Hood chimney vs Straight Line Chimney: Which is Better?
difference between hooded chimney and straight line chimney

Know The Difference Between Hood Chimney And Straight Line Chimney

Searching an answer for “difference between hood chimney and straight line chimney’? Read this article to know about the differences between them and different chimney filters.

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An appropriate chimney is required to keep the kitchen spick and span. It not only sucks the oil and air but also adds an aesthetic touch to your kitchen. To know which chimney is best, you need to know the difference between hood chimney versus straight line chimney.

You might wonder, “Why do I need to know the difference?” Well, that is because these are the two types available in the Indian market. So, let us see what kind of chimney you should purchase for your kitchen.

First, let us see how chimneys work.

How do chimneys work in the kitchen?

The technical name of the chimney is the extractor hood.

It consists of 3 main components:

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  • A capture panel
  • One or more grease filters
  • A fan for forced ventilation
island chimney
island chimney

Chimneys are installed right above the kitchen stovetop. When you turn the chimney, it sucks the oil, steam, and cooking odor produced during cooking. The oil collector traps the oil, and the duct throws out the odor, steam, and heat.

How to select the appropriate chimney – Hood Chimney vs Straight Line Chimney?

To know the difference between hood chimney versus straight line chimney, you need to first know about the basic features and types of chimney available in the market.

There are two types of chimneys widely used:

  1. Hood chimney
  2. Straight-line chimney

What is straight line chimney?

These are conventional chimneys and focus more on performance. Whether it is cooking odour, fumes and grease, a straight line chimney is known to keep your kitchen free from these by ventilating it with fresh air.


  • Due to its design, it makes smart use of space.
  • The baffle filter is made of stainless steel.
  • It comes with bi-rotational technology.
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What is a hood chimney?

Hood chimneys are contemporary chimneys. It performs the same as the straight line chimney but comes in various styles, colours, and materials to add an aesthetic touch to your modular kitchen. Also, it serves as a focal point of the kitchen.

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  • They have a hood or canopy.
  • It has an internal fan attached to it.
  • The fan catches fumes, steam, and smell and pumps up to the ceiling.

You might be a little clear on the difference between hood chimney and straight line chimney from these features.

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Straight Line Chimney vs Hood Chimney – In Depth Comparison

After looking into the features of each chimney, we brought to you detailed one-on-one comparisons between a straight line chimney versus a hood chimney. This comparison will let you come to a conclusion about which chimney is well suited for you based on your needs and requirements.


Straight Line Chimney

Hood Chimney

Budget Budget Friendly Expensive
Durability Low High
Type Single Multiple
Design Options Less More
Performance Low Higher

So let us start our in-depth chimney comparison between hood chimney vs straight line chimney.

1. Type

Straight-line chimneys are conventional chimneys. These chimneys are best for the homeowner who does not want to showcase the presence of a chimney in their kitchen. The hoods of this chimney are installed in such a way that it smartly uses the space. The hoods are not visible, making the kitchen look stylish.

Hood chimney comes in unique designs with a contemporary look. The hood ranges available are under cabinet hoods, wall chimney hoods, island hoods, integrated hoods, ductless hoods, and downdraft hoods.

Looking for more options on which goes best for your kitchen? Hood Chimney is for you. It comes with different designs, types, and styles that can fit anywhere as per your modular kitchen design.

Winner – Hood Chimney         

2. Features

The features of a straight-line chimney are:

  • Smart Use of Space
  • Comes with baffle filters
  • Best for small kitchens
  • Has bi–rotational technology

The hood chimney comes with these fascinating features:

  • High Airflow
  • Thermostat Control
  • Exhaust Timer
  • Different Number of Fan Speeds

3. Performance

The performance of the chimney is calculated based on the amount and time the chimney takes to ventilate the air in the kitchen. Besides this, it also depends on the heat accumulation and kitchen space.

The performance of a hood chimney is more efficient than a straight-line chimney. It has metallic blowers that ventilate air quickly. Along with that, it has high suction power.

