Dr. Oetker Funfoods Milk Shake Mixes Review- Mishry
funfoods milk shake mixes review

Dr. Oetker Funfoods Milk Shake Mixes Review- Cold Coffee, Kesar Pista & Badam Elaichi

Milkshake mixes are convenient and add a whole lot of deliciousness to a plain glass of milk. We tried three variants of milkshake mixes by Funfoods. Here is our experience.

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
3 / 5


We tried three variants of FunFoods milk shake mixes and liked only one. It was refreshing, had crunchy almond bits, and was spot-on sweet! These ratings are only for Badam Elaichi.

Relaxing afternoons, all fun no work- those unforgettable summer vacations! Reminiscent of these long-awaited holidays, there’s almost no alternative to a tall glass of sweet, thick, and refreshing milkshake. 

What makes this even better are milkshake mixes. The pros? You wouldn’t need to gather twenty different ingredients, measure them, add crushed nuts, and whatnot. Simple and convenient, at Mishry we’re always looking for such products in the F&B space. 

From decadent choco lava cakes and brownies to delectable spreads, FunFoods is one of the first brands that comes to mind when we talk about convenience. Here is our FunFoods milk shake mixes review, where we tried and tested reviewed three of the seven available variants and here’s what we think.

Funfoods Milk Shake Mixes – Everything You Need To Know

funfoods mix reviewed variants
The powdered mixes come in PET jars.

FunFoods milk shake mixes are offered in seven variants. Here are some more details on price, packaging, and other aspects.

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1. Available Flavours

These milk shake mixes are available in- 

  • Kesar Pista
  • Badam Elaichi
  • Cold Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry
  • Butterscotch
  • Vanilla

2. Available Sizes

All variants are offered in PET jars holding 200 grams of the product. 

3. Price Range

Dr Oetker Funfoods milk shake mix price is Rs 99 for a 200-gram jar. 

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Funfoods Milk Shake Mixes – Our Review Factors

We reviewed the FunFood milk shake mixes on the following parameters. 

1. Packaging

Sachets or pouches? If jars, PET, or glass? How conveniently are these milk shake mixes packed?

funfoods seal packed
There is an easy-peel seal.

2. Ingredients

The quality and proportion of ingredients used holds prime significance. Since this product is targeted at the younger audience, is it fit for regular consumption?

3. Flavor

Are these mixes adequately sweet? Could we taste the flavoring agents like saffron, almonds, and pistachios? If yes, did these nuts taste fresh or had they turned rancid?Was adding the recommended quantity of powdered mix to milk enough? Was it enough to showcase the said flavoring?

4. Consistency

Though milkshakes taste best when they are rich and creamy, the consistency of a milkshake made using a milk shake mix would depend on the type of milk used. Full cream milk would yield a thicker milkshake, whereas toned milk would give a lighter milkshake. Does the powder change the consistency of the milkshake in any way? 

5. Refreshing Factor

In addition to the temperature, sweetness plays a vital role in the refreshing factor. How did Funfoods milk shake mixes fare?

Funfoods Milk Shake Mixes – Detailed Review

This comparison table highlights the price, quantity, shelf life, and calories of the three variants we tried. 


Parameters Badam Elaichi Cold Coffee Kesar Pista
Price Rs 99 Rs 99 Rs 99
Net Quantity 200 g 200 g 200 g
Calories 408.8 kcal 387.5 kcal 404.9 kcal
Shelf Life Six months  Six months  Six months 


1. Badam Elaichi

Taste- 3/5
Consistency- 2/5

Offered in PET jars, Funfoods milk shake mix is powdered. 

The badam elaichi variant had a creamy white appearance. As we opened the lid, we got a mild aroma of cardamom. 

This dry powder has a coarse texture and we could see bits of almonds too. The brand recommends adding 2 tablespoons of the milk shake mix to 200 ml of milk. We halved the proportion and added one tablespoon of the mix to 100 ml of toned milk. 

Just like the dry stage, the cardamom aroma was delicate when mixed in milk too. In terms of taste, the sweetness was fairly balanced. The almond bits hadn’t turned soggy, the crunch was intact and they tasted very fresh! Thumbs up from our Team. 

funfoods badam elaichi milk shake mix contents in a bowl
This had a chalky white appearance.
funfoods badam elaichi milk shake in a glass
Badam Elaichi after mixing in toned milk.
funfoods milk shake mix badam elaichi review
Overview of Badam Elaichi's taste test and preparation.


