Britannia Jim Jam Pops Biscuits Review - Mishry (2023)
Britannia Jim Jam Biscuits Review

We LOVE Britannia’s Jim Jam Pops! Have You Tried These Open Crème Biscuits? (2024)

Britannia’s Jim Jam Pops are the first open crème biscuits. We adore this innovative new product.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4.5 / 5


The combination of a crunchy base, fruity jam center, and creamy top makes these biscuits a delicious and exciting snack. Team Mishry is addicted!

Britannia Jim Jam Pops has been featured in Mishry’s Best of 2023 List.

Britannia Jim Jam Pops best of 2023

The iconic Britannia Jim Jams has a new avatar. Titled as ‘biscuit of the future’, Jim Jam Pops is the most recent addition. This open crème biscuit has a jelly center surrounded by a luscious cream and a biscuit base. 

Will these new biscuits start a new trend? In terms of the taste, are they similar to the classic Jim Jam biscuit? Better or not, let’s explore this new launch in our Britannia Jim Jam Biscuits review.

Major highlights of Jim Jam Pops Biscuits covered below: 

Britannia Jim Jam Pops Biscuits  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 20 
Net Quantity  70 gm
Shelf Life  9 months 
Mishry Rating  4.25 

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? A crunchy biscuit base with a vanilla crème and a flavorful, fruity center. Keeping in mind that all the elements are sweet, we were looking for that balance of sweetness.  

What were the parameters we set while reviewing Britannia Jim Jam Pops Biscuits? Let us see below : 

1. Taste 

We are examining three distinct components: the biscuit base, jam, and cream. How rich is the buttery flavor of the biscuit base? Is the sweetness well-balanced overall? How pronounced is the fruity taste of the jam? Is the vanilla flavor of the cream too dominant or just right?

2. Texture 

To rate the texture of the biscuits, we scrutinized the following questions : 

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  • How crisp or crumbly is the biscuit base? 
  • Is the jam flowy or thick? 
  • Is the cream smooth?
  • How is the overall bite?

3. Additional Information 

More price, packaging, ingredients, and shelf life details are recorded here. 

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Britannia Jim Jam Pops Biscuits  – Detailed Review

Product Highlights 

These biscuits come in a gleaming purple package. The 70 gram quantity, priced at Rs. 20, has a shelf life of 9 months. The pack includes around 10 biscuits that are neatly placed in a tray. 

Main Ingredients 

Refined wheat flour, Sugar, refined palm oil and interesterified vegetable fat, invert sugar syrup, milk solids, edible maize starch, and fruit products (1% – apple juice concentrate, Banana powder, plum juice concentrate) are the main ingredients seen here. 

It also has Emulsifiers, Iodised salt, artificial (vanilla, raspberry, pineapple, apricot) and nature identical flavoring substances, Acidity regulators (330 and 331 (iii)), Gelling agent (440), Raising agent (500 (ii)) and color (122).

jim jam pops packaging
The outer pack has a close resemblance to the OG jim jam biscuits pack.
the inside tray pack of jim jam pops biscuits
We appreciate the tray packaging inside.


Unlike the original Jim Jam biscuits, they are open biscuits with a filling in the center. The jam occupies the center part, surrounded by the vanilla cream. 

The biscuits are slightly uplifted from the sides. The jam does not ooze out and is stationed in the center. 

Mishry’s Experience: Taste + Texture

These biscuits are delicious! The fruity jam, combined with cream on a crunchy base, creates a perfect balance of flavors. We couldn’t resist having more than one! The sweetness of the cream and jam is perfectly balanced. These biscuits have a crisp bite and don’t crumble easily.

review in process of jim jam pops
Glimpse of our review process.
close look at the jim jam pops biscuits
These are open creme biscuits!
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4.5/5
  • Crisp biscuits. 
  • Delicious and fruity center filling. 
  • Balanced sweetness. 
  • Quick snack option. 
  • Tiffin-friendly. 
  • Well-packed.

If you are a die hard fan of the OG Jim Jam biscuits, this one is a DEFINITE try!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Britannia Jim Jam Pops Biscuits.

No. Britannia has not stopped manufacturing Jim Jam. In fact, the brand has introduced another launch to its jim jam product line named Jim Jam Pops biscuits.

These have a shelf life of 9 months.

A 70 gm pack holds around 10 pieces of such biscuits.

Refined palm oil and interesterified vegetable fat are the two sources of oil used to make Britannia Jim Jam Pops biscuits.

No. Although delicious, these cannot be categorized as healthy. The ingredient list of these biscuits has a lot of additives, artificial flavors, invert sugar syrup, and acidity regulators. Hence, it is best to consume them in moderation.

Final Say

Wow, these new Jim Jam Pops Biscuits from Britannia are absolutely delicious! Everything, from the crispy biscuit to the sweet jam-filled center, is just so addictive. It’s an ideal snack that both kids and adults can enjoy anytime. You can even pack them in your kid’s tiffin box for a quick and tasty snack.

Excited to try the new Jim Jam Pops Biscuits?

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