Lay’s Gourmet Potato Chips Review - We Tried All 3 Flavors (2022)
lays gourmet potato chips review

Lay’s Gourmet Potato Chips Review – We Tried All 3 Flavors (2024)

The all-new Lay’s Gourmet chips bag a premium and eye-catching packaging. We tried all three flavors – Thai Sweet Chilli, Lime & Cracked Pepper and Vintage Cheese & Paprika. More details about these kettle cooked chips are covered below.

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Mishry Rating

4.5 / 5
4 / 5


The crunchiest texture packed with innovative flavors! Team Mishry liked all the three flavors of Lay's newest Gourmet chips. They justify the flavor tags aptly. We liked the Vintage Cheese & Paprika flavor the most as indicated by the ratings.

Lay’s is undoubtedly the most popular and loved potato chip brand. And it does not stop surprising us with its newest and innovative flavors. 

Lay’s has launched its first-ever range of premium kettle chips under its Gourmet potato chips product line. It offers three unique and exciting flavors – Vintage Cheese & Paprika, Thai Sweet Chilli, and Lime & Cracked Pepper. These new additions got our taste buds excited, and we bet yours too! 

Our Lay’s Gourmet Potato Chips review is based on parameters like taste and texture. Which variant did we like the best? Could we stop ourselves after one? 

A quick comparison table of all the three flavors of Lay’s Gourmet Chips: 

Lay’s Gourmet Chips  Mishry Ratings (on 5) Buy Now 
Vintage Cheese & Paprika 4.25 – 
Thai Sweet Chilli  4 Add To Cart
Lime & Cracked Pepper  4

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? These are slow-cooked and exquisitely crafted kettle chips, hence we expect a premium taste and texture. A classic kettle cooked chip is thicker and crunchier, so we are looking for a similar experience.  

We have set the following review factors for Lay’s Gourmet Chips: 

1. Taste

The taste parameter examines the spice and salt levels and the overall flavor. Do the respective flavors go in sync with the flavor tags? Does it have any oily aftertaste? 

2. Texture 

Here our main focus is to examine the texture in terms of thickness and crunch of the chip. A characteristic feature of kettle chip is that these are thicker and crunchier than regular potato chips. How was our experience with Lay’s Gourmet chips? Does it feel oily to touch? 

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What are kettle-cooked chips? The primary difference between regular potato chips and kettle chips is the cooking process. Kettle chips are cooked in batches and fried slowly in oil on low heat. 

Whenever a new batch of potatoes is added, the temperature of the oil drops, and hence the potatoes take slightly longer to cook. This extended cooking process allows the starch present in the potatoes to absorb moisture. 

The starch ultimately gets dissolved before the potatoes are fried completely. Hence, kettle-cooked chips are thicker, sturdier, and have a caramelized appearance. 

3. Other Observations 


What is unique and innovative about these chips? Appearance-wise, how different do they look from regular potato chips? 


How premium and attractive is the packaging? Is the pack resealable? 


How competitive is the pricing? Are these pricey compared to regular potato chips? 

Shelf Life 

For how long are these chips ideal for consumption? 

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Lays Gourmet Chips – Detailed Review

lays gourmet chips reviewed variants
We reviewed all the three variants of Lay's Gourmet chips.

This section covers in-depth details on each of the flavors:

1. Vintage Cheese & Paprika

Product Details

Packed in a premium and elegant blue color pack with gold font, these chips come at a price of Rs. 30 (55 gm). It has a shelf life of 4 months. 

Appearance-wise, they are thicker compared to regular potato chips. Our review pack had a mix of broken and whole chips. These chips have an inviting cheesy aroma

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients are – Potato, and Edible veg oil (palm olein). 

The *Seasoning includes – (Sugar, Iodised salt, Spices and condiments, Salt substitute (potassium chloride), milk solids (whey powder, cheese powder, skim milk powder), Acidity regulator (330, 327, 325), flavor (natural and nature identical flavoring substances), Edible vegetable oil (sunflower oil), Anti Caking agent (551), Flavor enhancer 627,631), Color (160c)).

Additionally, it contains garlic as a flavoring agent. 

Allergen advice – Contains milk, wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat.

a close look at the vinatge cheese and paprika flavor
We loved the flavor of this variant the most.


This variant was our favorite among the other two. The flavors of cheese and paprika were evident here. These two flavors go very well with each other. 

The paprika lends a lovely spicy flavor which does not feel fiery on the tongue. We loved the strong and smoky flavor of cheese. 

As compared to the other two variants, these are slightly spicier. 

Vintage cheese is basically cheese that is strong, extra mature and aged more than 12 months. It is characterized by its sharp and bold flavor. 