  • One jar holds 200 grams of the milk shake mix.
  • It has a shelf life of six months.
  • Main ingredients- sugar, almonds (8%), milk solids, edible starch, cardamom powder (0.2%)
  • This variant provides 408.8 kcal per 100 grams. 


  • This mixed fairly easily with milk.
  • We found the sweetness to be balanced.
  • The almond bits were fresh and CRUNCHY!

Best Suited For

Looking for a nutty crunch in your glass of milk? This FunFoods variant is just that with a hint of cardamom. 

2. Cold Coffee

Taste- 2/5
Consistency- 2.5/5

The cold coffee variant is packed similarly. This was a deep brown colored powder. True to the name, this had a prominent coffee aroma.

For reviewing this variant, we added half a cup of ice cubes, 100 ml Amul toned milk and two tablespoons of this coffee milkshake powder. After a few blitzes, we began the taste test. 

While serving the coffee milkshake, we gauged its consistency and found it to be thicker than the first. Taste-wise, this mix is very bold. Be it the flavor of coffee or the level of sugar, both were overpowering. 

funfoods cold coffee mix chilled delight contents
This is a fine powder.
funfoods cold coffee milkshake in a glass
Look at the froth!
funfoods cold coffee milkshake mix review
Love a sugary coffee? This is for you!


  • The net weight and shelf life are the same as above.
  • It offers 387.5 kcal per 100 g.
  • Main ingredients- Sugar, coffee powder (12%), and edible starch.


  • This is very convenient to prepare. 
  • The consistency is quite decent.


  • This may be excessively sweet for some individuals.

Best Suited For

Like coffee with milk and dessert-like sweetness? This could be a good option to try. 

3. Kesar Pista

Taste- 2.5/5
Consistency- 2/5

The packaging and labeling are just like the other two variants we tried. Results of the first stage of our review- a yellow hue, light kesari aroma, and green bits of pistachios. 

To prepare the milkshake, we added a tablespoon of the mix to 100 ml of milk. 

The consistency seemed very diluted but we strongly recommend using full cream/full-fat milk to make a richer milkshake. This sweetness was high in this milkshake, but not to the point that it was unbearable. Since our experience with Badam Elaichi was superb, we had similar hopes with this variant. When we bit into the pistachio bits, they felt soft and soggy and the taste was completely rancid. 

funfoods kesar pista milk shake mix contents in a bowl
This had a mild amber hue.
funfoods kesar pista milk shake in a glass
You can see some pistachio bits.
funfoods kesar pista milk shake mix review
Overview of Funfoods Kesar Pista milk shake mix review.
closer look at pista in kesar pista milk shake mix
The nut bits were soggy and rancid.


  • A 200-gram jar is priced at Rs 99.
  • It has a shelf life of six months.
  • Main ingredients- sugar, pistachios (8%), milk solids, edible starch, beet root extract, saffron (0.1%)


  • The packaging was very secure.
  • The labels are easy to read and informative. 


  • This had a very watered-down consistency.
  • The pista bits had a rancid taste.
  • These bits were very dry and aged and had no bite to them.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

funfoods milk shake mix review
A fine one, others nutty, here are the variants we reviewed.

Out of the three we tried, the collective favorite was Badam Elaichi. The sweetness was balanced and the badam and elaichi flavors were in sync too, no one flavor was overpowering the other. Bonus- the crunch almond bits!

Cold coffee was way too sweet and kesar pista tasted rancid. 

Final Words

funfoods milk shakes ready
Once mixed in milk.

Convenience? Yes! Creaminess? Maybe. A better alternative to carbonated beverages? Definitely!

FunFoods milk shake powders aren’t exceptional but we recommend trying the Badam Elaichi variant. This scored pretty well on all parameters, unlike the two other variants. 

Which is your go-to milkshake flavor?

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Funfoods milk shake mixes

1. Do these milkshakes contain additional sweeteners?

Yes, they are sweetened using sugar.

2. Do these milkshakes contain preservatives?

No, these are free of preservatives.

3. How to store these milkshakes after unpacking?

It is recommended to store them in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. 

4. Can these milkshakes be given to children under 6 years of age?

These milk shake mixes are meant for the younger audience. 

5. What is the shelf life of these milkshakes?

These milk shake mixes have a shelf life of six months.

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