identical flavoring substances – Lime)

Flavor- 3/5
Potency- 3/5
  • Convenient packaging
  • Quite sweet
  • Essential flavor profiles missing
  • Average potency

4. Snapin Piri-Piri Mix

Our Experience

Snapin Piri Piri mix did not secure a place on the podium for one simple reason. This tasted more like chilli powder than Peri Peri seasoning. It was LOADED with the peppery heat that even after sprinkling some over fries, we could not stop coughing and sneezing.

Yes, Peri Peri mix is inherently spicy, but here the spice quotient was not from red chillies, but black pepper. The pepper was too high and ruined the overall flavor. 

peri peri masala snapin
The sachet packaging was quite convenient.

Product Features

Snapin Piri Piri comes in a sachet packing. It holds 12 grams of product and is priced at Rs 10/- with a 12-month shelf life. The main ingredients are Garlic, Onion, Chilli, Black pepper, Parsley, Oregano, tamarind, Citric acid, Sugar, Salt, Starch, Flavor enhancer (E627, E631), Anticaking agent (E551, E552)

Flavor- 3/5
Potency- 3/5
  • Overpowering flavor of pepper
  • Unremarkable potency

5. Orika Peri Peri Seasoning

Our Experience

We experienced the complete opposite of the above variant with Orika Peri Peri Seasoning. Here, the sweetness was overpowering. The salt could use a lot of improvement but the spice and tanginess were completely missing. 

peri peri masala orika
The zip lock pouch makes storage easy.

Product Features

Orika Peri Peri seasoning is packed in an olive green pouch with a zip lock. It holds 75 grams of product and is priced at Rs 89/- This has a shelf life of 12 months. 

Iodised salt (32%), Spices and herbs (Chillies and capsicum, garlic, onion, black pepper, celery, parsley), Cornstarch, Sugar, Acidity regulators (INS 330, INS 296), HVP (Soya), Seedless tamarind, Rice bran oil, Anti Caking agent (INS 551), Spice extract, Flavor enhancers (INS627, INS 631), permitted natural colors (160c), Added natural and nature identical flavoring substances are all the ingredients used. 

Flavor- 2.5/5
Potency- 3/5
  • Too sweet to be called Peri Peri masala
  • No spice or tang.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Why did we choose Catch Peri Peri Masala as our Top Pick? Without a doubt, we crowned Catch Peri Peri Sprinkler as our Top Pick. It’s got the perfect balance of flavors, and the texture was appreciable. The packaging is an added plus. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on peri peri spice mix.

Since seasonings and condiments are used in miniscule quantities, they do not have a significant impact on health. However, we recommend monitoring the consumption.

No, our Top Pick Catch Peri Peri sprinkler has a well-rounded flavor profile. 

No, but it contains additives like INS 330, INS 635 that act as acidity regulators and flavor enhancers.

Yes, peri peri masala is a vegetarian product.

Yes, definitely. You can also use this over fruit salads, in sandwich fillings and marinades too.

Final Words

Catch Peri Peri Sprinkler is so full of flavors that we could add it over any and everything. The balanced flavor profile, the texture, but most importantly the packaging- all aspects were remarkable. 

What is your preferred seasoning, Peri Peri or some other staple? 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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