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mtr roasted vermicelli review

MTR Roasted Vermicelli Review: Best For Making Upmas

We prepared two dishes using MTR Roasted Vermicelli – upma (savory) and kheer (sweet). Read on to know more about our experience.

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MTR Roasted Vermicelli has a khila-khila texture and retains a nice bite post-cooking. Since these are pre-roasted, the cooking process becomes easy.

Vermicelli, also known as semiya and seviyan in India, is a light breakfast food which can be turned into an upma or pulao.

MTR offers a variety of ready-to-eat products ranging from minute meals to 3-minute breakfast options. We ordered a pack of MTR Roasted Vermicelli and decided to test the product in our kitchen for its texture and cooking abilities. We prepared two basic recipes using MTR Roasted Vermicelli – a sweet kheer and a savory upma. In our MTR Roasted Vermicelli review, we discuss how our experience turned out.

MTR Roasted Vermicelli – Everything You Need To Know

mtr roasted vermicelli seviyan
The vermicelli upma we prepared during our review process

Here we have covered all the details that you need to know about MTR Roasted Vermicelli including the packaging, main ingredients, taste, texture, appearance, price and ease of cooking. 

1. Packaging

The MTR Roasted Vermicelli comes in a red and blue color packaging. It is not resealable. The 400 gm pack is priced at INR 55. 

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The back of the pack mentions 3 different recipes that you can make using this roasted vermicelli- Vermicelli Vegetable pulao, Vermicelli upma and Vermicelli Payasam (kheer). 

2. Main Ingredients

Depending on the country of origin, vermicelli is made using different ingredients like flour, rice, and semolina. The main ingredient used in MTR Roasted Vermicelli is semolina. 

3. Taste

Semolina is made using hard durum wheat. It has a slightly coarse texture and a nutty, sweet and earthy taste in comparison to regular wheat. Here we wanted to gauge whether the MTR Roasted Vermicelli has that earthy and nutty flavor.  

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For this reason, we cooked the vermicelli in plain water. The MTR Roasted Vermicelli nailed the nutty and earthy flavor. 

4. Texture

To check the texture of the roasted vermicelli, we prepared two different recipes. Here we wanted to gauge whether the strands of vermicelli were sticking to each other or were they separated. Does it have that khila-khila texture? 

During the cooking process, the strands of the MTR Roasted Vermicelli were well separated. They did not stick to each other. They have a nice bite to them. We loved the khila-khila texture! Thumbs up. 

5. Appearance

You will come across both roasted and unroasted variants of vermicelli in the market. While unroasted vermicelli tends to have a pale color, roasted vermicelli has a slightly darker color. 

The roasted vermicelli by MTR was light brown in appearance. The strands of this vermicelli are small. 

6. Ease Of cooking 

Since this vermicelli is pre roasted, it saves up on the time required to roast them before cooking. Here we checked how easy it was to cook the vermicelli. Was it time-consuming or was it quick to cook? 

Though our recipes were cooked in about 8 minutes, the process of cooking was fairly easy. 

7. Price

Are these roasted vermicelli priced competitively?

The 400 gm pack of MTR Roasted Vermicelli is priced at INR 55. 

8. Shelf Life

The shelf life of the product is 12 months.

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MTR Roasted Vermicelli – Detailed Review

MTR Roasted Vermicelli Product Details 
Price  INR 55
Main Ingredients Semolina
Shelf Life 12 months
Net Quantity 400 gm 
Available Sizes 180 gm,400 gm


For our review process, we prepared a savory and a sweet recipe using this roasted vermicelli. We ordered the 400 gm pack for our review which comes at a price of Rs. 55. These vermicelli come pre-roasted. 

The pack comes with 3 different recipes and the ingredients mentioned are for the entire pack. Two dishes were prepared using this vermicelli – kheer and upma.

1. Kheer 

For preparing the kheer the following ingredients were used  – 300 ml milk, 25 gm vermicelli, 2 tbsp sugar, and ¼ tsp cardamom powder.   

Firstly, we boiled the milk, added the vermicelli and cooked it for about 8 minutes. Later, we added the sugar and cooked for another 5 minutes. Finally, we garnished it with some cardamom powder. 

2. Upma

The following are the ingredients used for preparing upma – water ¾ th cup, 50 gm vermicelli, 1 tsp mustard, 1 tsp broken cashews, 4 to 5 curry leaves, ½ tbsp chopped onions, 2 tbsp anveshan groundnut oil.

To prepare the upma we followed the same steps as mentioned on the pack. The vermicelli upma turned out to be a tasty dish. 

All the flavors were absorbed well and the strands did not stick to each other. The vermicelli retained its bite and was convenient to cook. 

Compared to the sweet kheer we prepared, the savory upma was liked more. Usually, when it comes to kheer, thinner strands of vermicelli are ideal. The strands of the MTR roasted vermicelli are slightly thicker and well-suited to make an upma or pulao.

vermicelli boiling in the water
The vermicelli being cooked in a stainless steel kadai
vermicelli on induction cooker
The MTR vermicelli absorbs the flavor well during the cooking process
ingredients used to make vermicelli upma
The ingredients for the preparation of vermicelli upma
vermicelli upma on a plate
The vermicelli upma placed in a plate post cooking
closer look at vermicelli upma on a plate
The strands of the MTR vermicelli did not stick to each other


  • INR 55 is the price for the 400 gm pack.
  • These vermicelli are pre-roasted. 
  • Shelf Life : 12 months. 
  • Main Ingredients – Semolina. 
  • The pack mentions 3 recipes using MTR Roasted Vermicelli.


  • The strands are non-sticky. It nails the khila-khila texture. 
  • The vermicelli retains its bite. 
  • It is easy to cook and does not take up much time.
  • It absorbs the flavor well.

Best Suited For

MTR Roasted Vermicelli is for someone who wants to cut down on the roasting time of vermicelli. If vermicelli upma and pulao is something you cook often, this is an ideal buy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on MTR Roasted Vermicelli.

1. Is Vermicelli made up of rice?

Yes, in some parts of the countries you will come across vermicelli made using rice. But, MTR Vermicelli is made using semolina.

2. Is this food item made of ragi flour?

No. This roasted vermicelli from MTR is made using Semolina. 

3. Is this food item gluten free?

No, this item is not gluten-free. 

4. Does this contain preservatives?

MTR Roasted Vermicelli is free from preservatives.

5. How is seviyan stored after unpacking?

After unpacking, it is best to store the seviyan in an air-tight container to keep it away from moisture. Also, while removing the vermicelli from the container make use of a dry spoon. 


mtr roasted vermicelli seviyan review
The MTR vermicelli upma is easy to cook

Our experience of reviewing MTR Roasted Vermicelli was a hit. These were easy to cook and retained a nice bite post cooking. The strands did not become sticky or mushy.  

Which recipe do you like to prepare using vermicelli? Let us know in the comments below.

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