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bisleri spyci review

Bisleri Spyci Review: Spice Things Up With Fizziness

Bisleri Spyci is a carbonated blend of bold Indian masalas. Can it be used as a masala soda alternative? Let’s find out.

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Looks like cola but doesn’t taste like it. Bisleri Spyci soft drink is a sweet and sour carbonated beverage that looks interesting but tastes average.

Bisleri is an Indian brand synonymous with packaged mineral water. Recently, it added three flavored beverages to its pre-existing range of fizzy drinks – Spyci, Limonata, and Fonzo. Interesting names, we must say!

What makes these Bisleri beverages unique is the fruit content they have. Bisleri Spyci shows apple juice concentrate third on the ingredient list. Cola, apple, and bold Indian flavors- we were intrigued to try this Bisleri soft drink out. 

Is this the ideal thirst quencher on a hot summer afternoon? Let’s find out in our Bisleri Spyci review.

Bisleri Spyci- Everything You Need To Know

bisleri spyci bottle
Bisleri Spyci has a vibrant graphic at the front.

Bisleri Spyci claims to have a rich blend of spices with real fruit juice. It is a well-known fact that Indians love their masala. This cola-flavored soft drink by Bisleri can be used as a mixer or relished as it comes after a hot afternoon.  

Here is everything you need to know about Bisleri Spyci.

1. Ingredients 

Following are Bisleri Spyci ingredients-

Water, sugar, apple juice concentrate (1.7%), salt, citric acid, carbon dioxide, sodium citrate, etc.

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It also contains permitted natural and added colors. 

2. Taste

We could taste some sweetness (40%) and sourness (60%) in this fizzy drink. Talking about the masala aspect here, it had a dominant aftertaste of clove. 

The ingredient list mentions the addition of apple juice concentrate, which reflected in the mild sourness we tasted. To simply put it, this reminded us of a paan shop masala cola mildly.

3. Flavour

Could we taste the cola flavor? The cola-color was bolder than the taste.

The flavor of the apple juice? Barely, just a little at the end of the sip. 

Masala? Yes! Lots of it! The flavor of clove was easily identified.

4. Colour

This beverage resembles the color of cola. 

5. Nutritional Information

Like most fizzy drinks are, Bisleri Spyci uses carbohydrates as the primary calorie source.

Per 100 ml this beverage provides 46 kcal which is divided as 11.4 g of carbohydrates (11.9 g of sugar), 0 g of fat and protein, and 0.15 g of sodium. 

6. Price

We ordered the 600 ml bottle which is priced at INR 40. 

Bisleri Spyci Detailed Review

Here are the details for Bisleri Spyci


Parameters Bisleri Spyci
Available Sizes 160 ml, 250 ml, and 600 ml
Price INR 40
Calories Per 100 ml- 46 kcal
Shelf Life Six months from the date of manufacture


Our Bisleri Spyci review was based on the primary parameter of taste followed by the masala quotient and fizziness. 

Is this worth a try?

bisleri spyci drink in a glass
We poured Bisleri soft drink in a glass to check the fizz.
bisleri cold drink in a glass to test fizziness and color
Bisleri Spyci poured in a glass to check it against our parameters.


  • This is a cola-flavored fruit-based fizzy beverage.
  • It can be used as a mixer for unique flavors.
  • This beverage has a shelf life of six months.
  • It is available in bottles of 160, 250, and 600 ml.


  • This beverage has sweet and sour flavors.
  • We tasted a mild clove flavor, which was nice.


  • The cola flavor was too mild. So it doesn’t really border towards being a masala cola and neither does it come close to the fizzy masala soda/banta we drink at paan shops.
  • This isn’t as fizzy as a cola or soda.

Best Suited For

If you plan to use this as a mixer or have it with some other ingredients like lemon and rosemary (brand suggestions)- it may work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Bisleri Spyci Soft Drink

1. Is Bisleri Spyci healthy?

Aerated beverages contain a lot of sugar and it is recommended to consume them in moderation.

2. Does Bisleri Spyci contain any flavoring and sweetening substances?

Yes, Bisleri Spyci contains nature-identical flavoring substances. It also uses sugar. 

3. How much sugar does it contain?

Per 100 ml, spyci contains 11.9 g of sugar. 

4. What is the calorie count of Bisleri Spyci?

Bisleri Spyci offers 46 kcal per 100 ml.

5. What are the different sizes of Bisleri spyci available?

Bisleri Spyci is available in 160, 250, and 600 ml. 

Final Words

Looks like cola, tastes like masala. But doesn’t taste like cola or any fruit juice. So is the Bisleri Spyci an alternative to your masala soda or masala cola? Probably not! But it does pack in a fairly decent masala punch. Bisleri Spyci has medium fizz.

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