Diet Tips To Gain Weight| How To Gain Healthy Weight?
how to gain weight

Diet Tips To Gain Weight| How To Gain Healthy Weight?

Here’s a list of what to eat to gain weight. Gaining weight is not as easy as it sounds, for a healthy weight gain is linked with a much more robust and planned diet rather than a fat-filled extravagant meal.

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Contrary to common belief, gaining weight is not all that easy! As much as some people struggle to lose weight, these are those who are underweight and need to gain a few kilos, for health, energy or other personal reasons. However, gaining weight is also linked to a more healthy and active lifestyle. It isn’t just about eating more or eating unhealthy foods. To gain weight in a healthy way what matters is the consumption of a nutritious diet rather than a fat-filled meal. Gaining muscle mass and an increase in bone density are some examples of healthy weight gain, whereas accumulation of fat can lead to a rather unhealthy lifestyle and lack of energy. This is also the kind of weight gain that you may regret later and could find ahrd to get rid of. There are various aspects that you have to note before incorporating a diet that’ll give you those extra kilos. Here are all the details on how to gain weight in a healthy way:

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Important Nutrients For A Healthy Weight Gain Diet


1. Proteins

Proteins play an integral part in a diet that results in healthy weight gain. Proteins are responsible for increasing muscle mass and providing you with more strength. The required amount of protein consumption depends on your initial weight and daily calorie intake. Keep in mind that excessive protein intake may not result in increased muscle mass. A high intake of protein can result in the build-up of ketones (a by-product formed after the breakdown of protein) in your system, which is quite toxic in nature.

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2. Fibers

Just like proteins, fibers play an important role in the development of one’s body. Consumption of fiber is linked with the burning of unnecessary fat, thus lowering the unhealthy weight. Fiber is commonly referred to as the indigestible part of the food, so, when fiber-loaded food is consumed, it requires the body to exert an increased amount of effort to completely digest the food, thus resulting in using up of extra calories. This negative calorie intake leads to effective weight loss.


3. Minerals

As we have mentioned, the consumption of protein results in the formation of a toxic by-product called ketone. However, an intake of minerals such as potassium, which helps in smoothening the flow of excess water in the system, can help in the removal of these ketones along with excess water. Potassium increases the functioning of the kidneys and speeds up the purification system. Calcium is another mineral that must be part of a healthy weight-gain diet. Calcium, which is considered as the building block of bones, helps in increasing the bone density.


4. Carbohydrates

Consumption of carbohydrates for weight gain is a controversial topic, since its consumption comes with its own advantages as well as risks. Carbohydrates, when consumed, are broken down into sugar molecules, and needless to say, the excess of sugar molecules can lead to weight gain, but it is not a healthy weight gain, for an excess of carbs can lead to the accumulation of fat. However, carbohydrates are also an important source of energy, and by sufficiently increasing the energy production in the body, it can help you exercise for a longer period of time.

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Food Items For A Weight Gain Diet

If only gaining weight was as easy as it seems. There is a thin line between a healthy weight gain and an unhealthy weight gain. What you have to remember is the list of items that you can eat and what you must avoid. The type of weight gain depends on several factors such as your calorie intake, fat intake, protein consumption, and even exercising. First, let’s take a look at what all items in your diet will make you achieve your desired weight without causing any complications.

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1. Milk

There is no other more popular muscle builder than milk and all of its other derivatives. Consisting of high calcium content along with being rich in protein, the incorporation of milk in your daily diet can aid in gaining muscle mass, and in increasing your bone density, thus strengthening your bones.


tips to gain healthy weight
Being high on protein and calcium, consumption of milk leads to healthier muscles and stronger bones

Furthermore, as we know that for people who are lactose-intolerant, milk appears to be the cause of indigestion and other digestive issues. Curd, on the other hand, is a milk-product formed on account of the fermentation of milk by adding a live bacteria in the mix. This process removes milk proteins such as casein and converts lactose into a more digestible part. This is because the live bacteria breaks down the lactose present in the milk into lactic acid, hence making it more suitable for the consumption of people suffering from lactose intolerance.


2. Meat

Just like milk, when you think of protein and weight gain, meat is another choice of food that comes into mind. It doesn’t matter what kind of meat it is, for each one is a storehouse for protein. Furthermore, the consumption of meat is linked with the slowing down of digestion. This means, that it takes more time for the digestive enzymes to absorb the carbohydrates in the food and convert them into sugar. By slowing down the rate of sugar production in the body, it gives time for the pancreas to release enough insulin that could easily break down the sugar molecules. Thus, moderate consumption of meat can aid in preventing high-blood sugar-related weight gain.


3. Legumes

Legumes are edible beans that are a rich source of proteins and minerals. In fact, some legumes, such as soya beans comprise of higher protein content, which is even more than that found in animal meat. Some of the healthiest legumes that you can add to your diet include kidney beans, chickpeas, black beans, and of course soybeans. In short, legumes are a rich source of dietary fibers, protein, and other important minerals and vitamins, that’ll help you make your weight gain diet more healthy and effective.


4. Rice

Known for being loaded with carbohydrates, rice is an important part of a weight gain diet, as its consumption and carbohydrate intake is linked with the increased production of energy in the digestive system. Since it is quite densely packed with carbohydrates and calories, rice proves to be an adequately nutritious meal for you if you have a small appetite or have less free-time to eat. However, its consumption on the basis of a healthy weight gain is strongly debated, as more consumption can also lead to higher calorie intake, thus when eating rice, make sure that you eat it in a controlled and limited manner.

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5. Breakfast Cereals

There is nothing healthier than a bowl of breakfast cereal first thing in the morning. These fiber and protein-filled food items provide you with an energy boost that you require to start your day with full productivity, moreover, the high fiber content is responsible for keeping you filled for a longer period of time, and prevent you from over-eating, in other words, prevent you from consuming more fat. This keeps your calorie and fat intake in check while also providing you with sufficient protein and mineral content, which might help you increase the muscle mass and bone density.

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Gaining weight, though majorly considered as a disadvantage, is necessary in some cases. It can lead to increased strength, a healthier immune system, and it can also make you more energized and active. Thus, think of gaining weight as gaining energy, but make sure that you don’t gain too much of it, for it can, in some cases, prove to be troublesome.


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