Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Bake Mix Brownie Review

Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Bake Mix Brownie Review

Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Bake Mix – Brownie is eggless and easy to make. Let’s find out if the taste is up to the mark.

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One of the most popular comfort foods in the world is a thick square of soft brownie. Fudgy, gooey or chewy – brownies are enjoyed in many ways and can easily be on the list of the most loved chocolate desserts. If you love a batch of warm homemade brownies but are not sure how to make them, instant mixes are here to your rescue. Many Indian and international brands have flooded the market with brownie instant mixes. We reviewed the Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Bake Mix Brownie and here is our #FirstImpression.


Did you know that the largest brownie ever made weighed a whopping 106.2 kilograms. It was made by a bakery in Alabama, USA in 2013.


What You Need To Know About Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Bake Mix Brownie

*As per information on the pack


  • It is a vegetarian product.
  • One box of the brownie mix makes around 10 pieces.
  • 100 grams of this brownie mix provides 383 Kcal of energy.


Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Bake Mix Brownie

The sweetness and chocolaty flavor of these brownies are apt for hungry youngsters, active children, and sporty teenagers.

MRP – Rs 99/- for a 250-gram box

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Bake Mix Brownie

The brownie mix comes in a brown box. It is priced at Rs 99/- for a 250-gram box.

To make the batter: We followed the instructions given on the pack to prepare the batter. The batter came out smooth and had a nice dark chocolate color to it. Taste-wise, the batter was a little over-sweet and the chocolaty aroma wasn’t overpowering. We oiled the pan with refined oil and icing sugar and also added walnuts in the batter (as suggested). We baked the brownies as per the instructions given.

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Dr. Oetker Fun Foods Bake Mix Brownie – Making of the batter


Ready to go into the oven!

After cooking the brownies: The texture of the brownies was a bit crumbly, and it felt more like a cake than a brownie. The top crackle layer on top that is associated with brownies was thick and crisp. The walnuts we added became nice and toasty.


Flavor-wise, it is quite good. It might feel a tad bit too sweet for some, but for people who love their cakes and desserts on the sweeter side, it’s perfect. Many brownie and cake premixes have an eggy smell, which thankfully this doesn’t have.

Overall, this is a tasty mix good for a home with growing kids and active children.


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