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chaayos mini samosa review

Chaayos Mini Samosa Review: Bite-Sized Flavor Bombs

We liked Chaayos Mini Samosa so much that we bought one for our personal use too. Read more to find out what we liked.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Chaayos Mini Samosa is easily one of our go-to tea-time snacks this season. The flavors and crunch are surprisingly good for a packaged product.

Premium products don’t just have a rich flavor profile. Everything from packaging to the ingredients have a touch of lush.

Chaayos, one of our go-to brands for tea-time snacks, launched its range of savory and sweet munchies. We ordered the 150-gram pack for our Chaayos Mini Samosa review. Safe to say, the flavors weren’t the only impressive factor.

Quick details on Chaayos Mini Samosa are listed in the following table.

Chaayos Mini Samosa Product Details
Price Rs 139/-
Quantity/No. of pieces 150 grams/9 pieces
Main Ingredients Refined wheat flour, refined oil, chickpea flour, moong dal, vanaspati ghee
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Mishry Rating 4

Our Review Factors

The prime focus of our Chaayos Mini Samosa review were the freshness, flavor of the filling, the ratio of the crust to filling, ingredients, and the economic value in regards to the overall quality.

1. Taste

Samosa, a fried snack, is prepared with a considerable amount of oil. When fat turns stale, it imparts an undesirable, bitter and rancid taste. What was the case here?

The filling- does it feature a balanced seasoning? Are the flavors subtle or intense?

2. Texture

Did the outer cover retain its crisp bite? Was it flaky? Did the casing feel too doughy or was it too hard to bite?

What about the filling- did it have a mashed potato-like texture or was there a variety?

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3. Ingredients

What are the main ingredients used to prepare this snack? Are the quantities specified? Do these contain enormous amounts of salt/sugar? What about the source of fat? Additives, flavors, preservatives, what all does this snack from Chaayos contain?

4. Other Parameters


Our pack that had nine pieces was priced at…


A resealable pouch or a one-time use pack, if left over, do the contents need to be transferred to another container?

Shelf Life

How long do these stay fresh for? 

We’re fans of Samosa Party!

Chaayos Mini Samosa – Detailed Review

Price & Packaging

A 150-gram pack of Chaayos Mini Samosa holds nine pieces. It is priced at Rs 139/- and has a shelf life of four months. The packaging is fairly convenient. It is resealable which helps preserve freshness.

chaayos mini samosa packing
Here's a look at the packaging.

Main Ingredients

Refined wheat flour, refined oil, chickpea flour, moong dal, vanaspati ghee, coconut, sugar, cashews, raisins, red pepper powder, edible salt, fennel, dry mango powder, mixed spices, fenugreek leaves, asafoetida, black salt.

We liked that this does not use any artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. However, this uses two sources of fat- refined oil and vanaspati ghee. Both of these are not too ideal. 

chaayos mini samosa appearance
There were no broken pieces!

Taste & Texture

The outer cover was quite crisp. It was slightly on the thicker side, but pleasing nonetheless. The salt and overall seasoning of this crust was on point and not bland. It did not feel greasy on the palate or fingers. In addition to this, there was no rancid taste or smell of the fat sources.

The crust-to-filling ratio was fairly decent. Just like the crust, the filling was also well-seasoned. Savory, sweet, tangy- all flavors were in sync. Moreover, there was a commendable textural interplay in the filling. We bit into chewy plumpy raisins, crunchy cashews, fine sev that added a subtle crispness, and crunchy moong dal. We think the chickpea flour used had a pleasing flavor that indicated it had been roasted quite well. This also had aniseed (saunf) that added a floral sweetness. It was delectable and brought the entire filling together. There is no prominent taste or aroma of asafoetida.

chaayos mini samosa cross sectional
The filling was flavor-loaded and featured a variety of textures.
Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
Nutrition Quotient- 4/5
Packaging- 4/5
  • The packaging is travel-friendly.
  • The samosa was fresh and crisp.
  • Well-seasoned crust and filling.
  • The overall bite was savored.
  • No additives used, thumbs up!
  • Refined oil and vanaspati are used as fat sources.
  • It is priced steeply as one mini samosa rounds up to be Rs 15/-

Sweet and savory- a snack almost everyone would enjoy- Chaayos Mini Samosa is a flavorful, bite-sized snack you must try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Chaayos mini samosa.

No, it has a favorable balance of seasonings.

No, this does not contain any preservatives. The 4-month shelf life justifies this.

Yes, definitely. Alternatively, you can also serve this with mint and imli chutney or prepare an elaborate chaat.

Yes, the samosa contains fennel and chickpeas.

A 150-gram pack has nine pieces.

Final Words

Voila! That’s a wrap on Mishry’s Chaayos Mini Samosa review. This conveniently packed product offers a lip-smacking blend of flavors and had the perfect bite. It was crisp, had some chewy bites, and crunchy nut bits with the freshness of fennel seeds. 

Chai or chutney- what do you devour samosas with?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here

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