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britannia biscafe biscuits review

Britannia BisCafe Biscuits Review- Crisp Coffee Crackers

Britannia BisCafe Biscuits are your everyday crackers, but BETTER. Coffee-flavored, exceptionally thin, and an overall delight- here’s what Mishry liked about them.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Britannia BisCafe biscuits bring the best of coffee and crackers in a bite. These thin crackers, sprinkled with fine sugar crystals have a delightful coffee flavor that is nothing but a treat to the tastebuds.

Coffee, some equally hot gossip, and Britannia BisCafe- that’s a definitive overtime on the tea break. (sorry boss!)

Britannia leveled up with the launch of its BisCafe. These coffee-flavored crackers were endorsed by Bollywood’s most-renowned coffee aficionado- Karan Johar. The intensity of the coffee flavor, the crispness, and our overall experience is discussed in Mishry’s Britannia BisCafe biscuits review.

Is Britannia BisCafe truly #CoffeeKaBetterHalf?

All you need to know about Britannia BisCafe is listed below.

Britannia BisCafe Biscuits Product Details
Price Rs 25/- (100 grams)
Main Ingredients Refined wheat flour, sugar, refined palm and palmolein oil, liquid glucose, instant coffee powder (1.3%)
Calories 73 Kcal/ 15-gram serve
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Mishry Rating (on 5) 4

Our Review Factors

We were looking for a rich, intense flavor of coffee, subtle yet balanced sweetness with a crisp bite in the Britannia BisCafe Biscuits. 

1. Taste

A balanced flavor of coffee with desirable sweetness was what we were looking for. In addition to these, a fresh, non-greasy taste would have been appreciated.

2. Crunch

Since these are called crackers, we expected a dry but thin and crisp bite. Crackers are often encrusted with salt or sugar granules. What was the case with Britannia BisCafe? What about the mouthfeel?

3. Other Parameters

Shelf life, price, and packaging are other non-tasting parameters we reviewed these coffee-flavored biscuits on. 

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Britannia BisCafe Biscuits – Detailed Review

Price & Packaging

A light coffee-colored pack holds 100 grams of Britannia BisCafe in a tray. This is priced at Rs 25/- and has a shelf life of six months.

Main Ingredients

Britannia BisCafe is made using refined wheat flour (maida), sugar (19%), refined palm and palmolein oil, liquid glucose, maize starch, instant coffee powder (1.3%), butter, milk solids, iodized salt, raising agent, colors (150 A, D), nature-identical flavoring substances, emulsifier- 322, 471, dough conditioner 223, and improver 110. 

britannia biscafe outer packing
It was packed in a light brown pack.
britannia biscafe biscuits in tray
These crackers were neatly stacked in a tray.

Taste & Texture

The taste and texture are both worth the hype. 

First things first, there were no broken or cracked pieces, thanks to the tray packing. Like the outer packing, the biscuits have a light coffee-colored hue. They were sprinkled with fine sugar crystals and were almost half as thin as regular crackers. The crispness was absolutely refreshing.

In terms of taste, the flavor of the coffee was prominent but not bitter. The sweetness was mild and desirable. Moreover, we liked how there was no greasiness on the palate or fingers. 

britannia biscafe biscuits appearance
Exceptionally crisp with an inviting coffee flavor, these crackers were delish.
Flavor- 4/5
Crunch- 4/5
  • The crackers were exceptionally thin and crisp.
  • Full marks on packaging.
  • No broken pieces.
  • The sugar sprinkles added a nice layer of texture.
  • The characteristic flavor of coffee was prominent.
  • Balanced sweetness.
  • Thumbs up on the innovation.

Some like it black, some with milk and sugar- regardless of your preferred way of consuming caffeine, these Britannia BisCafe biscuits would pair beautifully with hot coffee, cold coffee, mocha, or even a glass of plain milk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Britannia BisCafe biscuits.

Yes, you can pair it with your preferred choice of beverage. 

However, we’d recommend opting for coffee with these crackers.

No, it has 19% sugar. Sugar is also sprinkled on the crackers.

A 100-gram pack holds 28 crackers approximately.

This contains INS 471 which is a thickening and emulsifying agent but also used as a preservative.

We’d recommend breaking your fasting state with something that has fats and proteins too. These crackers are primarily a source of carbohydrates.

Consuming a balanced meal (fats, proteins, and carbohydrates) ensures stable blood sugar levels which in turns results in sustained energy. 

To Conclude

Dip, crunch, slurp- here’s Mishry’s take on the brand new Britannia BisCafe biscuits. With an amazing taste, these crackers blew us away with their exceptionally thin and crisp bite. 

We are hooked for sure, but would you try these?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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