5 Delicious Winter Desserts You Cannot Say No To
winter desserts

Winter Desserts You Cannot Say No To – Deliciously Warming

End your year on a sweet note with these winter desserts.

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From no-bake desserts to those loaded with nuts, some warm and some chilled, these winter desserts are easy to make at home and ensure there’s one for all taste buds. These easy Indian winter dessert recipes require minimum, everyday ingredients which are easily available at home. 

Untimely cravings, unannounced guests, this list has you covered. 

The one ingredient you cannot prepare kheer without is milk. Switch up your regular full-fat milk with nut milk for a vegan preparation. 

Macro-Friendly Alternative- in place of sago/rice you can add pseudocereals like ragi/jowar or (grated) veggies like bottle gourd/carrot. 

Did You Know- Kheer in North India is very similar to South India’s Payasam?

Why is Kheer a Winter favorite?

It contains milk. Milk helps boost the immune system and strengthens the body to fight common colds and flu. Ragi, a high amino acid food, regulates appetite which helps keep weight in check. Its high calcium content improves bone health too.

Dry fruits and nuts like raisins and cashews keep the skin looking healthy and glowing due to their water and fat content.


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2. Gajak

This is one of the most loved winter desserts in India. Made with three ingredients, all you need is some jaggery, sesame seeds, and some crushed peanuts.

Why is Gajak a Winter favorite?

This is prepared with jaggery, sesame seeds, ghee, and peanuts. All these ingredients are nutrient-dense. While jaggery is an excellent source of iron that helps produce heat in the body and fire up the metabolic system, sesame seeds and peanuts are sources of good fat and fiber. Ghee helps keep the digestive system in check and also bring a glow from within on the skin.


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3. No-Sugar Nut Barfi

There’s no reason to skimp on the delicious desserts during festivals. A healthier alternative, full of good fats, fiber, essential micro nutrients, you should give this three-ingredient, nutty barfi a go!

Why should you make this Nut Burfi during the winters?

Dates are loaded with anti-oxidants. They are warming in nature which makes them ideal for the winters. Moreover, dates are a nutrient-dense alternative to refined sugar. Nuts are good not only for internal, but also external health aka the skin.

4. Moong Dal Halwa

A winter favorite, moong dal halwa is a rich pudding prepared with lentils. 

You can try some low(er) calorie options like- gajar halwa, apple halwa, ash gourd halwa, and banana halwa. 

Why is Moong Dal Halwa a Winter Favorite?

Moong dal is rich in nutrients like zinc and iron that maintain the hydration and elasticity of the skin, shielding it against the bitter cold. Additionally, ghee has a high smoke point that makes it ideal to be used for cooking in the cold weather.

5. Gondh Ladoo (Dink Ladoo)

Prepared with edible gum, Gondh ladoos are served to mothers post-pregnancy, but this is a winter delicacy, owing to the warming ingredients it is prepared with. 

Gondh is a heat-producing ingredient which makes these ladoos a must-have during winters.

Why are Gond Ladoos a winter must-have?

Gond helps keep the body warm in the cold temperatures. Cold, cough, flu, and other seasonal viruses can be fought off with regular consumption of gond. It is ideal for improved eyesight and immunity. Gond ladoos also help build stamina if prepared with jaggery.

These winter desserts are powerhouses of nutrients. We know no festival is complete without desserts. And while indulging with your loved ones around is perfectly okay, we’ve also mentioned healthier, lower-calorie alternatives to some of the most popular desserts prepared across Indian states. 

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