Coffeeza Ground Coffee Review: Classico, Intenso & Cremoso (2022)
ground coffee coffeeza review

Coffeeza Ground Coffee Review: Classico, Intenso & Cremoso (2024)

Classico, Cremoso, Intenso- we tried three ground coffee variants from Coffeeza using a French Press and here’s how it went.

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Coffeeza's Ground Coffee is available in three flavors - Classico, Cremoso and Intenso. All of them are aromatic, smooth and non-acidic.

Do you know why coffee that’s brewed in a French Press tastes (WAY WAY) better than other brewing methods? That’s because it is a manual method. A relaxing, aromatic, manual method. 

Earlier, we reviewed Coffeeza Coffee Capsules and liked them for their rich flavor profiles and intensities. This is our Coffeeza Ground Coffee review where we tried three variants- Classico, Cremoso, and Intenso. Not only did these give us a much-appreciated caffeine high but also had our Test Kitchen smelling like a coffee shop. 

Ready to learn more?

Psst! Using a French Press may seem like a lot of work, but it is 10/10 worth it.

Quick details on Coffeeza Ground coffee are listed in the table below. 

Coffeeza Ground Coffee Mishry Rating Buy Now
Classico 4 Add To Cart
Cremoso 4 Add To Cart
Intenso 4 Add To Cart

Our Review Factors

We set the following parameters for our Coffeeza Ground Coffee review. The flavor intensities, aroma, convenience, and other non-tasting parameters were taken into account. 

1. Flavor 

The flavor of coffee is not solely dependent on the roasting process. Several other factors like the geographical location, the fermentation (done before roasting), the altitude where fermentation takes place, the composition, and finally the type of grind are major contributors to the taste. 

What were the flavor notes- fruity, nutty, or chocolaty? What about the body?

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2. Aroma

Packaging plays a key role in aroma and its retention. How and why?

Coffee, be it instant, ground, or beans, must be packed without utmost care to prevent any moisture. Moisture doesn’t just diminish the flavor but also the aroma. 

Did you know? Fragrance and aroma are often used interchangeably but NOT in the coffee world. While fragrance refers to the olfactory profile of dry coffee, aroma is what your nose senses when coffee is wet. 

3. Other Parameters

Here, we gauged the non-tasting parameters like price, packaging, shelf life, and more. 

Our Review Process

We used a French Press to test the Coffeeza Ground coffee. As for the preparation, we preheated the French Press by rinsing it with some warm water. 

The measurements we used were 1 tablespoon of ground coffee with 120 ml of water. It is crucial to measure the ingredients precisely, and not just eyeball them. 

We boiled water till it reached 99 degrees celsius. A higher temperature would result in extremely bitter coffee, whereas anything cooler would make the coffee taste diluted and weak. 

After boiling, we let the water sit for 30-45 seconds. We added the ground coffee to the base of the beaker, poured water, inserted the lid (that has the plunger and filter attached), and let this brew for around four minutes. Before pouring, we pressed the plunger down slowly and steadily.

One must immediately place the lid once water is poured, as it also helps retain more heat. 

How effortlessly the plunger goes down is an indicator of the size of the grind. If it goes down in a whoosh- your grind is on the coarser side, however, if you faced some difficulty and had to apply some pressure- it is a finely ground batch. 

Coffeeza Ground Coffee Flavours – Detailed Review

This section highlights our experience with each variant. 

To taste coffee more intensely, it must be SLURPED NOT SIPPED. And that’s what we did. 

1. Classico

Its true, tasting begins even before the coffee reaches your tongue. 

This was undeniably aromatic. It can be best described as fruity and nutty. This emitted a robust fragrance of well-roasted coffee beans. 

We brewed it following the extensive yet simple process mentioned above. 

Once prepared, the aroma was deep and intense. Despite being labeled ‘medium roast’, the taste was fairly intense, but we aren’t complaining. 

That said, this was not the least bit acidic, thumbs up! Moreover, we liked the subtle yet unmissable roasted smokiness this had. To top it off, it had a slight citrusy flavor. It felt smooth and had a medium body. 

What is coffee body?

Coffee body is nothing but the consistency, the weight of coffee that is felt right at the back of the tongue when the sip goes down. While light and heavy are considered extremes, a medium-bodied coffee is best suited for daily drinkers. 

Product Features

A 250-gram pouch is priced at Rs 400/- and has a shelf life of six months. This is packed in a resealable pouch. The tasting notes are apricot, roasted nuts, and citrus blossom. 

ground coffee coffeeza ready
The preparation process.
ground coffee coffeeza classico
This emitted a bold, robust fragrance.
Aroma- 4/5
Flavor- 4/5
  • Feels smooth, premium mouthfeel
  • Bold but not bitter or acidic
  • Medium-bodied

Prefer your coffee strong? We urge you to try Coffeeza Ground Coffee in Classico. 

2. Cremoso

Enticing! Cremoso had a pleasing aroma that was a blend of sweet and citrusy notes from raisins and orange peels. Just like Classico, this was smooth to taste and felt very premium. Taste-wise, it was slightly more intense and darker than the first variant. It had some citrusy, sweet, and slightly bitter notes of orange peels followed by a lingering aftertaste of chocolate. 

Product Features

A 250-gram pouch is priced at Rs 400/- with a six month shelf life. The contents include 100% roasted and ground coffee. This is a medium roast coffee with tasting notes of raisins, orange peel, and chocolate. 

ground coffee coffeeza cremoso texture
The fragrance was enticing.
ground coffee coffeeza pouring
Ready to slurp!
Aroma- 4/5
Flavor- 4/5
  • Refreshing sweet, citrusy flavor
  • Decadent chocolate flavor
  • Smooth and medium-bodied
  • Not bitter

Do you prefer your coffee bold with some citrusy flavors? Imagine that plus a hint of chocolate and you get Coffeeza Ground Coffee Cremoso. 

3. Intenso

We whiffed Intenso before adding it to the French Press and were delighted by the dark chocolate fragrance. Safe to say, this had us drooling. 

After brewing, this developed a lingering sweet aroma of dates and dark chocolate. All-in-all, the flavor was robust and intense, especially that of dark chocolate. 

That said, the coffee intensity, in terms of flavor, was marginally lower than Classico. 

Product Features

The price, packaging, and shelf life is the same as above. This is a medium-dark roast with tasting notes of dark chocolate, blueberries, and dried dates. 

ground coffee coffeeza brewing
We used our French Press for brewing.
ground coffee coffeeza intenso appearance
This was a finely ground coffee.
Aroma- 4/5
Flavor- 4/5
  • Lingering chocolate flavor
  • Complex flavor profile
  • No undesirable bitterness/acidity

Can’t get enough of chocolate? Love the decadence of dark chocolate? Coffeeza in Intenso maybe for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Coffeeza ground coffee.

Yes, raw coffee beans are roasted and ground. 

It is recommended to use the ground coffee with a French Press for maximum flavor extraction. You can use the Coffeeza Coffee capsules with a coffee machine. 

No, these contain no preservatives. 

Yes, the coffee is sugar free. 

Not really, coffee can be good for health when consumed in moderation. Limit to 2 cups per day and ensure you drink sufficient water as caffeine is a diuretic. 

Final Words

Some like a subtle tartiness, others prefer a lingering flavor of chocolate. Coffeeza Ground coffee offer variants for all coffee aficionados. These yield medium-bodies, premium-feeling cups of coffee. Everything from an espresso to a creamy latte and even affogatos can be prepared using these ground coffee variants. 

How do you like your coffee? Sweetened, unsweetened, with or without milk?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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