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Wondering about what is going wrong? Thinking about how something that looks so easy ended up being so difficult? Even in a kitchen, there is a certain way of doing things to end up with a perfect result. Whether it is a flavorful cup of tea or the way to dispose of your used items, we have all the articles that’ll help you do the right thing in the right way.

India is a diverse country and so are our chutneys. Let’s have a look at 5 chutneys you can make at home and conveniently store them.

Vegetables like onions, potatoes and tomatoes are considered as staples and are always stocked in bulk in every household. Here is a list of 5 dishes you can use onions in.

There has been a huge argument regarding Brussel sprouts vs. broccoli, their health benefits, nutritional content, etc. This is why we hope that our close parallelism will help you to get your answers.

Heavy curries and oily paranthas? No, thanks! Summers mean light meals full of fresh ingredients and simple flavors. Here are 5 summer lunch ideas that will come in handy to answer the toughest question – ‘What to cook?’

You will be shocked how far the otherwise dreaded ghiya can go. Here is a list of 5 things you can cook with bottle gourd during the lockdown.

Milk, a pantry staple, is loaded with calcium and other vital nutrients and can be used to make paneer, curd, desserts and even soups. Here are 11 delicious dishes you can make using milk.

We know that a plate of piping hot rajma-chawal on a Sunday afternoon remains unparalleled, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment a little. Here are 5 ways you can use rajma in your kitchen.

With limited resources, it is wise to use the same ingredient in multiple ways for bringing more variety into your everyday meals. Here is a list of dishes you can make using white urad dal.