Dhampur Green Gur Chana Review

Dhampur Green Gur Chana Review

The age-old desi Indian snack takes on a modern avatar. How does the Dhampur Green Gur Chana fare on our taste scale?

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3 / 5
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The balance in the proportion of the gur coating to the size of the chana is spot on. We liked that this wasn’t oversweet. The sweetness levels are very balanced. It is value for money and will make for a good winter-day snack. What could have been better was the gur coating, which is a bit dry and powdery.

Jaggery (gur) is a powerhouse of health benefits that helps aid digestion, is rich in iron, and has a warming effect on the body. Roasted chana is rich in protein and makes for a healthy, low-calorie snack. When combined, gur and chana are the perfect winter snack that you can munch on while sitting cozily in your quilt over a cup of evening tea. We reviewed the Dhampur Green Gur Chana for its taste and texture, and here is a quick review on this winter favorite. Read our #FirstImpression to know more.

Quick Review

The Dhampur Green Gur Chana is a crunchy snack with the goodness of jaggery that can be enjoyed during the winter season.

MRP – Rs 90/-*

Net Weight – 150 grams

*Price at the time of review

*As per the information given on the pack

It is vegan friendly.

It is roasted and not deep-fried.

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Best before five months from the date of packing.

100 grams of the Dhampur Green Gur Chana provides 316 Kcal of energy.

The Dhampur Green Gur Chana comes in a plastic, reusable can. A 150-gram pouch is priced at Rs 90/-. Keeping in mind the brands of gur chana we have reviewed earlier, this is a much more economical option.

Chickpeas (Chana)

Jaggery (Gur)

Quick Review Of Dhampur Green Gur Chana

Appearance – The gur chana by Dhampur Green is round, small, rustic looking, and caramel in color. The gur chana looks a little powdery.

Packaging of Dhampur Gur Chana

Taste – Jaggery, by itself, is a very delicious and healthy ingredient that can be used as a sweetener to replace refined sugar. The gur flavor in the Dhampur Gur Chana is quite good. The buttery-caramel flavor you expect out of jaggery is very much present. That being said, it is not overly sweet. The balance of gur coating to the size of the bhuna chana is perfect.

The gur coating, though, appears to be a little dry, and upon tasting, it tastes a bit dry as well. This is probably why some of the pieces of the gur chana became crumbly and powdery at the bottom of the pack.

The coating is a little dry and powdery.
Dhampur Gur Chana Review
Dhampur Gur Chana Review

Considering the price, this is a value for money product and will make for a good winter mid-day or evening snack. If you are looking for little munchies between meals during the winter, the Dhampur Green Gur Chana is a decent option.

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