Paprika is one of the most favorite spices and comes in different varieties – sweet, spicy and smoked. It is a result of a grounded spice made primarily from Capsicum annuum called sweet pepper or bell pepper.

The spice level of paprika will depend on the type and amount of capsicums used in making it.  


The texture is just right. Super crisp and crunchy we sure got that crunch sound as we took a bite. The taste and texture deliver a top-notch gourmet experience.

Taste - 4.5/5
Texture - 4/5
  • The packaging looks premium. 
  • Bold flavor of cheese and paprika. 
  • Super crunchy. 
  • Strong and smoky flavor of cheese.

These chips are a must try if you wish to experiment with an innovative flavor.

2. Thai Sweet Chilli

Product Highlights (price, packaging, shelf life, & appearance)

The Thai Sweet Chili flavor has a deep red almost maroon color packaging. The golden font on the pack looks attractive. Priced at Rs. 50 (80 gm) it offers a shelf life of 4 months.

These chips have an orange-red masala coating. The masala is unevenly coated on the chips. 

Main Ingredients 

Here’s a rundown at the list of ingredients – Potato, Edible veg oil (palm olein), *Seasoning (Sugar, Iodised salt, Spices and condiments, flavor (natural and nature identical flavoring substances), Acidity regulator (330,334),  Anti Caking agent (551), Edible vegetable oil (sunflower oil), Flavor enhancer (635)).

As flavoring agent – Contains garlic.

Allergen advice – May contain sulfite.

a close look at the thai sweet chilli flavor
Macro shot of the Thai Sweet Chilli variant.

Taste & Texture 

These chips have a mix of flavors. Initially, as we took a bite these felt slightly sweet. However, towards the end we felt the subtle kick of chillies which was pretty bearable. It has a low to medium spice level. 

Texture-wise, it nails it. We expected crunchy chips and crunchy chips is what we got.

The characteristic flavor of Thai Sweet Chilli has a mix of sweet, savory, tangy and spicy flavors.

Taste -4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • The crunchiness is spot on. 
  • It has a delicious sweet and spicy flavor. 
  • Full marks for the packaging.

If sweet and spicy chips are what you like, then this flavor is the perfect pick for you.

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3. Lime & Cracked Pepper

Product Highlights (price, packaging, shelf life, & appearance)

These chips bag a green packaging. Similar to the above two, the pack was non-resealable. The 55 gm pack is priced at Rs. 30. It has a shelf life of 4 months. 

Our bag of chips has a mix of big and small pieces. These are thick sized chips as compared to regular potato chips.  We could also notice small green specs on these chips. 

Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients are – Potato and Edible veg oil (palm olein). 

The Seasoning ingredients are – (Maltodextrin, Iodised salt, Sugar, Spices and condiments, flavor (natural and nature identical flavoring substances), Emulsifier (414), Anti Caking agent (551), Salt substitute (potassium chloride), Flavor enhancer (631,627), Edible vegetable oil (palm oil)). 

*Flavoring agent – contains onion and garlic.

Allergen advice – Contains milk, may contain sulfite.

a close look at the lime and cracked pepper flavor
These chips have a mild lime flavor. Yum!


This flavor was really unique and innovative. It is not strongly flavored. As opposed to the labels, in reality these chips were not peppery. 

They showcase a mild lime flavor which tastes quite fresh. The well-balanced salt level is an added plus. 


In terms of the texture, these are very crunchy. No complaints here.

Lime & Cracked Pepper combines the zesty flavor of lime with the touch of heat from the black pepper. 

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • Quite a unique flavor. 
  • Loved how crispy these chips are. 
  • Well-balanced salt levels. 
  • It has a fresh lime flavor.
  • Unlike the flavor tag, these chips are not peppery.

These chips are best suited for someone who is not a fan of bold masalas and prefers mildly flavored chips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Lay’s Gourmet Chips.

Not at all. These potato chips are not spicy. 

If you love pairing your tea or coffee with crisp and flavorful potato chips, then these potato chips are a must buy. These are perfect for your snack tray!

Yes. All the three flavors contain preservatives. The allergen information for the flavors Thai Sweet Chilli & Lime & Cracked Pepper state that it may contain sulfite. Sulfite is a common preservative used to prevent bacterial growth.  In addition, the Lime & Cracked Pepper variant also has maltodextrin which works as a preservative to increase the shelf life of packaged food. 

The shelf life of these chips is 4 months.

These chips would pair up pretty well if served with mayo dips.

Our Verdict

Premium and exquisite! Lay’s newest slow-cooked kettle chips have found a special place in our hearts. From the taste to the texture, all three flavors are an absolute delight. These deliver a gourmet experience in its truest sense. 

Have you tried these chips yet? How was your experience? 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement.

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