Stinky Hands, No More! Check Out The Solimo Garlic Crusher

Stinky Hands, No More! Check Out The Solimo Garlic Crusher

Tired of stinky hands after you handle garlic every time you cook? Here is a simple solution!

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The Solimo Garlic Crusher is a compact and handy kitchen tool that is easy to use.

Garlic, as loved this ingredient is, can leave a pungent odor on our fingers after we are done chopping and crushing them. We know that washing hands excessively doesn’t really help, and you can still smell minute traces of garlic. What to do? Is there a solution? Enter, a garlic crusher. We used the Solimo Garlic Crusher over a period of two weeks to chop a variety of small ingredients to see how effective this tool is in a kitchen daily. To buy or not to buy? Let’s find out. Here is our #FirstImpression.


Facts About The Solimo Garlic Crusher

*As per information on the pack


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  • No electricity is required to use this.
  • Made using BPA free plastic.
  • Equipped with 20 blades.


#FirstImpression of The Solimo Garlic Crusher

The Solimo Garlic Crusher is priced at Rs 200/-. It is a small tool that fits between the palms of our hands and won’t take up a lot of storage space. The bottom part of the crusher has ten blades, and the top part has ten as well. The middle plastic section can help you see how finely or coarsely your garlic, nuts, or herbs have been crushed.


The Solimo Garlic Crusher – Bottom


The Solimo Garlic Crusher – Top

How we tried it – We used the Solimo Garlic Crusher in our test kitchen using a variety of ingredients including garlic, ginger, parsley, coriander, and almonds.

We noticed that the garlic pods crush with a lot of ease, while the ginger knobs do take a little more effort. In the beginning, you need to apply a certain force if you put whole chunks of ingredients like ginger. But once the motion begins, it’s pretty smooth. The blades rotate in opposite directions creating a circular movement. As the ingredients pass-through space between the blades, they get sliced and diced and crushed.


Solimo Garlic Crusher Review

The Solimo Garlic Crusher is small and can be easily stored away. This is not one of those tools that take up a whole lot of slab-space in your kitchen.

There is another advantage of the Solimo Garlic Crusher. Thanks to its size and price, you can keep a tool such as this dedicated to the purpose of crushing garlic and ginger alone. Ginger and garlic are used extensively in Indian cooking. We have also seen how they can leave a lasting odor in the bowls and utensils they come in contact with. In fact, every time your apple slices smell of garlic, it is because the knife and/or chopping used to cut the apple was also used to slice and dice the garlic. The Solimo Garlic Crusher is a good option to keep that problem away.

We loved the compact size of the tool and the fact it is easy to use and maintain. While washing this, be careful as the blades are extremely sharp and can cut and scrape very easily.

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Solimo Garlic Crusher

A small, handy kitchen tool that can help to make the stinky process of chopping/crushing garlic (and other things) much easier.

MRP – Rs 200/-*

*Price at the time of review


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