Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani Mix Review - Mishry (2023)
suhana thalipeeth bhajani review

Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani Mix Is Beginner-Friendly (2024)

Easy on the pocket, quick to knead and with a characteristic thalipeeth texture, Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani is high on convenience. More details covered here.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
Ease of Preparation
4 / 5
4 / 5


Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani fares well on the convenience factor, texture and has a clean ingredient list. Though rolling these requires a bit of care, it is definitely worth a try.

A famous Maharashtrian dish, Thalipeeth is made using a mix of nutrient dense flours and is spiced with a variety of masalas. Usually eaten during breakfast time, these are best paired with a dollop of white butter. Collecting and combining different flours can be tedious and to eliminate the entire process, a bhajani mix is ideal.
We ordered and tried the one by Suhana and we have a few observations. For our Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani review, we set parameters like ease of preparation, overall convenience and of course taste and texture.

Here’s a quick view at the product details that you need to know about Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani:

Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani  Product Details 
Price Rs 40
Net Quantity 200 gm 
Cooking Time 30 minutes
Shelf Life 6 months
Buy Now On Amazon 
Mishry Rating 4

Our Review Factors

For reviewing Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani, we have taken the texture and preparation process as the prime review parameters. We have taken taste as the secondary parameter, since thalipeeth gets its overall flavor with the addition of other ingredients and masalas.  

Here’s more detail on Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani below: 

1. Texture

A traditional thalipeeth is a mix of different flours – whole wheat flour, gram flour, sorghum flour, bajra flour and rice flour. The inclusion of different flours makes it slightly less elastic as compared to regular rotis. How did our experience with Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani turn out? 

2. Ease Of Preparation 

This parameter covers the entire cooking process from kneading the dough to rolling them and finally cooking them. How easy is the dough to knead? Is it convenient to roll out? Can a newbie make these with a few tries or only a practiced, skilled hand can do the job?

3. Other 


We have included the taste as the third parameter since any thalipeeth mix does not have any strong flavor of its own. It is the ingredients and masalas that lend a taste here. How does the different mix of flours taste? Did we observe any aftertaste? 

Main Ingredients 

What are the main ingredients used here? Does it include any artificial flavors or added preservatives? 

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Is it priced reasonably? Or is it overpriced? 

In addition, we also gauged the shelf life and the overall packaging during our review. 

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Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani comes in a white and maroon color pouch pack. The price of a 200 gm is Rs. 40. It offers a shelf life of 6 months. A 200 gm pack is perfect for preparing six thalipeeth having 70 gm each. 

Main Ingredients 

The ingredients include – Jawar, Bajra, Wheat, Rice, Bengal Gram, Masur Dal, Bengal Gram Dal, Urad Dal, Coriander Seeds, Green Gram Dal, Arhar Dal, Green Gram Whole, Moth Bean, Rice Flakes, Pigeon Peas, Soybean, Ajwain, and Cumin.

This has a clean ingredient list. Thumbs up!

Preparation Process 

As per the pack, the method of preparation is as follows:

  • Make a paste of green chilli, garlic and ginger with little water if required. 
  • Mix onion, coriander, turmeric, salt and above paste as per taste with Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani in a bowl.
  • Add water in parts and mix well to form a soft dough. Divide dough into  equal portions and keep aside.
  • Take a moist dough and flatten each portion with fingers on a moist thick polythene sheet or muslin cloth, into a semi thick small round circle.
  • On a hot tawa spread 1 Tbsp oil evenly. Lift the muslin cloth and gently place it with the thalipeeth side touching the tawa. Carefully remove the muslin cloth from the flattened thalipeeth.
  • Spread a little oil on the sides of the thalipeeth and cook on low heat for a minute. Turn the thalipeeth and cook the other side for a minute or till crisp and golden brown.
  • Serve hot thalipeeth with white butter, curd or chutney of your choice.
the outer pack of suhana thalipeeth bhajani
Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani packaging.
suhana thalipeeth bhajani dry flour
A look at the Bhajani flour post opening the pack.
the thalipeeth after rolling the dough
The pre-cooking stage of Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani.
the thalipeeth after the cooking process
The final result!

Our Observations 


The texture of this thalipeeth is slightly rough and fibrous. It contains bits of onions, ginger, garlic and chilli which adds a nice bite in between. You can add spices and/or veggies of your own choice as well. 

Ease Of Preparation 

For preparing the dough, we used less than 200 ml of water for kneading. The dough at this stage looked slightly sticky and wet. Though the atta might appear slightly difficult to work with, it was easy to knead. For someone new to the kitchen (Yes, we did get our teams young members to try and test this too), this is fairly easy to knead. 

Additionally, for rolling we used a plastic sheet from IKEA to pat and roll the dough for making a thalipeeth. We did not use a rolling pin, you need to compress and shape this using your palms. It is best to cook the thalipeeth on slow heat as it takes longer to cook till the centre and is much thicker than your regular flatbreads. Oiling the surface before starting is a must. Do not skip this. 

While roasting and cooking the thalipeeth, we advise that you use ghee rather than oil as it will lead to a better taste. 


Taste-wise, any thalipeeth flour has no prominent flavor of its own. It is the addition of other ingredients and masalas that help develop the flavor profile of any thalipeeth. But even by itself, the flour has a very earthy taste and is unsalted. So you can modify the combination of spices as per your choice. 

Texture - 4/5
Ease Of Preparation - 4/5
Taste - 4/5
  • Clean ingredient list.
  • The dough is easy to knead. 
  • Has a rough and fibrous texture, like how a thalipeeth should be. 
  • It eliminates the need to buy and combine different attas.
  • The base is not strongly flavored, leaving ample room to customize flavors.

This thalipeeth bhajani is an excellent buy if you are a newbie in the kitchen. All you need to do is add in ginger, garlic, onions and chillies to the atta mix and you’re all set to roll them. It eliminates the need to collect different attas and combine them into one.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani.

This thalipeeth bhajani has a mix of different attas, dals and masalas. It has no preservatives and no added flavors. Looking at the list of ingredients, we can say that this would be a nutritious breakfast option. 

Yes. This thalipeeth bhajani has no preservatives.

No. This thalipeeth bhajani is not gluten free.

This thalipeeth bhajani has a shelf life of six months.

Yes. This thalipeeth bhajani can be included in your diet since it contains a good mix of dals, masalas and different flours.

What’s Our Final Verdict?

Thumbs up! Suhana Thalipeeth Bhajani is a convenient way to prepare thalipeeth as it eliminates the need and saves up the time spent to assemble different flours. The kneading process of this dough was fairly easy. But it is important to note that since it has a mix of different flours (both gluten and gluten free), rolling the rotis will require slightly extra care and effort.

Are you a fan of thalipeeth? Tell us how you prepare them, and comment down below. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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