Around The World - How To Make Different Styles Of Rice

Around The World – How To Make Different Styles Of Rice

Missing International flavors during the lockdown? Making these 5 fragrant rice dishes from around the world will help satisfy those cravings.

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Rice (चावल) is a staple cereal grain consumed throughout the world using different spices and methods. In India, turning rice into an aromatic Biryani and pulao are popular. Making desserts like kheer and phirni using rice is also a common practice. But, over a month into the lockdown, we all are craving some international flavors. To kick the boredom out of lives, here are five rice recipes popular throughout the world that can be easily made at home too.


1) The Big Handi | Biryani

There is nothing bigger and better than a handi of biryani, ready to be popped open. The aroma of whole spices like cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom is heavenly. To make a biryani, make sure you use long grain basmati rice. You can add meats like chicken and mutton to your biryani. Even though biryani lovers claim there is nothing called as ‘vegetarian biryani’, you can make biryani with vegetables, paneer, and soya too. Traditionally biryanis are always slow-cooked on ‘dum’ and served with cool raita and a spicy salan.


Dishes to cook with rice: Biryani so fragrant, you can smell it from miles away.


2) Spanish Flavors | Paella

Paella originates from the Valencia region in Spain and is a complete dish in itself. Paella is made with short-grain rice (Arroz Redonda – round rice) unlike a biryani or a pulao. Paella is originally made with lots of seafood like shrimps and mussels and meats like chicken. Vegetarian versions are also popular which are made with bell peppers, carrots, beans, and peas. The rice is usually cooked with white wine, but you can skip and add a vegetable or chicken broth to enhance the flavors.


Use rice to make Paella – a Spanish rice dish with lots of seafood and meat.

3) Mexican Fiesta | Rice And Beans

Bring out your sombreros, cause it’s time for a trip to Mexico. Red kidney beans (rajma) cooked in Mexican flavors with a Cajun spice mix and rice makes for an excellent weekend dinner. To simplify the recipe, you can cook the rice in an onion, tomato, capsicum masala. A handful of boiled red kidney beans in the dish will bring out the Mexican flavors. Add ground cumin, salt, garlic, pepper and paprika to season the rice. Serve with salsa, pan-grilled cottage cheese or a grilled chicken breast.


The robust flavors of Mexican cooking are similar to Indian cuisine.


4) Italian Touch | Risotto

If you have been an avid Masterchef fan and watched their risotto challenges, you would know how hard it is to nail that creamy consistency without letting the flavor of rice fade away. Risotto, an Italian rice dish, is made using arborio rice. These are short-grained and very starchy which is why the risotto is creamy. You can cook risotto with any chicken or vegetable broth, add meat, vegetables, mushrooms. Make sure you season it delicately. Serve immediately. Do not let it sit for too long.


The texture of risotto is very hard to perfect.


5) Taste Of The Orient | Fried Rice

Have leftover boiled rice? Turn them into a bowl of fried rice. Fried rice are one of the quickest and easiest meals to whip up. Add oil, chopped garlic, ginger, onions, vegetables and any protein you like. The best thing about fried rice is how you can add anything to them and adjust the ingredients according to your liking. Corn, burnt garlic, herbs, veggies, chicken, shrimps, eggs are some commonly added ingredients to fried rice. Make sure your wok is hot while cooking fried rice. Desi-Chinese for the win!


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Which is your favorite rice dish from around the world? A quick fried rice or our trustworthy biryani?

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