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bikano panjeeri laddu review

Bikano Panjeeri Laddu Review – Is It Delicious & Nutritious?

Bikano Panjeeri Laddu are loaded with fresh and crunchy ingredients. They taste delectable but the one factor that negatively impacted the review was…

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Bikano Panjeeri Laddu offers a marvelous taste and a noteworthy texture. If only these were prepared in ghee!

Varied parts of the world are renowned for their varied delicacies. While the West has its soothing cup of hot chocolate, in India we devour warm halwas, rich kheers, nutritious ladoos, garma garam haldi doodh, among others. The common denominator among these are the ingredients that go in the making. Prepared with a blend of nutrient-dense ingredients, all these delicacies are winter specials! Not only do they energize, but they also boost immunity, helping you stay warm in the chilly months. 

In India, anything that is prepared with ghee, nuts, and aromatic spices automatically becomes inviting and comforting. One such delicacy is Panjeeri laddus. Filling, nutritious, tasty, and an absolute powerhouse, these laddus are rightly called winter specials. 

If you’re like us and prefer relishing and not preparing, RTE laddus can be a boon! But this may not always be the case, as experienced in our Haldiram’s Panjeeri Ladoo review. This year, we ordered a box from Bikano, and here’s our Bikano Panjeeri Laddu review.

Was our experience better with this brand? 

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Panjeeri laddus are recommended to women post pregnancy for its nutritional benefits. 

Bikano Panjeeri Laddu – Everything You Need To Know

bikano panjeeri laddu
The laddus look scrumptious.

Buy or bye? Everything you need to know about Bikano Panjeeri Laddus is discussed here. 

1. Packaging

In a premium, festive-looking carton, there is a box which holds the laddoos. The box is sealed with a foil wrapper. There is no lid for resealing the laddus; they must be transferred to another airtight container. 

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2. Main Ingredients

Since Panjeeri laddus are relished for the nutritional benefits, with this parameter, we set to decode whether or not the are prepared using good quality ingredients. 

3. Taste

This winter special can be gobbled down if the invigorating aroma and flavors of ghee, roasted flours and nuts, and aromatic spices are spot-on.

Additionally, the freshness of nuts, sweetness are other aspects determining taste. 

4. Appearance

Are the laddus identical in shape and size? Do they have the classic ‘laddu’ shape? Are these topped with nuts or are nuts inside the laddu?

Do the laddus show a rough, grainy surface or are they smooth?

5. Texture

Though semolina is primarily used to bind the ingredients together, it adds a grainy, ‘karara’ texture. Was this observed with these packaged laddus?

6. Price

Bikano Panjeeri laddu price is Rs 240 for a 400-gram box. 

7. Shelf Life

These laddus have a shelf life of six months. 

8. Nutritional Information

Following is the nutritional information for one serving (33 grams) of Bikano Panjeeri Laddu-

161 Kcal, 1.8 grams of protein, 8.1 grams of fat, and 20.3 grams of carbohydrates (of which 10.7 grams is sugar)

Bikano Panjeeri Laddu – Detailed Review

Here is our experience with Bikano Panjeeri Laddus. 


Bikano Panjeeri Laddu Product Specifications
Price Rs 240
Main Ingredients Sugar, Whole Wheat Flour (31.9%), Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Gum Acacia, Almond (1.91%), Cashew (1.91%), Cucumber Seeds, Dry Ginger, Cardamom
Calories Per serve- 161 Kcal
Shelf Life Six months


A 400-gram box holds 11 regular-sized laddus that are more or less identical. To put into perspective, one laddu would be 30-35 grams. While some have more sugar crystals on the surface, others had cucumber seeds (magaz), bits of cashews, and almonds too. Overall, the laddus looked grainy, as they should.

Owing to the inviting aroma, we jumped right into tasting. 

Texture- These have a coarse sand-like texture. The firmness of the bite is accompanied with mild graininess which comes from sugar crystals and gond (edible gum). This was observed in most laddus. On the other hand, the crunch from nuts was overloaded in some and sparse in others. 

We appreciate how the laddus did not feel undesirably oily on the palette or fingertips. 

The taste is homestyle. Spot-on sweet, a warming flavor of roasted flour, nuts, seeds- Bikano Panjeeri Laddus hit the mark in terms of taste. We refrained from giving this a full rating on the taste parameter due to uneven distribution of nuts and lack of ghee. 

bikano panjeeri laddu packaging
The box has a premium feel.
bikano panjeeri laddu tray
The laddus are placed inside a tray.
closer look at bikano panjeeri laddu tray open
Each laddu is placed inside a paper basket.
bikano panjeeri laddu on a plate
These look almost identical.
bikano panjeeri laddu broken piece on a plate
These are grainy, we liked!


  • A 400-gram box is priced at Rs 240.
  • These have a shelf life of six months.
  • Allergen information mentions wheat, almond, and cashew.
  • Main Ingredients- Sugar, Whole Wheat Flour (31.9%), Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat (Blend of Palm and Sesame Oil), Gum Acacia, Almond (1.91%), Cashew (1.91%), Cucumber Seeds, Dry Ginger, Cardamom


  • Balanced sweetness is always appreciated; these laddus showcased this.
  • The use of whole wheat flour (atta) instead of refined wheat (maida) gets a thumbs up!
  • The overall taste comes very close to homemade laddus.
  • These did not feel oily, the texture and bite were commendable.
  • This is an economical option. 


  • If the inner box had a reclosable lid, it would’ve been helpful.
  • Panjeeri laddus are traditionally prepared in ghee, these use hydrogenated oils. 

Best Suited For

Craving the warmth and satiety Panjeeri laddus bring? But lack the skills or time or simply can’t get your hands on all the ingredients? May we suggest these RTE laddus by Bikano.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Bikano panjeeri laddu.

1. How many laddus are there in total in one pack?

One pack holds 11 laddus. 

2. Do these sweets contain additional sweeteners?

Yes, these are sweetened with sucrose. 

3. How to keep the laddus fresh and nutty after unpacking?

Transfer the contents to an airtight container. 

4. Do these laddus require refrigeration?

No, refrigeration may alter the texture. You must store them in a cool and dry place. 

Final Words

Grainy bite, spot-on sweetness, and the richness of nuts- Bikano Panjeeri Laddus get the green light from Team Mishry. Be it aroma or taste or texture, these packaged laddus are almost identical to the homemade variants. 

What is your winter indulgence?

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