Chaayos Suji Rusk Review - Crunchy & Tasty Tea Time Snack

Chaayos Suji Rusk Review – Crunchy & Tasty Tea Time Snack

Chaayos Suji Rusk are crisp and delicately sweet.

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Chaayos Suji Rusks pack in a lovely cardamom flavor. The balanced sweetness and the crisp nature of the rusks make it a front runner in the tea time snack tray. This is not a pocket friendly product.

Rusk is best paired with a steaming cup of masala chai and the latest gossip. Rusks have a very rustic look and feel, and are often considered as a very tapri-style snack. These are so popular that almost every other bakery makes its own. Several large biscuit and cookie brands also cater to the rusk demand in the market.

Chaayos is a brand that is associated with all things chai. Earlier we reviewed its instant tea premix and chai masala and loved them. Even though their chocolate cookies didn’t fare well, we wanted to try out more from their tea accompaniment range.

We picked a box of Suji Rusks by Chaayos to test it for its taste and texture. Our Chaayos Suji Rusk Review discusses its price and packaging as well.

Here is all that you need to know about the Chaayos Suji Rusks.

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chaayos suji rusk
Chaayos Suji Rusk review

1. Ingredients 

Ingredients include – Refined wheat flour, Sugar, Edible vegetable oil & fat (palm and sesame), Suji (5.5.%), Yeast, Salt, Milk powder, Flour treatment agent.

Allergen advice – contains gluten, milk and soya.

2. Taste

The list of ingredients does not mention the use of cardamom at all. But we could clearly smell and taste the sweet, floral notes of green cardamom. 

The sweetness levels are mild. So if you’re consuming these with a cup of tea containing sugar, it won’t become unbearable. 

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3. Texture And Crunch

You eat rusks for the crunch it provides when you pair it up with a cup of chai. Imagine! You open up a new pack of rusks, but it is soggy and lacks crunch. 

Suji Rusks by Chaayos are crisp and have a pronounced crunch. These are well-toasted rusks, and did not feel dry at all when we tried them by themselves.

4. Price and packaging

Chaayos Suji Rusks come in a blue and white box. A 400 gm box contains 20 packs of rusks and is priced at Rs 400/-. Each pack contains 2 rusks, weighing 20 gms (Rs 20/-).

These are single-use packs with 2 rusks each. This packaging is very convenient as you need not worry about air-tight storage every time you rip open a new pack of rusks.

At 400 rupees for a 400 gm box, this may not be economical for all.

chaayos suji rusk packaging
Chaayos Suji Rusks comes in a 400 gm box. They are further wrapped in packs of two.

5. Nutritional Information

As per information on the pack, 100 grams of Chaayos Rusk provide 426 Kcals of energy, 14.47 gms of protein, 75.93 gm carbohydrates of which sugars are 25.72 gms. 

Chaayos Suji Rusks – Detailed Review

Chaayos Suji Rusk Product Information
Price Rs 20/-
Net Weight 20 gm
Shelf Life 5 months from date of manufacture
Calories 426 Kcal
Best Pair Masala chai, Elaichi chai, Adrak chai

A 400-gm box of Chaayos Suji Rusk is priced at Rs 400/-. The rusks are packed in packs of 2. Each box contains 20 such packs.

The rusks are well-toasted and have a significant crunch. We liked the delicate sweetness and the mild green cardamom flavor of the Chaayos Suji Rusks. 

chaayos suji rusk packets
There are 20 packets of Suji Rusks. Each pack contains 2 rusks each.
closer look at chaayos suji rusk
A closer look at Chaayos Suji Rusk
chaayos suji rusk taste test with tea
We tried the Chaayos Suji Rusks with masala chai.


  • This is a vegetarian product.
  • A 20 gm pack is priced at Rs 20/-.
  • Shelf life – 5 months.
  • Ingredients include refined wheat flour, sugar, edible vegetable oil and suji.
  • May contain traces of nuts
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight.


  • The packaging is very convenient. It eliminates the worry of storing an open rusk pack in an airtight container.
  • We liked the well-toasted, crisp rusks.
  • We liked the delicate sweetness of the Chaayos rusks.
  • The mild cardamom flavor is delicious.
  • These are baked evenly.
  • They are not oily.


  • The price of the rusk is very steep.

Best Suited For

People who like mildly sweet, cardamom-flavored suji rusks will like these well-toasted rusks by Chaayos. These are easy to carry in tiffins or while traveling due to individual packingThis is not a pocket-friendly everyday rusk option, which might limit the audience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Chaayos Suji Rusk.

1. What are the main ingredients in Chaayos Suji Rusk?

The main ingredients of Chaayos Suji Rusk are refined wheat flour, sugar, edible vegetable oil and suji.

2. What is the price of Chaayos Suji Rusk?

A 400 gm box of Chaayos Suji Rusk is priced at Rs 400/-.

3. Is Chaayos Suji Rusks vegan?

No. Chaayos’s Suji Rusks are not vegan. The list of ingredients mentions the use of milk powder. 

4. Does Chaayos Suji Rusk go well with tea?

Yes. Rusks are associated with tea-time in India. The Chaayos Suji rusks go well with various types of milk based teas.

5. How many calories are in a Chaayos Suji Rusk?

100 gms of Chaayos Suji Rusks provide 426 Kcal of energy.

Final Verdict – Chaayos Suji Rusk Review

Chaayos Suji Rusks are baked to perfection and have a pronounced crunch. The delicate sweetness and flavor of cardamom are favorable. The packaging is convenient and very travel-friendly.

The only thing that went against it in our review is the price point. Rusk is such a loved tea accompaniment in India that people of all pocket-sizes enjoy this on a daily basis. The Rusk by Chaayos may not be an economical buy for a large part of that audience. For many, this is not a pocket-friendly option for everyday use. 

Have you tried products from Chaayos before? If yes, which is your favorite product from their tea-time range?

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