Winner – Hood Chimney

4. Filters

There are two types of filters: cassette and baffle filter. Baffle filters are more durable than cassettes. They provide better air circulation than cassette filters.

Here we will compare the chimney based on baffle filters as cassette filters are less preferred.

Straight-line chimneys come with baffle filters. For recirculation, it also comes with carbon filters.

The Hood chimney has a filter located inside the hood. They have a baffle filter.

5. Design Options

A straight line chimney is best for a kitchen with small space. The design options for a straight line chimney are lesser as compared to a hood chimney.

While hood chimneys are well suited for modular kitchens. The hood chimney comes in different shapes, designs, and styles making it easier to choose from.

Winner – Hood Chimneys

6. Durability

Hood chimneys are more durable than straight-line chimneys. The material used in making the chimney makes it last longer. This makes it expensive, which is worth it in the long run. The materials used in this chimney are stainless steel, toughened glass, etc.

Winner – Hood Chimney

7. Budget

Straight-line chimneys are less expensive compared to the hood chimney and are cost effective.

In the hood chimney, the island hood chimney is more expensive than the other types. This is because in the island hood, the chimney is placed in the center of the kitchen above the gas stove and the hood is separated and hidden under the false ceiling.

Winner – Straight Line Chimney

Straight Line Chimney versus Hood Chimney: Ultimate Winner

Whatever chimney you buy, always buy the one which is larger than the gas stove. Based on the kitchen size, eating habits, and heat produced by the chimney, kitchen chimneys should be selected.

Hooded chimneys are expensive but are more durable and efficient than a straight-line chimney. They are best for modular kitchens and have different options based on our needs and design.

hindware auto clean chimney
Hindware Auto Clean Chimney

Now, let us move on to the chimney filters.

Baffle Filter Vs Cassette Filter

Since now you know about the difference between hood chimney versus straight line chimney, you must consider the chimney filter types before making a purchase.

Two types of filter chimney available in the Indian market are-

  1. Cassette Filter
  2. Baffle filters

To know about Cassette Filter Vs Baffle Filter, let us see what their functions are.

Functions of Cassette Filter

  • They have multiple layers of aluminium or stainless steel mesh filters.
  • The filters trap the solid particles and allow the smoke to escape.


  • Inexpensive
  • Modular design
  • Lightweight
  • Less expensive
  • Filter bags have a longer life


  • Not easy to clean
  • Filter noise

Functions of Baffle filter

  1. It is made up of multiple stainless steel curved panels.
  2. The curves in the stainless steel panel trap oil and grease particles.


  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Filter noise
  • Durability of filter


  • A little heavy
  • Expensive

Examples of Baffle Filter chimney

Undoubtedly, Baffle type chimney filters are best suitable for the Indian market. Let us see what options are available for Baffle filter chimney India.

  1. BLOWHOT push control, Baffle filter chimney for modular kitchen
  2. HINDWARE auto clean, Baffle filter chimney
  3. GLEN Pyramid, Baffle filter chimney
  4. V-Guard electric kitchen chimney with batter filter

Hood and straight line chimney examples

As a customer, you would definitely want to purchase a suitable chimney for your kitchen. For that, you need to sort out your budget and specifications. We bring you a list of the best chimneys in India. You can choose the best chimney under 15000 that suits your requirements:

  1. HINDWARE hood chimney with baffle filters is available for Rs. 13,499
  2. FABER hood chimney with baffle filters is available for Rs. 14, 490
  3. VENTAIR hood chimney with baffle filters is available for Rs. 14,990
  4. GLEN hood chimney with baffle filters is available for Rs. 14,999


It cannot be denied that you spend a considerable amount of time in your kitchen. You want your kitchen to be clean, and for that, a suitable chimney needs to be installed.

Now that you know the difference between hood chimney and straight line chimney and different chimney filters, you should be your best judge to take the decision.

This article provides you with all the information you will need to purchase the chimney according to your choice.

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