The Tastiest Jam Biscuits Review | Britannia Vs Parle

The Tastiest Jam Biscuits Review | Britannia Vs Parle

We take jam biscuits by Britannia and Parle to the battleground for a face-off to find out which one is yummier!

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Jam filled biscuits have been a source of smiles for thousands of children throughout the country. But let’s admit it, that joy isn’t restricted to kids alone! The gooey jam on top and the soft, sweet cream sandwiched between two crumbly cookies is probably equivalent to a day’s visit to the theme park. Indian markets have a long list of options when it comes to biscuit and cookie selections. This review is all about finding the best jam biscuits from the supermarket aisle. We chose two popular jam biscuit making companies – Parle and Britannia and compared them for their taste and texture. And after going through several packets of each of these, we can confidently say that Britannia Treat Jim Jam is the tastier Jam biscuit. The flavourful round drop of jam in the center is what makes it stand out.


Mishry Top Pick: Britannia Treat Jim Jam


Britannia Treat Jim Jam

The flavors of the jam, cream filling, and the cookie came together wonderfully.

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MRP – Rs 35/-

*Price at the time of review


Why is Britannia Treat Jim Jam our Top Pick?

The Jam – The jam in the biscuits is exactly like a strawberry jam. It is tart but sugary. The jam is very gooey and stretchy, and makes all the difference to the flavour.

The Cream – The vanilla cream in the centre is sweet and perfectly balanced.

The Cookies – The cookies hold well together and are quite crunchy. They do not break upon holding. There were fewer broken biscuits in this pack as compared to its competitor.

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The flavor of the jam improves the overall taste and the experience of eating them. Overall, the flavors of the vanilla cream, strawberry jam and the cookie are paired harmoniously.

Britannia Treat Jim Jam are a little smaller in size in comparison to the competition. They come in a pink-purple packaging.


Why Did Parle Fab! Jam-in Not Win?

Parle Fab! Jam-in comes in bright purple packaging.


Parle Fab! Jam-in

The Jam – Upon opening the pack, we could see that the jam had sort of melted and trickled to the sides of the biscuits. But that is not the really problem here. It is the flavor of the black currant jam that brings the experience down. The flavor of the blackcurrant jam is very diluted. There is just not enough flavor to turn the jam into the highlight of the cookie. The jam was not gooey, it was a bit dry. There are a lot of sugar crystals sprinkled on the jam, so your experience of eating it for the blackcurrant flavor is lost.

The Cream – The cream is vanilla flavored and is nicely balanced.

The Cookie – The cookie, unfortunately, is dry and brittle. Despite being packaged in a plastic tray, a lot of biscuits were broken.

Overall, barring the vanilla cream (which is the sweetest part), all other flavors are very weak.


Comparison Chart | Parle Fab! Jam-in Vs Britannia Treat Jim Jam


Parameters Britannia Treat Jim Jam Parle Fab! Jam-in
Price Rs 35/- Rs 35/-
Net weight 150 grams 150 grams
Energy (Kcal) 483 Kcal 462 Kcal
Jam Flavor Strawberry Blackcurrant
Cream Filling Vanilla cream Vanilla cream
The Cookie Crumbly Dry and brittle


The Review Process – Contenders, Parameters and How We Reviewed

The Contenders – We choose two popular brands that are famous for making biscuits and cookies-


  • Parle Fab! Jam-in
  • Britannia Treat Jim Jam


Britannia Vs Parle – The Tastier Jam Biscuits

The Parameters and process – For us while reviewing any food product, the taste is often the most important parameter. For these biscuits, the jams are the highlight and we wanted to see how they work in the overall product. Their sweetness, flavor and texture were all crucial.

Number two differentiator is the cookie – The flavor and texture were equally important.

For the tasting, our entire team contributed and we landed on our winner!


Results Of The Face-Off

After gauging the taste, flavor and texture of all the aspects of the cookie, we decided that Britannia Treat Jim Jam was the clear winner.


Britannia Treat Jim Jam – The flavors of the jam, cream filling, and the cookie came together wonderfully.

The jam is clearly the highlight of our Top Pick. It improves the overall taste and the experience of eating them. The vanilla cream, strawberry jam, and the cookie come together as a delicious bite every single time.

Team That Worked On This Review



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