The new Svasti Pure Cow Ghee by ITC is WOW!
svasti ghee review

The new Svasti Pure Cow Ghee by ITC is WOW!

Clean-bowled! We are going gaga over the Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee. Read our review to find out why.

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ITC Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee has the distinct ghee aroma even when it’s cold. It elevates the flavor and aroma of a dish in an instant. From simple dal tadkas to halwas and ghee-rice, the ITC Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee aced to uplift the flavor of each dish. It has a deep yellow color and a daanedaar texture associated with good quality ghee.

A few decades back, packaged ghee was unheard of. If it was ghee, it had to be homemade that was made using the malai from top of the milk. Now, with a majority of people drinking low-fat milk, ‘malai collection’ is far lower, and thus homemade ghee is a distant dream in many home kitchens. Ghee has always been an essential part of Indian cooking and is known for its many health benefits, no matter which part of the country we speak of. Over time, all of us have experimented in the kitchen with different brands of ghee to find the most flavorsome and aromatic one. Like most of you, we have also tried our share of ghee brands. After testing and using Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee for over 6 months in our test kitchen, we have found our favorite. Read our review of Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee to know why we loved it and the reason you should buy it!


Every single time we used this ghee, it added exactly what we eat ghee for, that warming, and buttery flavor that enhances the overall flavor of the dish.

MRP for 1 Litre box – Rs 575/-*

*Price at the time of review

*As per information on the pack

  • 100 grams of this product provides 897Kcal of energy.
  • Best before 9 months from date of manufacture.
  • Made using a single ingredient – Milk fat.

Aashirvaad Svasti Pure Cow Ghee is available in a variety of packs. The 1L pet jar is more expensive than the carton or refill pack. A 1L box is priced at Rs 575/- and the 1L pet jar is priced at Rs 660/-. Over these months we bought the pet jar and the box pack also.

Table of Contents

Our Review 


While reviewing this ghee we kept two broad parameters in mind – aroma, and taste. What is the aroma like? Some packaged ghee brands have a musty, almost stale smell and some others barely have any aroma to speak of. What does this one taste like? The only way to check this would be to try it out in different dishes, and that’s what we did.

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How we used it

We used the Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee in our review lab for over 6 months. We used it on hot rotis and topped bowls of rice with it. Simple weekday dishes like jeera aloo, matar paneer, pulao, and dal tadkas were also made using this. We used this ghee to make a few traditional Indian desserts like suji ka halwa, and atta ka halwa as well.

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Final Verdict

Every single time we used this ghee, it added exactly what we eat ghee for, that warming, and buttery flavor that enhances the overall flavor of the dish. In fact, the whole point of adding any kind of fat to a dish is that – right? To enhance the flavors of the dish, making the fat a medium to carry the flavors forward. Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee does that really well.

Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee announces its arrival immediately upon opening. Even when cold, that signature aroma of ghee is there in a fresh, appetizing avatar. Across all types of Indian recipes, Aashirvaad Ghee does a fabulous job of enhancing the flavor of the dish. As the label specifies, Aashirvaad Ghee is made using a ‘slow process’ to enhance the natural aroma of the ghee. The makers claim that as the temperature is slowly increased, the ghee’s natural aroma increases making this a delight for the senses.

Ghee evokes nostalgia like no other. So many of us have grown to the aroma of fresh ghee being made from malai at our homes. Even the simplest of dishes and dal taste better because of its wonderfully aromatic flavors. When paired with some hot rice, it can turn around our mood even on a terrible day. So yes, ghee is the real OG. But gone are the days when the market bought ghee was a complete no-no. Now, there are ample good quality packaged ghees available that can bring that signature flavor to your food. There are also those that aren’t so good; have a terrible aroma, or don’t taste good at all. Ultimately, what ghee tastes like depends a lot on the quality and kind of milk used. Ghee made using cow milk tastes and smells different than ghee made using buffalo milk or other sources.

ITC Aashirvaad Svasti Ghee is tastier as compared to the many branded ghee brands we have tried and tasted in our kitchen. If you are looking to switch ghee brands in your kitchen, make it this one. You will love it!

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